Microsoft extends Windows Media content to TVs, DVD players

Microsoft extends Windows Media content to TVs, DVD players

Summary: Microsoft posted for download on September 25 the anticipated "Pika" extender updates to its Windows Vista Media Center code that will allow users to run music, pictures, live TV and video content on their digital TVs and networked DVD players.


Microsoft posted for download on September 25 updates to its Windows Vista Media Center code that will allow users to run content on their digital TVs and networked DVD players.

The new Media Center Extender updates are available in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors and can be applied to Vista Ultimate or Vista Home Premium. The updates allow users to stream pictures, music, video content and live TV from Vista PCs to big-screen TV displays, for example.

Microsoft has shown off the new extender technology, which was codenamed "Pika," a few times over the past year. Earlier this month, Microsoft officials said they would unveil the new Media Extender technology at the Digital Life Conference, which kicks off this week in New York City.

Until now, Microsoft has focused its extender efforts on Xbox 360 consoles.

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  • AppleTV what?

    snicker, smirk :)
    • MythTV what?

      I'm right beside you.

      snicker :)
      • MS VaporTV

        At least AppleTV is a real shipping product that people are actually buying.
        • Do you know

          You do know that MS has had video downloads available on XBox Live well before AppleTV even shipped, right? And that you can get 720p resolution content on it, from, well, even before AplleTV even shipped?

          LOL, I find it both funny and sad when the Apple fanboys revises history after Apple releases some me-too product and then later thinks Apple invented it.

  • More detail needed...

    Can you stream HD DVD? How do you get around the hardware requirements for the playback device (TV)?
    • We also need some detail from you:

      What are the titles of the two Powerpoint books you bragged about having 'co-authored'?
  • Um....better fix the DRM for WMP first!!

    I have paid-for content on WMP that the licenses are "broken" for. Finally got it to play again on WMP, but cannot xfer to my MP3 player. Have since switched to a certain alternate purveyor of such goods. M$ can forget Windows Media *anything* until it fixes its DRM issues. Ultimately, that means removal of DRM. A nice first step would be to at least make the curtailing of our rights curtail them as advertised.
    • Are you kidding?

      Remove the DRM? That's Microsoft's lock-in
      device. If they removed that, ANYBODY could
      use it. They wouldn't be forced to play
      through Microsoft's cash register.

      When you get the big picture, you will
      understand. Microsoft must have a lock-in
      device, AND a lock-out device, so they can
      lock you out when you don't pay them and
      lock you in when you do pay them.

      Aahhh, the joys of software! Aren't you glad
      you have a choice? (so far, that is, but
      probably won't be much longer)
      Ole Man
      • as usual, you're wrong.

        What's the choice? Apple? Same ol' story there.
      • Shut up, OleFool. <nt>

        M.R. Kennedy
        • WOW! Pure raw intellect!

          If you've got it, flaunt it, eh?
          Ole Man
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          Wait . . . did you hear that? I think your Mom is coming down the basement stairs.
          Quick! Hide that thing! :):):):):):)
          Ania Levy
          • ?

            Feel good? Do you feel greater or bigger than these other posters?
          • Are we discussing "feelings"?

            Or Windows Media Content?

            If your doctor will give you a prescription,
            a little Valium may help settle your nerves
            and calm your feelings.
            Ole Man
      • As Usual, You're Right

        DRM is bad for the consumer, and good for the bad guys.
  • Anyone seen SUCCESSFUL DRM?

    The market will prevail, as always. If the provider of the content becomes too overbearing, tha consumers will go elsewhere. Why do you think Jobs want to get rid of DRM on iTunes? Because it doesn't work! (Hint: burn the protected AAC file to disc, them rip the disc back to MP3. Bye-bye DRM). If the industry comes up with a reasonable, functional DRM scheme, we will deal with it and probably even like it. I, for one, don't mind paying a reasonable sum to see that the artists gets paid for their creative works, but once I pay, the content is mine. I can do with it as I see fit (short of handing it out or selling it to others), and copy it to any device I own. I can only listen to or watch one device at a time anyway, right? So what's the harm? If the industry refuses to come up with such a scheme, the market will always find a way around the protections, or they will seek alternate methods of procuring the content.
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