Microsoft fixes Excel calculation bug

Microsoft fixes Excel calculation bug

Summary: Microsoft has made available for download patches to an Excel 2007 bug discovered late last month and is working on pushing the fix out over Microsoft Update.


Microsoft has made available for download patches to an Excel 2007 bug discovered late last month and is working on pushing the fix out over Microsoft Update.

Microsoft fixes Excel calculation bugThe Excel team acknowledged the obscure bug on September 24 which affected Excel 2007 and Excel Services 2007 users attempting to perform calculations of numbers around 65,535 and 65,536. Officials said Excel was calculating the values correctly, but the function in it that takes the value and formats it to be displayed on the screen was faulty

On October 9, the Excel team blogged:

"We are in the process of adding this fix to Microsoft Update so that it will get automatically pushed to users running Excel 2007 or Excel Services 2007.  Additionally, the fix will also be contained in the first service pack of Office 2007 when it is released (the release date for SP1 of Office 2007 has not been finalized)."

Microsoft made a beta of Service Pack (SP) 1 for Office available on August 15, but would not share publicly a ship-date target.

(From Memory (It doesn't add up anymore). Image by Unhindered by Talent. CC 2.0.)

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  • Obscure issue fixed!!

    Now it they would fix the Vista Base Filtering Engine issue for the umpty thousands that seem to be affected--that would be news. Patch Tuesday came and went and BFE is still broken.
  • Oh NOOOOO!

    All those guys on Wall Street are now gonna see they really DO have only $65,536 in those accounts and NOT the $100,000 they showed yesterday!!

    Note: Dow Jones off -64.14 as I write this.

    It's CURTAINS!
  • Office 2003

    Out of curiosity I input 65534.99999999995 in a spreadsheet in Office 2003 and it immediately changed it to 65534.999999999900

    No mention of that bug though.

    I know, it isn't a bug, it is just Excel's limit on decimal places. I wasn't aware of that though.
  • Try this...

    I have IDs that use the year followed by an alphanumeric code. When I enter, say 98E1, this is what Excel changes the cell to: 9.80E+02, and the function(formula) bar shows 980. What is up with that? The only way I can avoid this is to specifically change the format to text, before entering the data. Unfortunately, I often find out only after copying and pasting the information from somewhere else. By then, I may have to go back to a previous file version to find the correct value. Since I have a list of alphanumerics that I use, as in A1, B1, C1, I have just created a custom list that avoids using E1, E2, etc. I assume this is a shortcut for entering exponents with base 10, but why can't I find anything about it in help?
    • Scientific (Exponential) Notation

      What you are looking for in help is Scientific Notation. By default, it displays a digit, decimal,2 more digits,E+/-, and the exponent. Your example of 98E1 gets 'Normalized' to 9.80E+02.

      ooo ooo
      O O
  • mod function

    MOD(-3;2)=1, MOD(5;-2)=-1
    in Excel's help we read:
    "The result has the same sign as divisor."
    Since when?
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