Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

Summary: Microsoft is inviting selected members of the press and "VIPs" to a September 15 event in San Francisco where it will launch the beta of Internet Explorer (IE) 9.

TOPICS: Browser, Microsoft

Microsoft is inviting selected members of the press and "VIPs" to a September 15 event in San Francisco where it will launch the beta of Internet Explorer (IE) 9.

Company officials said in July that Microsoft would be launching the IE 9 beta in September, but didn't provide the specific date.

Microsoft's beta launch theme is about developers and designers coming together to showcase the "beauty of the Web."

According to an August 12 post on Microsoft's Windows Team blog, "invitees get an e-mail invitation with a link to a special HTML5 website. To RSVP, they have to complete a word puzzle by  creating a single word out of the letters "V E A N T I" and filling in the phrase "Unlock the _ _ _ _ _ _ web."

(The answer is "Native.")

Microsoft has launched four developer previews of IE9 since March 2010. Company officials haven't discussed the final due date for the latest, more-standards-compliant browser, but many of us are thinking it will be in 2011. (I've stated publicly I'm betting it could debut in final form as early as April 2011 at the Mix conference.)

On twitter, some of my blogging colleagues are debating whether the new user interface, which presumably will be part of the beta, will be in the simple "Metro" style characterized by Zune HD and Windows Phone 7, or more Ribbon-like. I'm hoping the former, but fearing the latter. You?

Update: Neowin is claiming the UI for IE 9 will be something more like the very basic UI in the Google Chrome browser. That'd be great, too, if true!

Topics: Browser, Microsoft


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  • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

    What Apps are to the iPhone & Android devices, Addons are to the Browser. <br>Unless MS doesn't make IE9 more extensible like FF & Chrome, it's going to lose share till it's extinction..
    Rahul Mulchandani
    • Agreed

      @Rahul Mulchandani

      I would love to have NoScript and Adblock for IE :(
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • Simple Adblock

        @NStalnecker ... Google for "Simple Adblock for IE" ... it's the first site listed. :)
      • IE7PRO


        While the name still says IE7Pro, it works with IE8. Besides an adblock and script block, it also gives you a spell checker and a variety of configurable tweaks.
    • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

      @Rahul Mulchandani

      I have never used a browser addon other than a toolbar which I installed accidentally. Nonetheless I agree Microsoft should open it up to 3rd party addons.
      • Umm...

        @ClickHouse ... Flash, Shockwave, and Java come to mind, so unless you have survived the influence of those, your claim is bogus.
      • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

        @GoodThings2Life: those are plug-ins not add-ons, and have been supported by IE since the beginning
    • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

      @Rahul Mulchandani

      Yup, addons are king. If they opened their marketing eyes, they'd understand that addons are the "lock-in" mechanism for browser selection.

      By that, I mean once you set up a ton of nice addons in Firefox, it's hard to jump to barebones IE where the addons eco-system is in the dinosaur age.

      The first poster is 100% bang on. I hope microsoft figures this out before it's too late. Their brains are still stuck in "Enterprise-lockdown-mode" instead of thinking about Sally-soccer-mom who just wants an easy browser with an unlimited choice of addons.
      • On the contrary...

        @Smarty_Pantz ... most soccer moms and average Joe user don't know what an addon is. As long as they can play their Flash games, use their Java applets, and get their web content, it's all meaningless to them. It's the enterprise and technical users that push for this extensibility... the difference is, enterprises want lockdown options as well so they can control the plugins for both a stability and security standpoint.
      • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

        Then, all Sally-soccer-mom has to do is keep using the current IE offering!
    • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

      @Rahul Mulchandani i'd settle for it loading before i can open Firefox, Chrome, and Opera one at a time. If they can't pare down the load speed, tab management, etc., opening it to add-ons is only going to bloat it beyond all hope.
    • Wrong

      @Rahul Mulchandani ... IE already has an add-ons mechanism for extensibility. It's called ActiveX and toolbars and all, and it's why most people hate IE already. What you mean to suggest, I think, is that they should open up to support some of the Firefox and Chrome addons to allow some cross-browser support, but no browser does that consistently, and I doubt they ever will.
    • Um, OK...

      @Rahul Mulchandani

      IE does support addons, and has for years. I run JAVA, Flash, and IE7Pro on my machines, for example. IE7Pro provides ad blocking, script blocking, spell checking, a download manager, and a host of other features common on FF. I also use FF, but to claim that IE does not support addons is just naive.
      • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

        @itpro_z - I know IE supports addons, but in Firefox and Chrome, they work very easily. It's boring to install an addon on IE ( I recently tried adblock for IE, and installing it sucked big time, same for IE7 Pro).

        Also it's the whole web of addons that matter, not just a few ( for some, none matter but that's another story).

        And the addons include themes too.. IE is plain vanilla, Firefox & chrome with themes is a Triple Sundae :)

        All these combined, make browsing better on FF & chrome.
        Rahul Mulchandani
      • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15


        The same advertisers that brought us Seinfeld (lets play footsie and wiggle our shorts Bill), Laptop Hunters (that got all sorts of bad press for lies (incorrect pricing and customer never actually went into an Apple store) and portraying windows as "cheep"), And Windows 7 was Macs idea (where a college kid who can't get laid and get kicked out of his dorm room (by his Mac roommate) has to watch TV in the hall because he doesn't even have a friend whom he could visit).

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    • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

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  • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

    I just hope it has a built in download manager, real tired of downloading a single file at a time and not having any restart/recovery of large file downloads.
    • Download managers are available


      There are download manager addons for IE, although I seem to have no trouble downloading multiple files at once without them. Are you still using IE5?
  • RE: Microsoft: IE9 beta coming September 15

    I'd like to see the rebirth of IE for the Mac. In its day, it had some very cool features, although it made a mess of valid code. MS stopped development at v5.2.3, but I can't help wondering whether IE might be useful now that Microsoft is taking security and standards compliance seriously.