Microsoft, Joyent deliver 'first stable build' of Node.js on Windows

Microsoft, Joyent deliver 'first stable build' of Node.js on Windows

Summary: Microsoft and Joyent have hit the 'first stable build' milestone of their native Windows port of Node.js. Meanwhile, Microsoft is adding Python language support to its Kinect development kit.


Microsoft and Joyent announced in June they were working together to create a native Windows port of node.js. On November 7, via a post on the Microsoft Interoperability Blog, Microsoft officials announced the pair had their "first stable build" running.

Node.js a command line tool that lets developers run JavaScript programs by typing ‘node my_app.js.” Node provides a JavaScript application programming interface (API)  for accessing the network and file system, and is particularly suited for the development of scalable networked programs where low response times and high concurrency are important. Currently, to use Node.js on Windows, developers need to run a virtual machine with Linux.

Microsoft and Joyent said their plan is to create an official binary node.exe release on, “which will work on Windows Azure and other Windows versions as far back as (Windows Server) 2003.” The pair declined to provide a timetable as when they expected to realize that goal.

On November 7, Microsoft execs announced the completion of v0.6.0 – "which is the first official stable build that includes Windows support."

According to the November 7 post by Claudio Caldato, Microsoft Principal Program Manager, Interoperability Strategy Team, "(W)hile we were busy making the core Node.js runtime run on Windows, the Azure team was working on iisnode to enable Node.js to be hosted in IIS. Among other significant benefits, Windows native support gave Node.js significant performane improvements."

There's still no word as to when to expect a version 1.0, but Caldato blogged that those interested should "stay tuned for more information."

In other developer-related news, Microsoft has released an alpha version of the 1.1 release of its Python Tools for Visual Studio. The 1.1 version of this free, open source (Apache licensed) plug-in adds support for over 75 bug fixes and new features, as well as the addition of a Python to/from Excel connector (Pyvot) and support for writing games in Python that use the Microsoft Kinect sensor (PyKinect).

Here are more details on PyKinect from a November 8 Microsoft Education Blogger post:

The "PyKinect sample is a wrapper around the Kinect SDK (software development kit) and enables development with the Kinect SDK directly from Python. The library presents an API which is similar to the API exposed via the Kinect SDK for C# developers. The sample includes a new template for quickly getting started creating games using PyGame with PyKinect. PyKinect is licensed under a license similar to the existing Kinect SDK. PyKinect only requires a Python implementation with ctypes – currently only Python 2.7 is supported."

Update: There's a Microsoft Channel 9 video with more details on Python Tools for Visual Studio 1.1 if you want more information.

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  • Javascript is dead

    Even Google is giving it up due to its "fundamental flaws".
    • RE: Microsoft, Joyent deliver 'first stable build' of Node.js on Windows

      not only that, but also M$ blessing makes it worse!
      The Linux Geek
      • RE: Microsoft, Joyent deliver 'first stable build' of Node.js on Windows

        @The Linux Geek <br><br>So I suppose you hate HTML as well?
        Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: Microsoft, Joyent deliver 'first stable build' of Node.js on Windows


      Wow, an advertising company is giving it up - who knew. I'll worry when a software development company dumps it.
    • And they are moving...

      ???to use Visual J++ and Silverlight. With Microsoft Bob on the top of that...
      • Cobol in the browser

        The plan is to dominate the O/S market, force people onto their own pre-installed browser which runs Cobol (and defaults to Bing no matter what you do) and take the market by storm that way. Oh wait .....
  • Why Windows Has A Long Way To Go

    ldo@theon:~> apt-cache search node javascript
    channel-server - buddycloud channels service for XMPP
    libnode-cradle - high-level, caching, CouchDB client for Node
    node-dirty - tiny and fast key-value store for Node
    libnode-eyes - customizable value inspector for Node
    libghc-hjscript-dev - Haskell DSL for writing JavaScript programs - GHC libraries
    libghc-hjscript-doc - Haskell DSL for writing JavaScript programs - documentation
    libghc-hjscript-prof - Haskell DSL for writing JavaScript programs - GHC profiling libraries
    libnode-less - compiler for the LESS CSS meta-language
    libnode-vargs - function argument handling for Node
    libnode-ltx - XML DOM builder library for Node
    node-mirror - content aggregator for NodeJS
    node-modestmaps - display and interaction library for tile-based maps - NodeJS
    python-nevow - Web application templating system for Python and Twisted
    node-bones - framework for using backbone.js on client and server for NodeJS
    node-cssom - CSS parser written in pure JavaScript - NodeJS module
    libnode-node-expat - fast XML parser library for Node
    libjs-htmlparser - forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in Javascript
    node-htmlparser - forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in Javascript for NodeJS
    node-jake - JavaScript build tool for Node.js
    node-jquery - NodeJS wrapper for jQuery
    node-jsdom - javascript implementation of the W3C DOM
    node-jsv - extendable, fully compliant JSON schema validator for NodeJS
    libnode-pg - PostgreSQL client library for Node
    libnode-node-stringprep - ICU StringPrep profiles for Node
    libnode-node-uuid - simple, fast generation of RFC4122(v4) UUIDs in JavaScript
    node-xml2js - simple XML to JavaScript object converter
    libnode-node-xmpp - idiomatic XMPP library for Node
    nodejs - Node.js event-based server-side javascript engine
    nodejs-dbg - Node.js event-based server-side javascript engine (debug)
    nodejs-dev - Development files for Node.js
    npm - package manager for nodejs
    node-sax - event-based streaming XML parser in JavaScript - NodeJS module
    node-showdown - JavaScript port of Markdown - NodeJS module
    node-step - simple control-flow library for Node
    node-underscore - JavaScript's functional programming helper library - NodeJS
    libnode-vows - asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for Node

    Where is all that stuff for Windows? Doesn't exist.

    It's not just Node, it's the ecosystem around Node.
  • RE: Microsoft, Joyent deliver 'first stable build' of Node.js on Windows

    Is Node.js on Windows okay for mission critical 24x7 applications?
  • wfbdufc 39 daa

    mhsfqc,yylacrbg76, wvint.
  • So all they need now is to create

    a first ever stable build of Windows to run it on.