Microsoft reissues patched Service Pack 2 for Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft reissues patched Service Pack 2 for Office for Mac 2011

Summary: The patched version of the latest set of updates for Microsoft's Office for Mac 2011 is available for download.


Microsoft made available for download this week (as of April 24) an updated version of Service Pack 2 for its Office for Mac 2011 productivity suite.

Microsoft made available the original version of SP2, build number 14.2.0, on April 11. On April 20, Microsoft officials posted a note to the Office for Mac blog acknowledging that "a small percentage (of users) are experiencing some issues with the update, specifically related to the Outlook for Mac database." Microsoft made available a temporary work around at that time and removed SP2 from AutoUpdate.

Yesterday, Microsoft officials said the patched update to SP2, build number 14.2.1, was ready and downloadable. From the Office for Mac blog:

"As of this morning, we posted a 14.2.1 update that fixes a number of issues, including the Outlook for Mac database issue, and you can read more about the update in this KB.

"This update is primarily preventative and targets those who have not yet installed SP2; however, whether you have or have not installed SP2, please run this update to bring your installation of Microsoft Office:Mac 2011 to the latest version."

The primary focus for SP2, according to the Softies, was Outlook. The new service pack improves sync performance with Exchange; speed improvements while deleting multiple items; and tweaks to email-message content display. Outlook performance also is improved in IMAP account sync and database rebuild utility, according to Microsoft. SP2 also adds more minor improvements in performance and functionality in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well, according to the company.

Update: Looks like Microsoft also had to reissue and update its Lync for Mac 2011 update, too. Here's the new build for download.

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  • I wonder why this update needed my 25 character activation codes once again

    After installing this update, I needed to search for those activation codes buried on my software "box" shelf. Fortunately, I'm something of a pack rat and I was successful in retrieving them. All my other MS Office updates never required a re-activation process, however.

    Am I the only one that experienced this behavior? BTW, once I typed those alpha-numeric characters in, my updated Office software was once again available for use. This procedure just seemed a little bit "strange" to me.
    • I just applied the patch to my 0ffice 2011 for Mac install...

      ...on Snow Leopard and it went smoothly. When I launched my apps (word, excel, etc.), I wasn't asked to re-activate my install, everything just worked.

      Did you, by any chance, make a hardware change of any type after your last usage but prior to the update?
  • Just curious...

    Wouldn't that be a patched patch???
  • patch does not work - hoses computer

    Well they managed to make things even worse with their patch - do not install it - it will freeze up all your operations and outlook will keep trying to upgrade the database, but not do it
  • patch randomness

    Thankfully, I've never used Outlook for the Mac, so I had nothing to lose there. Yet, while I opened my applications without needing to re-enter any activation codes, it did obliterate my desktop image. If it changed one system setting, even if tiny, what else did it do to my configuration?
    chacal la chaise
  • How is this patch related to the Office vulnerabilities

    Has this patch fixed finally the Office vulnerabilities, that were claimed to be fixed in 2009?
  • The patch caused problems

    The most recent patch (14.2.1) caused the same problems with the mail identity in outlook that the original update (14.2.0) created. For some reason, I had to create a blank identity and move the headers folder into the old identity to replace the old one (AGAIN). It's a scary sight to see years of email simply gone (and yes, I need those emails, so please don't ask me why I need emails that are years old!). Thankfully, I was able to correct the problem but why should I have to do this for a simple update?