Microsoft to go inside for its new head of Online Services

Microsoft to go inside for its new head of Online Services

Summary: Another day, another Microsoft executive departure. The latest to go is Dave Thompson, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Online Services. Microsoft is planning to move Corporate VP Lee Nackman into Thompson's job later this year.


Another day, another Microsoft executive departure. The latest to go is Dave Thompson, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Online Services.

It turns out Thompson -- who is in charge of Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) and its Office 365 successor -- told his team last year that he planned to retire later in 2011, after the company turns on Office 365. And the succession plan already is in place. Lee Nackman, who currently is Corporate Vice President, Directory, Access, and Information Protection, is going to become the "new" Thompson, according to Microsoft executives.

In his current role, Nackman already is responsible for delivering identity-focused technologies to Microsoft's Online Services Deployment Platform, so the succession to his new job shouldn't be overly jarring. (Before his current job, Nackman was the head of Microsoft's Identity and Security Division. And before that, Nackman worked at Microsoft IBM for 26 years, where he most recently was vice president for product development and customer support of IBM's Rational software division.

Microsoft is creating a common platform across its individual and packaged Online services. The goal is to make Office 365 and its component parts -- Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, CRM Online -- as well as new Microsoft Online services like the Windows Intune PC management service which will be released in 2011, based on a common billing, provisioning and commerce platform. A common dashboard will allow users to manage any/all of the Microsoft Online services, according to the company's Office 365 roadmap.

Microsoft is expected to make Office 365 available to users in early June, according to my sources.

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  • Early June?

    ...2012! According to my sources!
    • O365

      Hi. No... Office 365 gets "turned on" this year. Word is June 2011. Not 2012 (that is the rumored Win 8 date)... MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
  • MCSEs still no issue

    At least Ballmer is still there;-)
    Richard Flude
  • Lee was at *IBM* for 26 years, not Microsoft

    minor correction
    • Yes. Fixed

      Thanks for the catch. MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
  • Microsoft missed too many obvious online opportunities

    When Twitter came out, I thought that Microsoft would simply kill it by just tweaking MSN Messenger to give it the ability to publish certain threads for all to see. I waited and waited and nothing happened.

    When FaceBook came out I thought that if Microsoft wanted it, it could simply add the same effect in MSN Messenger. But Microsoft did not do it.

    Live Messenger used to be the largest social network in the world. The opportunities of building on top of that were limitless.

    Google Chat was nothing. It could not take off as it was a web-only experience. But day by day, Google Chat is now chipping off Live Messenger bit by bit. Now Google Chat is not just among Gmail users but all Google Apps mail users, including all the free ones. Then with Android, there is a Talk mobile app that makes Google Chat a seamless experience. The network effect exploded.

    That Microsoft has decided not to come out with an Live Messenger Android app* is a colossal mistake that makes it the beginning of the end for Live Messenger. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the network effect.

    Microsoft must understand that a pre-requisite for WP7 to be successful is for Silverlight to be on Android first. There is no alternative, not another $10 billion in marketing, not even giving out free WP7 phones to everyone who wanted one.

    Microsoft, when will you be waking up and getting it? It's not too late.

    *Sorry, I belong to the category of people who do not give out passwords to anyone other than the entity with which I created the password. Hence, no eBuddy or Jiuzhang Tech for me.
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  • RE: Microsoft to go inside for its new head of Online Services

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