Microsoft to release Hyper-V virtualization beta

Microsoft to release Hyper-V virtualization beta

Summary: Microsoft is set to deliver a downloadable beta release of Hyper-V, its virtualization product, on December 13, according to sources close to the company. The final release of Microsoft's hypervisor is still not likely until next summer, however.


Microsoft is set to deliver a downloadable beta release of Hyper-V, its virtualization product, on December 13, according to sources close to the company.

Hyper-V is Microsoft's hypervisor that allows customers to virtualize multiple operating systems on a single server.

Microsoft's plan of record is to include a beta version of Hyper-V (formerly code-named "Viridian") in the final version of Windows Server 2008 that is due to ship in the first quarter of 2008. Six months after that, Microsoft is set to make the final version of Hyper-V available and will update any early Windows Server 2008 users with the final code at that time. Microsoft also will make Hyper-V available as a standalone server virtualization product, known as Microsoft Hyper-V server.

Microsoft made available in September a private Release Candidate build and in December, a public test build of Windows Server 2008. Those releases included a Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of Hyper-V, not an actual beta.

I asked Microsoft for more details on what's coming in the Hyper-V beta and when, exactly, they plan to release it. No word back so far.

This just in from the Softies, via a corporate spokesperson:

"Today Microsoft announced the beta release of the Hyper-V (formerly codenamed “Viridian”) to customers and partners for testing and evaluation. Microsoft is pleased to release the beta ahead of schedule and feel the release marks a significant milestone for Microsoft in the virtualization space. "

Microsoft is making the new beta of Hyper-V available as part of an updated public test version of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. The updated bits will be available later today from Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 site.

Any Windows Server 2008 testers out there been kicking the tires of the Hyper-V technology yet? What's your opinion of it?

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  • another hot air release...err, beta!

    I'll give them that, from fututre product it made it to beta...but who cares anyway?
    Linux Geek
    • Pro-MS

      You have GOT to be another pro-MS zealot (like itanalyst) who's mission in life is to try and make the ABM crowd out to be drooling idiots. (Well, most of the religious zealots on this site ARE drooling idiots, but I digress...)

      It's not working, we're not buying, and no one believes that you mean a single thing you say.

      Read the C/ZDNet archives for much more convincing examples to draw from.
    • Yeah, you show 'em!!

      I'm a big admirer of your posts. You always hit Micro$ux right where it hurts!
    • ??

      If you are going to reply like that and insult or be an idiot, please learn to spell first, OK?
      Other Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, Windows user. :)
  • We deployed it already...

    I have been upgrading all of our servers with every milestone private release. Using the technology, I was finally able to hit the 100,000 servers deployed mark we have long targeted. We had so many servers that I had one of my top-Top-TOP MCSDs write an application that allows us to name our servers using 64 bit GUIDs because we ran out of valid server names.
    Mike Cox
    • 9.0

      [i][b]64 bit GUIDs[/b] because we ran out of valid server names[/i]
      64 bit GUIDs must be Mike's new proprietary M$ innovation that hooked him with his God: Bill Gate$!
      Linux Geek
      • $ in place of 'S' = immature

        Just saying.

        I mean, Microsoft is a company, and usually any company needs to make money to survive. So what's the point of putting the dumb $ symbol?

        Do you really hate companies and corporations? Is it best to have NO companies or corps. in our lives at all? I don't think so.

        And Bill Gates has to be the most generous person in the world.

        And how is innovation proprietary? Unless we're talking about Apple...
    • Truly, you have a dizzying intellect

      That is simply hilarious.

      In the true spirit of MS, needlessly complicate even the simplest of problems.
  • Does it have Microsoft's usual EULA?

    IF so, no thanks!

    Computers are designed to talk to each
    other. Who wants to pay again when his
    computer communicates with another,
    especially if it's another one of his own
    computers. Microsoft's "Licensing" madness
    is insane............
    Ole Man
    • Hey everyone, read Ole Man's excellent post!

      I found it to be very informative and that's a fact!
      • No, no no nooooooooo!

        I refuse to take the credit!

        It is you who always so accurately inform
        everyone of all you don't know about
        nothing. You never fail us. If you don't
        know anything about the subject at hand, you
        make something up, and inform us anyway.

        Thou art just a wealth of misinformation,
        the absolute veritable Champion. I dub thee
        King, salute thee, and crown thee, King Of
        Ole Man
  • Stop please.

    What I think is that this bashing gayness needs to stop. AIM=Linux spankers. I use open source and closed source alike. Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and what ever but really 2 year old like people, the topic is Hyper-V, not I use Linux so I have a license to be a dip wad. LOL & have fun... X
    • Super Moderators Welcome!

      We are all ears....... strut your stuff!

      Your method should have this forum whipped
      into shape in no time at all. If you don't
      want to bash anything else, bash the
      Ole Man
  • What about VMware?

    How does Microsoft plan to stack up against VMware at this point? They better have identical features and a seamless migration function if they want to have any chance of this product catching on. This sounds like their ever so brilliant Silverlight flash clone...

    - John Musbach
    John Musbach