Microsoft ups storage quotas, slashes add-on storage pricing for SharePoint Online

Microsoft ups storage quotas, slashes add-on storage pricing for SharePoint Online

Summary: Microsoft is tweaking SharePoint Online storage quotas and pricing for enterprise users of its hosted service.


Microsoft is increasing its per-tenant storage quota limits and is dropping to cost of additional storage for business users of SharePoint Online, the Microsoft-hosted version of SharePoint Server.

In an April 24 post on the Office 365 Technical blog, Microsoft officials said they were responding to customer requests for more and cheaper storage. Tenant storage quota limits are now up to 25 terabytes, as compared to the previous per-tenant limit of 5 terabyes.

Microsoft also cut the price of SharePoint Online additional storage from $2.50 per GB/month to .20 per GB/month.

According to the post, users get a set amount of SharePoint Online content and data storage by default, with "seats" referring to individual user licenses. That amount can be figured using the following equation:

Total available tenant storage quota 10GB + (500MB * E1-E4 seats) + purchased additional storage (Note: Kiosk workers (K1 & K2) and external users do not contribute to the total available tenant storage quota.)

One more adjustment: Every user that gets a My Site (E1-E4) will also get 500MB of personal storage. ("My Sites are a central location to store and manage documents, favorite links, and personal blog and wiki pages," explained the Softies.)

Microsoft recently cut Office 365 prices for enterprise users by roughly 20 percent.

SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Exchange Online comprise Office 365, which is Microsoft's competitor to Google Apps.

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  • The timing is interesting....

    Response to Google Drive's integration with Google Apps perhaps?