Microsoft's mobile team reorgs, focuses on Live services

Microsoft's mobile team reorgs, focuses on Live services

Summary: With archrival Google expected to field any time now a mobile operating system that will go head-to-head with Windows Mobile, Microsoft is getting its Mobile Communications side of the house in order.

TOPICS: CXO, Microsoft, Mobility

With archrival Google expected to field any time now a mobile operating system that will go head-to-head with Windows Mobile, Microsoft is getting its Mobile Communications side of the house in order.

Microsoft’s mobile team reorgs, focuses on Live servicesThe mobile unit recently reorg'ed in a way that gives the marketing of Microsoft's Live services more visibility.

The Mobile Communications business -- under Senior Vice President Pieter Knook -- has "realigned," in Microsoft's words. The result: "Two separate discipline teams get rolled into one," a corporate spokeswoman acknowledged, while, at the same time "two robust product marketing organizations" get created. These marketing orgs are "Platform Planning and Product Management" and "Mobile Services Planning and Product Mangement."

The Mobile Services planning team is "responsible for planning and marketing of Windows Live and new mobile service offerings delivered with and through Mobile Operators on Windows Mobile and other converged device phone platforms," the spokeswoman added.

As a result of the reorg:

  • John O' Rourke will lead the new Platform Planning and Product Management team.
  • Bart Wojciehowski will lead the Mobile Services Planning and Product Management organization.
  • Tony Mestres will continue leading the Worldwide Partner and Segment Engagement team.
  • Scott Horn will continue to lead the Mobile Communications Business' Campaigns and Communications group.

All of these execs continue to report to Knook.

Mobile communication falls under Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices (MED) division. Microsoft considers mobile as a "major component of the Connected Entertainment vision" for MED.

Microsoft has been stepping up its campaign to get mobile phone makers to add support for Windows Live services and the Windows Live suite. In August, it struck such a deal with Nokia for S60 and S40 devices.

Topics: CXO, Microsoft, Mobility


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  • Where's Proton

    But where is the next version of Windows Mobile. The platform hasn't changed much for 5 years or more.
  • Sounds Promising

    Any mobile OS on the market that can compete with the big two (Palm, Microsoft) is a welcome thing. Both Microsoft and Palm have their shortcomings in the mobile OS market, Windows Mobile 5 having its slew of issues and bugs (don't believe me, go to any of the AT&T boards about the 8525), but Windows Mobile 6 is relatively bug-free by most accounts, so I'm holding off judgement until I get my free upgrade to WM6. At the same time I'm anxious to see what Google has to offer in terms of the OS itself and included apps.
  • More bloat from Google...

    Here we go again, another pretender to the throne of Microsoft. First Microsoft vanquished Apple in the music player space with Zune v2. Then Apple's iPhone was released and failed because everybody is flocking to Windows Mobile. Now Google thinks they can succeed where everybody else has failed? When will people just learn that going against Microsoft is a losing proposition. I met Mr. Knook several weeks ago at a Mobile Information Symposium here and he impressed me very much. His message was simple: Microsoft has all the answers, just so long as nobody asks the questions. As he spoke, my rep and I glanced at one another and nodded our heads in approval of everything he said. While he was speaking, Scott Horn came around and gave out the usual pens and shirts.
    Mike Cox
    • Mikey--

      Don't make me come down there and force-feed you your meds!
      Mike Cox, Sr.
    • You're clueless. Microsoft sucks...

      Just kidding. Thought you had a fish on didn't you? I'll give you a 7.5 for the "answers" and "questions" line.

      I'm curious though... you don't talk much about brandy, cigars, tea and scones lately? Are you on a diet?
  • Microsoft like a punch drunk fighter

    Getting pummeled from so many sides, lucky their big and fat. But all that thumping will take a toll after a while. The blows from Google, open source, Apple, IBM.

    There's two ways in the IT world: Microsoft's and everyone else.
    • Or turn them into Rocky so you can

      have something to really complain about. The above are more like a gnat...they will react and over come, but it will make them more creative. Google is vaporware and a search engine with advertising, Apple too small, IBM open source...well when they are done it won't be such a "hippie" movement. Time will tell.
    • LOL!

      You are imaginative, I will give you that. Beyond that? Not much at all.
  • RE: Microsoft's mobile team reorgs, focuses on Live services

    Moving the deck chairs around won't prevent them from drowing if they can't swim.
    Tundra Gregg
  • RE: Microsoft's mobile team reorgs, focuses on Live services

    Microsoft needs to focus on innovation rather than being the "Me too" company. It
    seems that whatever Apple or Google does, Microsoft needs to do that (rather than
    lead and create something innovative and new). <a
    href="">Anime Girl</a>
    G Brent LeVasseur
  • depends on what MS does

    and who google partners with on their phones.

    The deciding factor will be who will make the most consumer friendly product and create enough hype like apple did with their iphone. The technology in the iphone is nothing new. MS has been adding it to their mobile phones since Windows CE, apple just packaged it better.

    Windows mobile and the old Windows CE are/were designed more with the business person in mind.

    Apple came along and created something with the normal consumer in mind, a product an everyday users would use it for, i.e.Entertainment and instead of having a bunch of buttons to push or a stylus pen to keep track of, it is used with a finger.

    I can listen to music, view video files, surf the net etc using Windows mobile, But if I had the ability to remove stuff that I would never use such as the office product items (except email can't live with out that), or MS came out with a stripped down version that was more for the everyday user then I'm sure more people would buy it.

    Microsoft and Google....a hint for your end product, ease of use, consumer friendly.

    Oh and I'm not bashing Apple, I'm an apple fan and always have been. Beter quality, better products and more importantly.....BETTER MARKETING!!!!!!
    • welp, that'd rule out MS

      "The deciding factor will be who will make the most consumer friendly product..."

      When has MS ever made a consumer-friendly product?

      Unrelated but worth mentioning, too: it's tough for MS to compete with companies who give away their stuff for FREE.

      Google really has the upper hand in that conflict, but both are a million miles behind Apple right now.

      I think you're exaggerating just a bit that there's nothing "new" in the iPhone. Technically it may be correct, but do Windows Mobile devices have accelerometers in them to detect the orientation and movement of the device?
      • Time will tell about Google...

        the bubble is getting bigger it will be interesting to see how much longer it will hold out. Right now they ARE WAY OVER valued. Wall Street may get tired...this one will be fun to sit back and watch. I don't worry about Apple...they are boutique and have their place. It will be more interesting to watch Ubunutu.
  • Microsoft's mobile team has been crippled for years

    The biggest problem they've had has been that Microsoft doesn't want
    Windows Mobile to become a competitor to Windows. They've
    systematically simplified and removed features from their Windows CE
    based consumer releases, and they've drastically restricted the kinds
    of interfaces licensees can use in Windows Powered mobile devices.
    The Windows Powered clamshells and tablets have been scaled back
    and eliminated in favor of the bloated Tablet PC.

    Because they want your pocket PC or phone to become something you
    use WITH your laptop running Windows, and they want your tablet to
    be Windows, not Windows CE. They're afraid of undermining their cash
    cow with their own products.

    That's the mistake DEC made... refusing to undermine their minis with
    a better desktop until it was too late. If you're going to get nibbled to
    death by ducks anyway, make sure they're your ducks.
    • Interesting opinions...but still waiting for the facts.

      Personally the people I know that use Mobile like it and it's features, that is their opinions too.
  • Ballmer Gets Slapped By Mommy Analyst

    Best article of the week, and it says it all.
    • For eveyone of those...there other sthat

      had a good experience. And what the heck does this have to do with the ariticle above - what an idiot. itanalyst - more like it idiot.
      • The Idiot Is You

        Thought I'd interject some light humor into the discussion, but as usual a mental midget takes it the wrong way.

        Nice job Forrest.
        • Need to work your delivery...most amatuers do, melvin

          But that's OK we put up with you anyway, the lower half is always needed.
    • Ah, yes, Another minor league "analyst"

      Trying to make a name for herself. I will give her credit though, her sentences are much more coherent then other "itanalysts" :)