More Vista modifications on tap

More Vista modifications on tap

Summary: Microsoft reconfirmed on October 13 that it won't delay Windows Vista's launch in the European Union or South Korea. But Microsoft will be making further modifications to the product to appease EU regulators, Microsoft officials confirmed Friday.

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Microsoft reconfirmed on October 13 that it won't delay Windows Vista's launch in the European Union or South Korea. But Microsoft will be making further modifications to the product to appease EU regulators, Microsoft officials also acknowledged Friday.

Here's what will be changing, according to a Microsoft corporate spokesman:

* In the area of search, we have made changes to provide computer users who are upgrading Windows XP to Internet Explorer 7 with additional opportunities to set the default Web search provider of their choice. Specifically, according to a spokesman, "upon upgrade to Windows Vista, a screen will come up once during setup now identifying the user’s current search default and asking them to actively choose whether they want to keep their current default or want to select a new default from list of search providers." (My take: this is Microsoft's concession to Google)

* In the area of fixed document formats, we have agreed to submit our new fixed-layout document format – the XML Paper Specification – to a standards setting organization, and to revise the licensing terms on which the specification is made available to other software developers. (My take: The Adobe concession)

* In the area of security, we have committed to create a new set of APIs that will enable third-party security products to access the Windows kernel in a secure manner. We are also creating a new set of APIs to ensure that Windows Security Center will not send an alert to a computer user when an alternative competing security console is installed on the PC and is sending the same alert instead. (My take: The Symantec/McAfee concession)

Another corporate spokesman provided further details. Changes will be made in all versions in all countries. That means Windows Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate, plus all of the Vista N releases (for the EU market, sans Media Player); the Vista K releases (the releases tailored for the South Korean market that will include links to third-party music and instant-messaging products); and the Vista KN versions (the South Korean release that won't include Media Player or instant messaging).

The new round of Vista modifications will be made at release to manufacturing (RTM), the spokesman also  said.

Will this push RTM back from Microsoft's internal targets? Not sure. The word is the business launch is still on for November 2006 and the worldwide launch for January 2007.




Topic: Windows


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  • Message has been deleted.

    • Particularly

      Seeing as the article quotes them as saying they are committed to developing (as in the future) API's that security firms can use. That's going to be fun when the security firms respond making approaches to the EC, DoJ etc.

      I guess the argument will go, "Microsoft has new products in a new market for them, and they are not providing other players in that market an opportunity to compete with these new products." I think that's called illegal leverage.

      Cry havoc! etc...
  • Media sensationalization

    I think one can read between the lines that most likely there will be a delay with one more build going to the testers. You have mentioned in a previous blog that one more build is probably required to get all the kinks out, Robert Vamosi and George Ou have also said that.

    However if and when Microsoft does announce that Vista will be delayed for one more test build release, many from the media go crazy and will have all kinds of articles right from
    'Microsoft is struggling to complete Vista',
    'Microsoft has lost a handle on Vista',
    'programmers cant seem to handle the Vista beast'
    and God knows what else they can come up with.
    • sensationalization??

      Vista is clearly a mess. Nobody in their right mind will be changing over to it until the headline is "vista second edition released" or "Microsoft sacks all management"
  • Beating Around The Bush

    Not Gee Dubyah.
    Not nary a word (from Microsoft or this article) about the issues that's causing the biggest uproar. I'm talking about Microsoft's "KILL SWITCH" and "WGA". They're hiding it all inside Veezdah under the false pretense of combating piracy and theft.
    BULL! The activation they already had in XP was more than was neccessary.
    What they are saying is that they need to validate your installation and then check it everytime you start your computer up (or update or patch or modify or repair or reinstall or______YOU NAME IT). Like anyone is going to replace a legal validated installation with a stolen one?
    But it could be installed on some other computer they argue. Am I responsible if someone steals a copy of my cd or key and installs it on their computer? Not according to any law that I know of. They need to persue the thief and leave me alone.
    That's like Ford Motor Company accusing me of theft because somebody stole a Ford car the same make, model, and color as mine. If they really do think I stole it, they need to get a search warrent and check to see if I have it. They can't just bust in my house and accuse me of theft.
    But you may have sold, given, or installed it on another computer yourself, they argue. Well, they still need to prove that I am guilty of an offense by legal means, not breaking and entering (while stealing personal information from me while they are doing it, by the way). Who sounds like the theif here?
    Our EULA gives us the right, They proclaim. That's another point of contention. The only reason they get away with such arcane garbage is that no one with enough funding will oppose them. And novice computer users knows nothing of it. They have broken every legal, ethical, moral, truth-in-advertising rule there is with that.
    An interesting article about Microsoft's addition to their eula for recent updates/service packs for Media Player, Win XP and Win 2000.
    The new addition (this is a change in the existing eula) reads:"You agree that in order to protect the integrity of content and software protected by digital rights management ('Secure Content'), Microsoft may provide security related updates to the OS Components that will be automatically downloaded onto your computer. These security related updates may disable your ability to copy and/or play Secure Content and use other software on your computer. If we provide such a security update, we will use reasonable efforts to post notices on a web site explaining the update."
    This also means they can prevent you from using any software they so choose. In other words, you will be giving Microsoft admin rights to your computer. At any time Microsoft could download software to your computer which could modify files and other software, and, upload files - without you knowing it. Is that what you really want?
    All this hidden (out of view) so you have to search diligently for it in order to read it. Does this sound like an honest company?
    Ole Man
    • The EULA fluff over virtualization is even more hilarious...

      Ed Bott, as I recall, wrote an interesting article.

      Betcha MS changes that too by the time vista becomes official...
      • Read the true story on Vista's EULA & Virtual PCs

        Here's what's really happening:
    • Disabled apps.

      I have ALREADY lost several applications to XP's "authentication" techniques. I had Microsoft Publishing Platinum 2002 installed and Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite 7. I also lost Farstone's Virtual Drive 7. NONE of these programs was bought from Microsoft. ALL were purchased on line at After WEEKS of e-mails back and forth to Microsoft, NOTHING was corrected. Each agent would ask for system info and as soon as I supplied it, I never heard again from THAT agent. Same for the next, etc.... I still cannot use any of the programs. They just won't launch. Not peculiar to this machine either. Did the same thing on another one. Just as soon as I installed the infamous patches from Microsoft.
      • Solution

        Wipe your drive. Install XP-SP/1 (not connected to your internet service). First thing, before adding drivers or anything, connect to internet service and activate online. Disconnect immediately when you see the "activation complete" msg. Disable all remote access services (a list of services that can be safely deleted can be found online, use a different computer for that). Disable help and support services. Turn off automatic updates. Disable system restore. Go to user accounts and delete MS help and support. Never install any MS updates, patches, upgrades, utilities, or programs that require you to connect to Ms help and support.
        You should then be able to connect to the internet and download Firefox, Zonalarm Free (firewall), and AVG Free (antivirus), OpenOffice, and any Linux distros that you want to try, free of harrassment. You may not be able to use the MS apps you listed but you should be able to find adequate replacements, probably free.
        Good Luck!
        Ole Man
        • Thank you for your response.

          I have ALREADY started to use Linux. I have it installed on my secondary system and am learning it as I can. If ANYTHING else goes wrong with this machine, Windows WILL be ditched.

          On a "similar" note. Has anyone had any trouble with One Care? I tried the Beta and it "seemed" to work great. As soon as I sent Microsoft the money for the year's subscription (reduced from retail), I started getting BSDs. I had NEVER had a BSD on THIS machine in the five years I have had it. In the month that One Care was on the machine, I had EIGHT! As soon as One Care was removed, the BSDs went away. Coincidence? I don't think so!
  • Anyone wasting $300+ for Vista needs a tap on the head.

    Especially as RC2 fares; it's slow, buggy, not quite stable, the sidebar a ripoff of OS X and Linux (OS X being FreeBSD anyway)... and unlike OS X and Linux, Vista has so much garbage stuffed in its Start Menu they had to take out the more accessible stuff like the Run command. :rolleyes:

    Most people buying it will doubtlessly be clicking the checkbox marked "Use the 'classic' interface", in which case there is no longer any reason TO buy Vista. WinFS is gone. The security changes seem more like poorly stuck-on bandaids than anything else. The revamped product activation is undoubtedly going to be worse than before (but don't expect it to cause all those pirate systems in India to go down; Microsoft needs their cash cow...)
    • Very good hahahahaha

      Read it and laughed my ass off ! I am no fan of Microsoft either I use Linux Mandriva and Windows 2000 Pro as a lot of stuff I can not do in Linux yet
      As soon as I can do them in Linux windows is gone !
      As I do a lot of Video stuff like editing movies ( removing commercials ) and making a DVD out of a movie from the TV ! My ADS Tech DVD Express ( USB port )still does not have a Linux driver
    • Having fought with Vista for 2mos

      I can tell you that the only way MS will get $300 out of me is if they throw in a computer. I could then load Ubantu or any other Linux flavor and make it run twice as fast. There is good reason for the "Vista Ready" requirements for PC's, and that is to enable the system to do more than crawl thru your work. It is hard to believe that all of this hype is about a few commands renamed and moved to different locations and a "skin" for the OS.
      • I don't mind the stringent hardware requirments

        becaus that gives me a reason to build a new PC! BUT, the fact that there is no real substance to Vista is a real letdown. W/RC1, I couldn't even burn a backup cd of an old music cd I nedded (JJ Cale Okie), because my cd's (burned copies) were stolen out of my car. The thing is, XP is stable (well, stable as far as an M$ product can be): this new os looks to me to be no more than a pritty shell for xp with a few security mesures added and a whole lot of DRM. I am seriously looking at linux as an alturnitive. The problem I have with Mac is that I like to build my own hardware. I sure wish I could build a pc and than buy mac os to run on it.
    • I have been using RC 1 and

      I cou;dn't agree more! I am seriously making my next pc a mac
  • Mine

    How about a version for me here in the good old USA that has no media player , no security programs, and no internet explorer at a cost excluding the cost of this software. Wouldn't that be nice!!!! Also no chat program.
    • So don't use em?

      If you don't like the built in stuff, don't use it. Download or purchase something else. What's the big deal here? Is anyone out there actually saying "oh my God it's got IE on it... but I want to use Firefox... what am I going to do?" boo f'n hoo. Anyone is free to add anything they want to thier PC... so why does it seem like everyone thinks MS has slapped the handcuffs on em?
      • What??????

        Why should they have to pay for something they don't want???? THAT'S THE QUESTION!
        You're the one who need the cuffs slapped on'im.
        Ole Man
        • You pay for extras you don't want everyday...

          When you buy a printer that comes with an ink cartridge do you ask the store to pull out the ink cartridge and knock 40 bucks off the price because you want to buy a different ink cartridge instead?

          When you order a burger that comes with lettuce and tomato and you don't want the lettuce do you ask them to take 35 cents off the burger because you don't want to pay for it?

          When you order your tax software do you ask them for a version with no wizard for dependants (because you don't have kids) that's 5 bucks cheaper?

          I didn't think so.

          Let's look at tax software, because it's in the same industry. I can usually get a simple version, a deluxe version with more features, and a small business version. These versions have different prices and generally satisfy 80% of the consumer market (similar to the windows SKU's). As a consumer you may choose the version that you feel gives you the best feature set for the money. Or you may choose a different product from a different software company. You will almost never have the choice to pick the exact features you will use and pay a price that matches only the features you want to use. So if you find no value in what MS has included in the OS, then just buy the Vista Home Basic SKU and add on yourself or choose another OS. That's your choice as a consumer.