Multiple Microsoft search refreshes due over the 12 months

Multiple Microsoft search refreshes due over the 12 months

Summary: Microsoft is readying multiple new search releases -- the first of which is coming this fall -- that it will launch over the next 12 months. It also is readying a "2.0" refresh of its core Windows Live suite for this fall, as well.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Windows

Microsoft is readying multiple new search releases -- the first of which is coming this fall -- that it will launch over the next 12 months.

The fall search update will include improvements to the search core, relevance and performance and mobile capabilities as well as new vertical search experiences, Kevin Johnson, the President of Microsoft's Platforms and Services division, told attendees of Microsoft's Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) conference.

Search isn't the only Live rollout coming. Johnson said Microsoft is preparing a full Windows Live 2.0 update for launch this fall. The 2.0 update will be a single suite of user services available as a single download that will work on the PC, phone and browser, Johnson said.

"This is the must-have upgrade to the Windows experience," Johnson said.

(Microsoft has begun positioning its new generation of Windows Live services, such as the recently announced Windows Live Folders and Windows Live Photo Gallery, as adjuncts to existing Windows software components. And it has committed to providing customers with a single installer, single download, common contact list and common Live ID facility across its core family of Windows Live services.)

In a related move, Microsoft announced on July 26 that it has created yet another Microsoft-research-advertising incubation unit, the Internet Services Research Center.)

Johnson reiterated Microsoft's plans to become more and more of an advertising company. He announced that Microsoft has acquired AdECN, a company that provides an auction exchange for display ads.

"We now have all the core components for our ad network," Johnson told FAM attendees. He said that Microsoft believes the online advertising market is consolidating and that Microsoft "intend(s) to be one of the top two" remaining.

Topics: Microsoft, Windows


Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Live Search i s already better than

    this is great news. The gap will close very quickly as people discover how much more relevant Windows search results are compared to Google or anyone else. I used to use Google. For a number of years now, but I've completely switched to Windows Live search. It is a better engine and interface and it's going to get even better soon.
    Anyone not at least trying it right now is either unaware of it, or unwilling to use any MS product.
    • Almost correct

      I agree with you that microsoft search is neat than google. But I think its still chatching up with Google. I dont mean that its far behind, but still has little catch-up to do with respect to relevance.

      On contrary to this I felt that Live Image search is more better than google image search. both from user experience and relevance point of view.

      Hope that the new updates will push Live Search to the second position, above yahoo.
      • You may be right, tecnically

        But Google results have become totally paid for in terms of keywords, that it's hard to find anything I need anymore. They seem to have put Microsoft in the worst light as well. For instance, i used to do troubleshooting with Google and it worked very well. Now I put in some phrases and Google's first page of results are not solutions I seek, but alternative products to the Microsoft technology I'm searching for help on. That is what drove me away from Google. I work with Windows sites and windows Live search has been giving me the best results for my particular needs for a while now.
        • Right on target

          Microsoft is becoming less and less relevant
          to the rest of the world.

          If you want Microsoft tips, use Microsoft

          If you want REAL information, use Google,
          Ask, Dogpile, Yahoo, or.... Anything but
          Ole Man
          • What did you do for living?

            It surely wasn't running a company, thank God. You have zero business sense and drive all your decisions based on your hatred for Microsoft. Do you make sure you only buy products from companies that don't use Microsoft technology?? huh? I can't hear you? I bet you do, you hypocrite!
    • You got it right the first time Shakespear

      I'm unwilling to use any MS products, no boast, no brag, no slant or bashing. Microsoft and Exploitation one and the same. I've had enough of their license terms and conditions, I've had enough of their marketing schemes, I've had enough of their monopolizing their market share through their OEM agreements, I've had enough of their rushing to market products that are unfinished, still in Beta form and waiting for everyone out there to report errors so they can fix their beta OS's and software. I've had enough of activation, verification, genuine BS and advantage, some guy in India I can't understand and telling me this is support. It seems as obvious as a bill on a woodpecker that I could go on and on and on, just like reactivating, reverification and the genuine
      advantage routine. How much garbage are you going to load on us ?
      Don't you think OneCare, LiveCare and Nocare are all on par, a lot of useless, money generating schemes I'm just not buying and yes, you're right, unwilling to use !
      • A real Laff

        Last night saw a copy of "Livecare" on Ebay,
        supposed to be for five computers, bidding
        starting a $0.01, $5 bucks shipping, and 0
        bids with 2 days left before auction close.

        Reeeeel popular, looks like.
        Ole Man
        • yea ole man i see stuff on ebay for just about free all the time but

          yea ole man i see stuff on ebay for just about free and a lot of it has no bids. but to say everyone is giving everything Microsoft away for free and no one wants it is FUD. but hey your the biggest propagandist on these blogs to we expect FUD from your post.
          SO.CAL Guy
          • "everyone is giving everything Microsoft away for free and no one wants it"

            Those are words straight from your lying
            mouth...uh..keyboard. Show me where I said
            any such thing? I said it was a "laff",
            didn't I? You and your pal Zuny miss-quote
            people all the time, yet you get your tongue
            all tangled up with your britches when
            anyone else paraphrases some of your
            Keep your head where the sun don't shine as
            long as you want to. It's still a reasonably
            free country, so far, although the
            master-baiters are working hard to put a
            noose around all our necks.
            Ole Man
          • Ole Man, please send me your....

            real name and your address/contact information. I need to call in some help for you. Before long you'll be referring to yourself in 3rd party and it just gets ugly from there. <br>
            Let me help you.
  • Much "to do" over nothing...

    I guess with enough money you can get publicity for "non-events" .
  • It would be nice if they could fix what they have

    Microsoft has got too many fingers in too many pies and has little if any focus on any. The things MS has sold, tried to sell, told us to buy and continue with whatever, wherever, however to exploit the people who buy into their marketing plots and schemes. OneCare, Defender, LiveCare, IE7, Vista with it's all it's flavours based on two separate platforms, MS OFFICE, hardware, games, EXPEDIA and the list just never ends. Just because it's a long list and the company is big, doesn't mean they're all great and wonderful products. MS needs to focus on what it's already got and fix those problems before they develop anymore problems.
  • RE: Multiple Microsoft search refreshes due over the 12 months

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