New Windows Phones launch in Brazil, China

New Windows Phones launch in Brazil, China

Summary: New Windows Phones are launching from HTC and Nokia this week. What about the promised Nokia Lumia on AT&T? Sounds like early April.


It has been a big week for Windows Phone launches outside the U.S.

Nokia launched the Lumia 710 and 800 in Brazil on March 21. It looks like Nokia spent some major marketing dollars on this one, blanketing a number of e-commerce sites and front pages with ads for the new devices. (The collage of Brazilian ads at right is courtesy of Microsoft MVP Rodolpho Carmo.)

China also saw the launch of another new Windows Phone from HTC this week. Codenamed "Eternity," that phone is an unlocked/"open market" handset with a 4.7-inch screen, front-and rear-facing cameras and a number of Chinese apps.

Microsoft Windows Phone execs there told Bloomberg they believe Windows Phones easily will surpass Apple's iPhone in market share there, thanks in part to Windows Phone's lower prices.  Android phones are the runaway best-selling smartphones in China, IDC said. China is on the verge of being the world's largest smartphone market as of this year, according to Bloomberg, citing IDC data.

Windows Phone is somewhere around the 70,000 app mark, as of this week.

So where's that expected Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T? On Windows Weekly this week, my co-host Paul Thurrott said he heard from a trusted source that the announcement of its availability will be made on Monday, March 26.

It's looking increasingly like April 8 might be the actual launch target -- somewhat later than Microsoft's expected March 18 target, Thurrott said. And that rumored price of $99 still sounds like it's on the money, Thurrott said on the show.

Update: Or maybe the launch date (retail) of the Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T will be April 9, as WPCentral suggests. In either case, it's getting closer...

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  • April 8 Online, April 9 in Stores

    Since it's Easter, AT&T stores will be closed on the 8th.
    • How are you so sure

      of the launch date ?
  • They keep launching them and still no dent in the numbers

    Still holding at 5% (Combined WP7 and other versions)

    Tells you something doesn't it?
    • Yeah, but what happens...

      If they stop launching them?

      It tells me something! It tells me that they areen't losers that will pack it in if things don't go right on the first round.

      There's a LOT of room to criticize, but calling for giving up is a losers game!
    • Tells you something doesn't it?

      Microsoft launched in China yesterday and Nokia's launching in China next week. Most of the new phones were announced at MWC and many aren't even available yet. What this "tells me" is that Nokia/Microsoft are very serious and delivering on their promise and they are making it happen. I think Apple should be very worried about what's happening in China; and as far as the Android devices, well they have some stiff competition on the low end.
  • Lumia 800

    I bought a Lumia 800 here in Brazil yesterday, and it's amazing!
  • Where are the crowds?

    I saw huge crowds of people in China when the iPhone 4S was released. Streets were shut down. It was a big deal.

    Nothing special in China during the this week's WP7 launch. No lineups bigger than at a Beijing KFC at lunchtime.

  • How do the Nokia Lumia and HTC Titan compare?

    I wrote about it on my blog, but I wonder, what do the rest of you think?