Nokia World: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

Nokia World: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

Summary: Join us for our live blog of the first day of Nokia World, where Microsoft's biggest Windows Phone OEM is expected to unveil its first Windows Phones.


It's Day 1 of Nokia World in London. A few of us ZDNetters and our compatriots are going to be live blogging the keynote, and we want you to chime in along with us on what's said and isn't.

Going into the opening keynote, which will be anchored by Nokia CEO (and former Microsoft President) Stephen Elop, it seems that Nokia will be unveiling at least two phones, the Lumia 800 (a k a the "Sea Ray") and the Lumia 710 (a k a, the "Sabre"), according to images captured by

There is also talk that Nokia will make good on its plans announced earlier this year to launch its first Windows Phones in Europe. The company is now not expected to begin pushing its Windows Phone line in the U.S. until 2012.

The Nokia World Day 1 keynote will be streamed live at

Join Maggie Reardon (, Stephen Shankland (, Zack Whittaker (ZDNet) and me, Mary Jo foley (ZDNet) via CoverItLive as we comment on the Nokia World kick-off festivities, starting just before 9 a.m. BST (4 a.m. ET; 1 a.m. PT) here:

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  • Lets go! Nokia world 2011

    Nokia Lumia 800 is my target so far
  • RE: Nokia World: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

    Disappointed that none of the phone manufacturers are talking about the gyroscope feature that Mango introduced. As I understand it the HTC Titan (limited storage - what a crock of a design) is the ONLY phone in the UK that has it, and you wouldn't know that from any of the reviews or marketing feature lists. The feature is dead in the water (as is some cool augmented reality stuff) if Nokia aren't supporting it too.
  • RE: Nokia World: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

    I'm waiting eagerly for the Lumia 710 to launch in India. As is typical of Nokia, it's a fantastic balance between form, function and price. Hopefully we'll get it before the end of the year...
  • RE: Nokia World: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

    Hey! what about availability in North America?????????
  • RE: Nokia World: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

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