Office 2007: 70 million not served

Office 2007: 70 million not served

Summary: A report last week that Microsoft had sold 70 million copies of Office 2007 since the product was released to manufacturing turned out to be wrong. Microsoft says it sold 70 million copies of all versions of Office during its past fiscal year. What percentage of those were Office 2007? Microsoft still won't comment.


It sounded too good to be true. And it turns out it was.

A report last week that Microsoft had sold 70 million copies of Office 2007 since the product was released to manufacturing turned out to be wrong. Officials with Microsoft France allegedly told press last week that Microsoft had sold 70 million copies of Office 2007 since Microsoft made the product available at the end of 2006.

I asked Microsoft whether that number -- which seemed awfully high, given that Windows Vista just hit the 60-million-copies-sold mark in July -- was accurate. Last week, officials declined to comment on Office 2007 sales. But in responding to IBM's unveiling of a new Microsoft Office competitor known as IBM Lotus Symphony, Microsoft shed more light on that 70 million figure.

In response to IBM's September 18 announcement, Microsoft released the following comment from Jacob Jaffe, Director of Microsoft Office.

"Customers continue to tell us that our solutions deliver the ease of use, reliability and security that they need.  This is validated by the strong adoption and usage seen by Microsoft Office having sold more than 71 million licenses in just the last Microsoft fiscal year. Our long history in meeting the complex needs of enterprise customers, a partner ecosystem that has grown 43% on the Office platform since last year and our current and future investments in the software + services arena will deliver even more flexibility to customers."

At the Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting at the end of July, Microsoft Business President Jeff Raikes told attendees that Microsoft had sold 70 million licenses of all versions of Office during fiscal 2007, the Microsoft spokesperson further elaborated this week.

What percentage of the 70 million copies sold between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007, were Office 2007? I'd be a good percent of them were, but Microsoft won't comment....

Speaking of Office, Microsoft has shipped Service Pack (SP) 3 for Office 2003. The latest SP disables "Fast Save" for security reasons, according to Microsoft.

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  • Why does it matter to anyone other than MS?

    The fact is that given time Office 07 will replace earlier versions. Shrug...
    • why does it matter to so many Apple haters how many iPhones sold?

      Hmmmm...double-speak doesn't become you!
      • No idea, I don't care.

        I have no idea, I don't have one, likely won't ever have one. I simply don't care.
        • YEAH!

          Another NoAxe GEM!

          You're the best! HAHAHA
          • Of course I am.

            "You're the best!"

            I must say, I thought you were never going to figure that out but I am glad you did.
          • Really?

            Then explain why you were not at this [url=]forum[/url] eating your copiously large crow dinner? 286 posts and not a one from you admitting that you were [B]WRONG![/B] as usual! So before you start getting that fat old head full of itself, be a man and step up. Admit you were wrong and MAYBE just [B]MAYBE[/B] you will start to earn a little real respect around here.

            I may not be liked, but at least I am respected. Why is that? Because I have publicly admitted SEVERAL times in these forums when I was wrong. That's one of many differences between a man and a boy. ]:)

            So you gonna step up like man or react like a boy?
            Linux User 147560
    • Ugh, the investors

      Remember them? Office is one of MSFT's big profit centers. If they're playing footsie with the sales figures that would be a big deal.

      I really like OO 2.3. It's nice. Needs more default templates but other than that another winner. Not missing Office at all. Haven't, long time.
      • Interesting

        Someone left the word "all" out of a sentence (in a statement from France no less) and suddenly they are playing "footsie"?

        Talk about reaching for a issue to complain about.
        John Zern
  • I agree

    It only matters to MS. I wonder if the 70 million figures include all the free license microsoft gave out?

    I attended the launch of Windows Vista and everyone who attended and stayed to the end was give a license key for the full Professional version of office 2007.

    You had to download the trial version, but then use the key on the case given.

    I like Ofiice 2007, and Open Office. They both of pluses and minuses. I use MS Office primaryly for all my datbases with VB scripts, for Mail Merges.

    I do not like how Open Office handles this, but hey I am on of the few who uses this feature.
  • RE: Office 2007: 70 million not served

    Microsoft won't comment because they are embarrassed that only 4 million copies were 'sold'. Funny how they clam up when asked questions 'to protect their interests'.

    Their interest? Fooling you into thinking Office 2007 is great!
    • What a silly rant

      Does it hurt when you pull stuff like that out of your "donkey"?
      • HAHA!

        O Man, it so hurts seeing you make a fool of yourself...
        • Aw, another wittle boy that has nothing

          to say worth hearing.

          Tell me, do you have any clue what the topic is?
          • No_Axe

            You need to do a bit of growing up yourself judging by your comments.
          • Do you?

            Linux User 147560
      • Again Insulting

        Can you add nothing to the discussion except insults?
      • Silly ranting?

        I thought you'd cornered the market on that.
  • For some REAL news, Office 03

    SP3 is now available. Yes, much better compatibility/interoprability with Office 07.
    • Don't worry, Mary Jo will catch up soon

      And then report it as news...
    • Let me guess

      [i]SP3 is now available. Yes, much better compatibility/interoprability with Office 07.[/i]

      The default file save format is permanently set to MSO2K7 XML, right?
      Yagotta B. Kidding