Private IE 8 beta 1 test build coming soon

Private IE 8 beta 1 test build coming soon

Summary: A number of Microsoft enthusiasts this week received invitations to a "limited technical beta program" for Internet Explorer (IE) 8 Beta 1.

TOPICS: Browser, Microsoft

A number of Microsoft enthusiasts this week received invitations to a "limited technical beta program" for Internet Explorer (IE) 8 Beta 1.

According to the invitation, Microsoft is planning to make IE 8 Beta 1 available to the general public, as well. But before that happens, an invitation-only tet program will be conducted. The invitation describes IE 8 Beta 1 being focused on developers.

(ActiveWin is running the full text of the note Microsoft sent to some IE 8 beta invitees this past week.)

Microsoft officials have said they plan to show off IE 8 at Microsoft's Mix '08 conference in early March in Las Vegas. Officials also have said they are planning to add a developer-selectable "super-standards" mode to IE 8 that would enable the browser to qualify as more standards-compliant.

Microsoft still has not offered a final-delivery target date for IE 8.  Microsoft released IE 7 in 2006. Microsoft officials have said they are shooting to deliver more frequent, regular builds of IE.

Topics: Browser, Microsoft


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  • Even though I'm a Microsoft-enthusiasts, I'm not invited by Microsoft.

    However, I do love to test Internet Explorer 8 when it's available as a public beta.

    I can't wait to get my hands in it.
    Grayson Peddie
    • You should have asked Mikey about it...

      I'm sure he's running the pre-alpha with Windows 7 pre-alpha just fine.
  • I feel cheated

    They have deprived me of the chance to say
    Ole Man
  • I definitely want to give IE8 a try

    Chances are, MS understands that other browsers are slowly pulling more users to their side, because they technically are better.

    So now MS has probably revamped IE with more features, extending it to more platforms, and making it actually better.

    Can't wait to see it. I've got a feeling it will be something.
  • I'll Try IE8

    When Firefox goes away...

    Which is never.
    • Heard the same about Netscape

      But good to see you're taking a "stand" against something truly evil. You probably spend an hour a day worrying about the next Microsoft conspiracy, but not a minute about global warming or something actually important or real. Get a life.
      • Actually I Do

        Yesterday I planted a tree, kissed a baby, saved a baby seal...

        Then I woke up.
      • Puzzled

        I looked for mention of global warming in Ms. Foley's original post and couldn't see anything. In fact, the post was on IE8. How surprising then to see a comment related to IE8. You were right to take this person to task for making a comment that's actually related to the topic of the post.

        The nerve of some people.
        • Why puzzled?

          We should all do our part to help public libraries!

        • Message has been deleted.

      • Message has been deleted.

        • Fucking sensorship

          What the fuck is the point of having forums if someone can't fucking point an offensive message? Is this site visited by fucking morons who are so easily offended by the fucking f word. What a fucking joke. Every one of the fire fucking fox morons messages are offensive, and yet they aren't deleted. This is America assholes.
      • wait...

        You're saying Global Warming, the ludicrous idea that humans are severely affecting the temperature of the Earth is real?
        I'll make three points on that, then go back to the tech points:
        1: Mars is heating up at a similar rate (per distance from the sun) as Earth, and the sun has gotten hotter
        2: Thermo readings for the Earth have only become reliable since the mid 70's, and at THAT time, they were touting global cooling. It was a big thing even in NewsWeek. As well as cities throw off average Earth temperature because they are hotter than humans should be. More people, doing hotter things, makes it *SEEM* to be hotter everywhere.
        3: The polar ice caps, as well as greenland HAVE ACTUALLY GAINED ice in the past couple years. Al Gore's mockumentary got ripped to shreds even in the UK, and Europe is KNOWN for it's ridiculous liberalism on ridiculous ideas.

        Back to tech:

        Bill Gates forever was Microsoft. Bill Gates is more of a philanthropist that anyone else I know of. Microsoft hurt some start up companies. Yes. Given. Apple stole the idea for Macintosh from IBM and from Xerox. No one cares. They let them have it, and everyone benefitted. Apple stole the idea for the iBook/PowerBook/MacBook. I can't remember the original creations name, but since no one was seriously doing it they did. Microsoft is the same. No one had a cross platform media system that worked with everything, so they made one. No one had a cross system browser that came installed on most machines, so they made one. Microsoft brings technology to people who never get it, even if they have hurt some people along the way. Some of what they did is wrong. Yes. Fully understood. At the same time, show me a business that doesn't.
        • And cigarettes don't cause cancer

          I can only hope you are a heavy smoker, and your end is near.
          • Message has been deleted.

            Sluggo Fishmonger
        • wait... ?

          I see your med's are wearing off!
    • Firefox is crap

      Firefox is a sluggish, bloated ram sucking pig. Watching a Youtube style flash video with FF and it pegs my duel 2.8 gig P4 HP.
      Sluggo Fishmonger
      • Firefox is crap

        Get a life and clean out the crapware in your PC to improve performance. Or you could allways go with AMD Athlon 64X2 6400.
        • Firefox is crap

          IE is Crap
          • well...

            I almost exclusively use FF. But I often find pages that won't load correctly in FF, or that have compatibility issues. It gets better with every refresh, but oh well. IE is much more compatible, if slower, uglier, and all.