Putting lipstick on a cancelled PDC pig

Putting lipstick on a cancelled PDC pig

Summary: Microsoft announced late on Thursday May 24 that it has cancelled the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) that was slated for this October.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Windows

Microsoft announced late on Thursday May 24 that it has cancelled the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) that was slated for this October.

Microsoft said it had decided to "reschedule" the event to some unspecified future date. The notice of the cancellation is on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:

"As the PDC is the definitive developer event focused on the future of the Microsoft platform, we try to align it to be in front of major platform milestones. By this fall, however, upcoming platform technologies including Windows Server 2008, SQL Server codenamed 'Katmai,' Visual Studio codenamed 'Orcas' and Silverlight will already be in developers’ hands and approaching launch, which is where we’ll focus our developer engagement in the near term. We will update this site when we have a new date for the PDC that is better timed with the next wave of platform technologies."

For the last few years, Microsoft had held a PDC every two years. The show tends to be a showcase for Windows and developer-tools futures.

Interestingly, there's no mention of Windows client in the cancellation notice. PDC 2003 and PDC 2005 were showcases for Longhorn. With Microsoft not wanting to talk publicly about anything other than Windows Vista on the client side of the house, there might have been a serious dearth of content at PDC 2007.

More food for thought on the PDC cancellation:

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Topics: Microsoft, Windows


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    • Whatsamatta, Axey?

      Nobody to tout yer new application to this October? Probably nobody would be much interested in it anyway.

      Hint: Not a good idea to substitute "Yes? Are you STUPID?" for "OK" on those dialog box buttons.

      Also, you might want to think about your EULA. The first line in it probably needs some work: "Licensee should be aware that the ONLY purpose of this program is to make money for me, and any benefit to your business is purely coincidental and not the intent of the program."

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      • I paraphrase Evelyn Beatrice Hall:

        I disagree with every single lame thing you say, but I will defend to the death your right to go ahead and blabber it.

  • No surprise on Windows

    I think it's unfortunate that the PDC was cancelled, but why should anyone be surprised that there is little information about future Windows. When Steve Sinofsky ran the Office team, it was known to be very quiet and not let out lots of information about future versions. That he runs the Office team the same way should not be surprising.
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