Redmond's revolving door: Two more execs depart

Redmond's revolving door: Two more execs depart

Summary: A couple more Microsoft veterans are leaving the company, Microsoft acknowledged this week. Bing big-wig Hugh Williams and networking veteran Jawad Khaki are both officially moving on to new things.


A couple more Microsoft veterans are leaving the company, Microsoft acknowledged this week.

Bing Product Development Manager Hugh Williams is out and going to eBay to lead its search development team. One company insider called Williams' defection a "huge loss" for Microsoft's search unit. As Silicon Alley Insider, which broke the news, noted, Williams' bio listed, among his responsibilities, the management of all user-facing web-search relevance features. Williams was set to join the Internet Explorer team about a year ago but ended up not making the move, I hear.

Williams isn't the only former Microsoft search big-wig to jump to eBay. Chris Payne, the former head of Live Search and Dane Glasgow, Live Search's former General Manager, are there, too. Payne is now eBay's Vice President of Search and Glasgow is its Vice President of Engineering.

Meanwhile, former Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Windows Hardware Ecosystem, Jawad Khaki, has announced officially his plans to leave Microsoft -- two years after taking an extended "vacation." In 2007, Khaki's position was eliminated and since then he's been in a "transitional role." As TechFlash reported earlier this week, the 20-year Microsoft veteran Khaki is leaving Microsoft officially at the end of June to pursue various philanthropic and technical interests.

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  • RE: Redmond's revolving door: Two more execs depart

    As someone that recently left MS, I think the folks in the Ivory Tower need to wake-up and smell the coffee. The mindset in Redmond is amazing and it will not change until MS has a huge hit like IBM did years ago. Who knows maybe Google will cause a culture shift, but not likely