Report: Vista coupons coming later this month

Report: Vista coupons coming later this month

Summary: Microsoft and its PC partners ars preparing to launch Vista-upgrade coupons later this month. Meanwhile, Microsoft is prepping a new -- and potentially final -- Vista test build, No. 5744, for download any day now.

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It’s no secret that Microsoft and its PC partners are readying coupons to help make up for the fact that there won’t be any PCs preloaded with Vista ready for this holiday season.

According to CRN, Microsoft is, indeed, going to launch its coupon program later this month. The coupons will be valid from October 26 to March 15, the report says. Some of the coupons will offer customers free upgrades to Vista once it is available in January 2007. Other coupons will offer a discounted upgrade price from XP to Vista, CRN says.

Microsoft would not comment on the particulars of the CRN report, beyond the usual “we’re working with our partners on this.”

In other Vista news of note, Microsoft is poised to drop its last wide-scale Vista test build any day now. The Softies posted late on October 4 to the Microsoft Vista “Get Ready” site a note about the new build, which it seems will be No. 5744.

Microsoft hastily removed the note, but not before captured it:

“This page includes information to help you download Windows Vista RC2, a new test build. This build (5744) has a number of improvements and updates from previous builds, and has been through daily testing processes to refine quality and performance. We are making this release available for a limited time only (and only by download) in order to get broad distribution and testing in a variety of PC configurations. Please note: This build may not have the same level of support or servicing via Windows Update as RC1, and you may not be able to upgrade from this build to the final version of Windows Vista. To continue, please use the links below to start the download.”

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  • Same old OEM garbage from M$..

    ...If you buy a new computer, you get the OS for an imcremental pittance over the cost of the hardware. If you already have a computer and want to upgrade, its going to cost over a hundred bucks.

    Worse yet, if you want to upgrade 2+ home computers, you gotta feel like a damn fool buy buying 2+ copyies of the same thing.

    M$ at the very least, needs to give a home licence per address, allowing all computers in a residence to upgrade with the purchase of one upgrade. Like it was possible with 98 and win me; which was a piece of crap, by the way.

    Their greed give rise to bootlegging, and they dam deserve it.
    • MS not garbage but is pushing it.

      I can't agree enough! Greed creates piracy. The homeowner who spends apx $1000 for a computer does not want to spend more on multiple operating systems.

      I just think I'll stick with XP, upgrading cost too much. Microsoft is biting the hand that feeds it.
  • Coupon Day at Jurassic Park(tm) . . .nt

  • Joe Average is incapable of installing a new OS.

    I'm sure you're familiar with the horror stories about Joe Average trying to install linux. Get ready for a wave of Windows-Vista-install horror stories. MS has always been able to get Windows pre-loaded, so Joe Average never had to install it himself. Windows PCs "just work out of the box". That advantage is about to disappear.
    Knorthern Knight
  • MS Coupons

    If MS keeps up the "good" work, everybody will just keep using XP or media edition, whichever one they already have. I sure hope they don't get too greedy and actually charge consumers for there mistake of NOT having it ready for holiday launch. But WE all know how this one will turn out. After all, somebody needs to pay that EU multi-million dollar fine. I think S&H Green Stamps have MORE VALUE than MS Coupons.
  • 5745 already out to special users

    Perhaps it won't get wide distribution. Screen shots of build5745.17491.x86fre.winmain_idx06.071429-1430 are available here: