Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

Summary: Microsoft briefly showed off a social-networking application/service coming for Windows 8 back in June. It seems Tweet@Rama is not just a mockup. But what, exactly, is it?


One of the pieces of Microsoft's Windows 8 demonstration back in June that didn't get a whole lot of attention was the social-networking component.

Microsoft officials showed off a TweetDeck-like program, known as Tweet@Rama, during the first official and public Windows 8 reveal at the All Things D conference.

Laptop Magazine had a couple of good screen captures of Tweet@Rama -- which Microsoft officials accessed from the "Share" feature under the Windows 8 menu via which the Start button was accessed. Tweet@Rama looked and worked like a Twitter client, with users having the ability to organize their feeds by topic.

In case anyone thought the Tweet@Rama app/feature was just a mock-up for demo purposes, that idea has been put to rest thanks to a Tweet from John Lam on August 17.

Notice that Lam -- who is on the Windows client team these days -- tweeted from Tweet@Rama. (Thanks to Francisco Martin Garcia for the heads up on Lam's tweet.)

Update: WinRumors' Tom Warren also noted that the Windows 8 Engineering blog team is using Tweet@Rama to post to Twitter, too.

A few points to ponder:

  • It's not clear whether Tweet@Rama (which may or may not carry the same name when Microsoft debuts Windows 8) is a built-in piece of the operating system; a Windows Live service; or a separate applet.
  • Is Tweet@Rama more than just a Twitter client? In other words, is it more of a tool to organize and integrate multiple social-networking streams -- similar to the FuSE Labs' Spindex project?
  • Is Tweet@Rama related in any way to Socl (the project formerly codenamed "Tulalip," which may or may not be the same as Spindex)?
  • And what about "Nuggets," another TweetDeck-like Microsoft project? Does Tweet@Rama have any connection?
  • Is Tweet@Rama similar in function to the People Hub in the Mango release of Windows Phone 7? In other words, will it allow users to add/remove sources like Twitter, Facebook, etc., and opt for views with only some of those inputs selected?

Microsoft's response to my request for any information on Tweet@Rama? "Unfortunately we have nothing more to share at this time," a spokesperson told me when I asked.

I guess we can hope for a "Building Windows 8" novella blog post on this... If not, I am sure "all will be revealed at Build" (as we've been hearing for a few months now).

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Time for a change

    One can hope this application will be part of the new OS distribution.

    It is time Microsoft understands that Paint, Notepad, Wordpad and others are obsolete and nothing else than reminders of another era that is plaguing the Windows reputation.
    The new OS out-of-the box experience must be rejuvenated and embrace new tendencies.
    Time for changes. Time for new tools and applications.
    • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama


      Just an FYI:

      Notepad is still one of the most widely used program by Windows users
      • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

        @owlnet Totally! I can't live without Notepad!
    • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

      @TheCyberKnight ... Agreed... sort of. I think it would be great if Microsoft brought in Paint.NET to replace Paint. I think WordPad in Windows 7 serves as a nice way to access Word documents on a computer without Office, but it would be nice to have an Excel/PowerPoint viewer built-in.

      Notepad, on the other hand, is a must-have. Right now I have about 8 notepad files open. It would be nice to have some sprucing up though (advanced find/replace would be epic). The opensource Notepad++ is a bit much, but a Notepad+ would be great (in a manner of speaking).
      • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

        @GoodThings2Life To be fair, Notepad++ is more about coding.
    • I think MS should call Windows 8 ...


      Windows Next Generation, or Windows NG!
      P. Douglas
      • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

        @P. Douglas

        I'd be careful about NG as it could be twisted into "No Good"
    • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

      Windows 8 already bores me. Over exposure at its worst.
      Nathan A Smith
      • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

        @Nathan A Smith
        You bore me with your over exposure
      • Linux epitome of boring

        @Nathan A Smith 20 Years of this same Year of the Linux desktop, it gets really boring.
      • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

        @Nathan A Smith
    • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

      I do agree Notepad is an essential tool.
      Meanwhile, there is a lot of improvements that can be done here and this also applies to all the other provided applications/utilities.

      If Microsoft aims for any success on the tablet front, everything in this area (base applications/tools) must be reworked and provide the new UX philosophy.

      It is time to get rid of all these stale bits that have been poluting Windows for too long now.
  • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

    Notepad's only purpose is to be replaced by Notpad2 or Notepad++. You'd think MS would make it an easy program to replace.
  • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

    You should use a lowercase "r" like Microsoft does -- Tweet@rama sounds like Tweet-a-rama, as opposed to Tweet@Rama which sounds like you tweeting at someone named Rama.
  • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

    You mentioned earlier this year, OfficeTalk, is Tweet@Rama the client app for aggregation of OfficeTalk, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+?
    • OfficeTalk

      Another good question/thought! Could figure in here somehow, perhaps... MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
  • Tweet@rama looks like MetroTwit...

    Talk to Long Zheng and Rafael Rivera about it. :)
    • Coincidence

      @GoodThings2Life Sorry, but they are not that special and are just as clueless as the rest of us.
  • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

    I won't recommend anybody to upgrade when win8 comes. See what MS CEO have said, that it is going to be more like Vista than like 7 in terms of quality :-(
    • RE: Revisiting Windows 8's Tweet@Rama

      I don't see anything in the article claiming that Steve Ballmer (or anyone) said anything of the sort. All I see is a non-technical person taking a joke about "128-bit" a little too seriously :)