Should Microsoft Works become a Web-based suite?

Should Microsoft Works become a Web-based suite?

Summary: Regardless of what Microsoft will do with Works, what should the company do with its entry-level office suite?

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What will Microsoft do with Microsoft Works, its low-end desktop office suite, aimed at home users? That’s been an open-ended question, ever since the Works team was moved under Microsoft Business Division Jeff Raikes almost two years ago.

BusinessWeek reported last week that Microsoft has decided to turn Works into a Web-based suite. (Reuters Topic: Microsoft


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  • Do not do it

    I can understand MS wanting to push their weakest productivity app on to the web, but I think there has to be a better way to handle online apps. MS Works is not a very good suite. It's just a dumbed down package, offering little intergration with MS Office. Microsoft should stick with making MS Office an online product.
  • Work components which are not in Office...

    ... would have value as part of other products. The Home version of Office is cheap enough and capable enough to cover that market fully. So word processing and spreadsheets can disappear from Works without difficulty.

    But Micrsosoft can make other home products to supplement Office. And does. Adding Works components to them would increase their value. Even Windows could be a worthwhile beneficiary of pieces of Works.

    Any online distribution would be problematic. Online supplements; it does not replace. And something like Works for the unsophisticated user would be a poor candidate for online, advertising supported interactions.

    Expect to see Works broken up, not reimagined.
    Anton Philidor
  • If MS really wants to block Google, they need to make MS Office a Web Based

    suite. The faster they can do it the better. Otherwise, they will let Google get ahead of them and figure out the solutions to all of the problems, and also all of the things you can do better by being online. But, we know that MS wants to preserve the cash cow and will let Google get out ahead, and only react when it is too late.

    Also, the other painfull thing for MS will be stripping out all of the junk they have been adding over the years to justify upgrades, which has made MS Office too hard to use and too complicated. Customers want less complexity, not more.
    • blah blah blah

      nobody wants your useless advice (we know you ulterior motive - Microsoft has competent people who know much more than you and can see right through your post).
    • Microsoft just need to finish Vista

      they are getting side tracked. Windows live, IE 7, Media Player.

      They need to get Vista out then Office 2007 first. MS Works 4.0 was the best version they had the new interface they have now sucks.

      It is funny that they would post it on the web for free when they complain about people buying it over office.

      What MS needs to do is strip now Office and make a basic version for like $100 for non office users.
      Randall Lind
  • Are there any other apps that can open

    Works files othere than Works?
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