Skype for iPad update with retina display support available

Skype for iPad update with retina display support available

Summary: Microsoft's Skype division has rolled out a new Skype update that supports the new retina-display graphics in Apple's latest iPad.


Microsoft's Skype division has posted for download the 3.8 update, which adds support for the retina display on the newest iPad.

The 3.8 release includes "optimized graphics for new iPad Retina display," according to a March 26 post on the "Skype Garage" blog. It is available for free from the Apple App Store.

Apple previously posted a list of 20 or so retina-display-optimized apps.

Microsoft is incorporating support for pixelly-dense retina-display-style screens in Windows 8. The Windows 8 team blogged about Microsoft's plans on this front last week. There's no official word as to which OEMs will offer these kinds of screens on their Windows 8 PCs and tablets when they launch starting later this year.

While on the topic of Skype, it looks like Microsoft will be sending Skype President Tony Bates to the AllThingsD lions this year. Bates is one of the speakers on the AllThingsD Conference 10, which is happening in late May.

(There's no word on the AllThingsD site if other Microsoft execs like CEO Steve Ballmer or Windows President Steven Sinofsky will b speaking there this year. In 2011, Microsoft opted to use AllThingsD to reveal more information about Windows 8.)

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  • Thanks for the update, MJ

    BTW, do you know if the iPad app, Bing, will be updated soon for the iPad's retina display? Reading Bing's pixelated text is a minor annoyance on the new iPad's screen - pity because I really use that app on a daily basis.
  • Sllllloooooooowwwww News Day, clearly.

    No need for a Retina Display to see that particular fact. Very surprised to see MJF produce such a non-news article.
  • Playbook

    Still waiting for the Skype app for BB Playbook.
    I know the ipad outnumbers it but come on!
  • Keep up the good wait

    You'll get it in just a few years.