Still no new Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 test builds

Still no new Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 test builds

Summary: Where is the Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1 beta and the Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate (RC) 0 test builds that many testers expected to have in hand by now? Microsoft won't comment. But here's what testers are saying....


Where is the Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1 beta and the Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate (RC) 0 test builds that many testers expected to have in hand by now?

Microsoft isn't saying anything, other than Microsoft promised to get these builds out "in a few weeks" at the start of this month and that the code is on its way.

(I was pretty sure that the Windows Client team told me "in two weeks," not "in a few weeks" back on August 29, but OK...)

On the server side of the house, some testers said were expecting to get code last week, given that Microsoft delivered to Technology Adoption Program partners an RC0 build a couple weeks ago. Then it looked like Microsoft was aiming to get Windows Server testers code some time the week of September 17, which is this week. Now it is sounding like Windows Server 2008 RC0 -- the first test build that will include a Community Technology Preview of the "Viridian" hypervisor -- might be on for next week. I asked for an update (a couple of times), but received no reply.

Update: I see Microsoft publicly confirmed during the Intel Developer Forum that Windows Server RC0 is now tracking for next week.

On the client side, some of the 10,000 to 15,000 estimated Vista SP1 beta testers said they received beta confirmation notes from Microsoft this week, acknowledging that they are going to get the SP code real soon now. (The invites for the SP1 beta went out on August 31.)

Microsoft might release the new Windows client and server test releases simultaneously, or could stagger the new drops. Again, no official word on that.

Windows Vista SP1 is slated to ship in the first quarter of 2008. Microsoft has said it expects to release Windows Server 2008 to manufacturing also in the first quarter of 2008.

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  • Message has been deleted.

    • Wishful thinking

      I can't believe so many people want Vista to fail so badly that they cannot evaluate it objectively. I've been running Vista full-time now for quite some time, and I can tell you without hesitation that I would never go back. I just wish the IT department at the community college where I'm employed would expedite their Vista deployment. Using XP all day everyday is beginning to get a little old.
      • Be Grateful

        Windows XP may be old, but it works. Vista brings nothing new to the table except costs. It costs more money to purchase, demands more hardware and ram, and is a resource hog. The IT department of your community college knows what they are doing.
        • I think you just confirmed what he said about...

          people evaluating Vista. If you had used it you would realize it's not what you are describing. I use Vista and it has been great. When I go back on dissapointing.
      • I have been as well and I like it...

        These are people that think ANYTHING Microsoft does let alone anyone talking positively about MS is horrible and ruins their day. But they also don't like change and can't come with an open mind. We are in the process of evaluating home grown apps to make sure the don't have issues.. but when I boot my work XP It's just not as nice as Vista.
        • Watch out behind you

          When you run facts backward. You may back into something you don't like... or, maybe you do like it.

          One has to but read the news and look around to see that Vista is just more of the same old Microsoft BS. Not even necessary to waste their money to try it. Those who tolerate such arrogant disregard of their customers are the ones who are afraid of change. Either that, or they are getting paid to spread "the word".
          Ole Man
  • RE: Still no new Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 test builds

    You people need to make up your minds. If Microsoft releases quickly, then you'll holler they should have worked on it longer and if the take longer (so it is a good SP) then you holler whats the hold-up. You can't have it bothr ways!
    • When it comes to Microsoft

      You can't have it ANY way! You have to take whatever they cram down your throat.

      If you don't like it, don't use it. No matter that they already have your money for it. Their attitude is: We got your money, now up your gazootie. We'll figure out a way to sucker you into buying another one soon enough.
      Ole Man
      • Sad existance

        It must be hard living such a sad and deluded existamce. I agree that if you don't like NS then don't buy thier products, but this article was ans is about people who do like and use them, but still want to gripe.
        • Who is NS?

          And what is your gripe? That some people complain about a monopolistic predator when they treat their customers like dirt (or worse)?

          You like them, go ahead and brag on them. Lay out ALL their GOOD points (if they have any). Aint none of my business and no skin off my nose.
          Ole Man
          • Stupid

            I guess you can't figure the NS was a typo for MS, I have been and will continue to be a MS customer. I have not been and do to not expect to be treated like dirt by them. I have to wonder if you use or have ever used thier products. Just an FYI Smarta** I use a Mac also.
  • We need it yesterday

    Vista crashed badly in Parallels yesterday. NO lovely BSOD, but unresponsive. Had
    to reset the VM and try again. I don't have many programs installed in it, but guess
    that doesn't matter. Bring on SP1, it can't hurt. At least I hope not.
  • Vista Stability


    I have to agree with some folks on this blog, Vista when I first tried it, sucked in so many ways, and not just the fault of Microsoft. Third party drivers certainly were an issue, and whenever MS comes out with a new system, this is always the case, no exceptions thus far. Even with Windows 2000 Professional, there were issues.

    Personally Windows 2000 was the best upgrade and system I've ever owned right out of the box for various reasons. Anyway, I decided to get back into Vista several months ago when I made the switch to Office 2007 which in my humble opinion is fantastic. I also waited until my favorite apps in W2K and XP upgraded to Vista. I love Vista and have it on several high-end HP machines and laptops.

    I also got me several wonderful books on understanding Vista and I can safely say, there is no going back, or downgrading to XP. XP is stable and it works just fine -- No worries there, but after learning something new and really becoming smooth with the new architecture of Vista and the benefits, I am glad I made the switch.

    I also know this goes against the grain with the frustration and FUD circulating throughout the Internet about Vista. However, I cannot agree in the least with these folks. Except for the price of the operating system -- It's just too much to cost for many people -- I'm in the IT business and can afford the new system, and I know perhaps there are reasons why people may fume about the operating system stemming from not understanding the architecture, drivers, and attempting to run the new system on older equipment. Sure, its there choice and everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions and all.

    Then there is the reality of the industry and the IT life. There was indeed FUD with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, W2K, and of course XP. Having said this, Windows Me was a dud. Vista is not Me -- Thank God!

    I am not into it to get a laptop from Microsoft, and I am not a shill or shrill for Microsoft. I am an Adobe CS3 Graphics and application fan I must admit and my bread and butter is based on PC applications and services. Sure I tried the Open Source variants of Office productivity products and suites and found them not up to par with the professional MS office applications here in the business world and I realize that I am an extreme power user. I've been in computers since 1985 and longer than most people commenting on the blogs here -- But there it is...

    I also realize that folks out here do not need or can afford to spend the money for these products so thank god for open source for these good people and I hope that they are satisfied and everything is good for them -- I don't care about Linux and Mac, the zealots ruin it for me. The biggest enemy for Linux and Macs is these folks spewing FUD, and a relegious fervor about these operating systems. I have Apple and Linux systems, and I work on these too. But I perfer the MS applications and operating systems. I don't care in the least about the politics of Microsoft and do not agree with (all of) their business practices.

    If Apple, Mac, and Linux works for you (editorially speaking) great and I am happy for you, and if the open source meets your demands, better yet, you're ahead of the game.

    I have a high end gaming machine and it's loaded with Vista Ultimate and I enjoy the performance and all the trappings and when I read about issues other people are having it comes down to three major things:

    1. Little or no understanding about the Vista Operating System in general to include system requirements.

    2. Vista performance like any of the various and previous editions of Windows are the same way. You cannot run Vista on cheap basement or old hardware to meet the expectations of the performance one may have grown accustomed to with the former.

    3. Vista is fat and heavy, theres a lot of code, it takes lots of code for all these new features and the waste of backwards compatibility addressed in the hundred of thousands of lines of code -- Folks you cannot have it both ways, there's a lot in Vista, especially in Ultimate and there is a lot of wonderful information here on this site to streamline the beast.

    4. This is very important to grasp, complaining about the evolutionary steps in the advancements of this technology isn't going to stop. This world is in constant flux and growth. Good, bad, or indefferent, this is the only constant.

    I am excited and encouraged by the improvements made in the computer world that we all benefit from, we, as in you and me, all benefit from advancements made by Apple, Linux, and other folks that keep Microsoft on their toes. I mean if it were not for Firefox, how long would we have to wait for IE 7.0?

    Yes compitition is wonderful, it motivates and keep everyone moving in what I see overall in a possitive direction. Vista is a progression, sure there is some bad, but let's be fair, there's more good in this than there is bad. Windows 7 there will be no exception, and again we will forget about the woes of the operating systems of yore and complain about the new.
  • RE: Still no new Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 test builds

    All have become trolling stooges on talkback. I'm tired of topics that have no possible answer because they truly have no answers. You make me tired, not interested.
  • I'm still waiting for RC0 of Windows Server 2008 and Hypervisor.

    I really wanted to have two versions of Windows Server 2008, so I can install Windows Server 2008 Server Core, load Hypervisor, and begin testing it as I normally install Windows Server 2008.
    Grayson Peddie
  • RE: Still no new Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 test builds

    rohvgd,good post!