Surprise! There will be a PDC 2008 after all

Surprise! There will be a PDC 2008 after all

Summary: Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) -- which was "postponed" this year -- is on for 2008, according to the company.


Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) -- which was "postponed" this year -- is on for 2008, according to the company.

PDC 2008 is slated for October 27 to 30 in Los Angeles. (I wonder if it will be right before/after/during the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, also slated for some time next fall, and possibly in Los Angeles.)

From a Microsoft spokesperson:

"PDC is a Microsoft event for software developers and architects . A ttendees will hear from executives about the latest platform advancements and engage in in-depth discussions around upcoming technologies and the future direction of the Microsoft platform."

Will Microsoft really be ready to talk futures about Windows 7? Windows Server 2010 (or whatever the Windows Server 2008 successor is named)? What "platform" specifics, if any, do you think the tight-lipped Microsoft Platforms & Services team will be ready to share in a year?

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  • Microsoft speaks in code (satire) :^0

    I understand that some of you are confused by the language Microsoft uses. Well, you are not alone. And, I'm here to help.

    It's true. Microsoft DOES speak in code. But, if you understand the code, you can still understand what Microsoft is trying to say. So, as a public service, I offer the "Microsoft Communication Translation Table":


    [b]The early October 2007 PDC is postponed[/b]

    Translation: The early October 2007 PDC is cancelled and rescheduled for late October 2008.

    [b]The WGA activation servers had a problem but it was quickly corrected and there was no outage.[/b]

    Translation: The WGA activation servers malfunctioned because buggy software was installed on them, and there was a sustained outage for 20 hours, and thousands of customers around the globe were denied activation, and were falsely accused of piracy and of not running "genuine" Microsoft software.

    [b]We want OOXML to be an open standard[/b]

    Translation: We want OOXML to be accepted by everyone as a standard. But, we cannot promise we won't change our products so they don't conform to the standard and we cannot promise our applications will work with the standard if it changes in the future. But, like we said, we want OOXML to be accepted by everyone as an open standard.

    [b]"Vista Capable" PC[/b]

    Translation: The computer won't run Vista with Aero, the principal reason you were interested in buying a Vista PC.

    [b]"Vista Ready" PC[/b]

    Translation: More capable than "Vista Capable".

    [b]Vista requires at least an 800 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM[/b]

    Translation: To get the "Wow", Vista requires at least a 2 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a fast video-game quality video card with at least 128 MB of VRAM.

    [b]"Vista is Ready Today"[/b]

    Translation: Please don't wait for SP1! Wall Street is watching us!

    [b]Vista is the best version of Windows we have ever created[/b]

    Translation: Vista won't run a lot of your Windows-compatible software well or at all. Vista will not work well or at all with a lot of your Windows-compatible hardware and peripherals. Vista generally runs slower on a 1GB PC than Windows XP does. Oh yeah: Vista is really pretty (oooh! ahhh!).

    [b]Beta 1 Release[/b]

    Translation: Clean compile.

    [b]Release Candidate 2[/b]

    Translation: Alpha release.

    [b]"Gold Code" GA release[/b]

    Translation: Beta release.

    [b]Service Pack 2 Release[/b]

    Translation: GA release.

    [b]Windows Genuine Advantage[/b]

    Translation: A great new system where paying customers are put to work for free helping Microsoft defeat the pirates and make more billions of dollars.

    [b]Reduced functionality mode[/b]

    Translation: Kill switch.

    [b]We are not raising the price of Windows[/b]

    Translation: The street price of a Windows 95 at launch was $89 and the street price of Windows Vista Ultimate at launch was $279.

    [b]Windows is not a monopoly[/b]

    Translation: Windows [u]only[/u] runs on about 90% of computers globally. Microsoft [u]only[/u] gets about 70% of all software revenue and profits globally.

    [b]The DOJ remedy has corrected the monopoly abuse problem[/b]

    Translation: Microsoft's dominance over the software industry has been severely restrained. Annual revenue only grew from $28.4B to $51.1B between 2002 and 2007.

    [b]Microsoft will keep its software development inside the United States[/b]

    Translation: Microsoft is opening up large development centers in India, China, and Canada and will employ thousands of engineers there.

    [b]There is a shortage of software engineers in America[/b]

    Translation: We want more inexpensive H-1B visa workers.

    [b]Microsoft/Novell Windows-Linux interoperability cooperation agreement[/b]

    Translation: Novell agrees that Linux has infringed on 235 unspecified Microsoft patents.

    [b]Microsoft/Novell Windows-Linux Interoperability Lab[/b]

    Translation: A small 2500 square foot office in Cambridge, Massachusetts that Microsoft uses as "Siberia" to send four condemned Softies each winter. The first crew will be the brainiacs who thought up "reduced functionality mode".

    [b]Silverlight is the cross-platform and cross browser plugin that lights up the web[/b]

    Translation: Silverlight runs best on Windows, a little on Mac OS X, and it won't run at all on Linux or Unix. And, it means Microsoft is setting up Novell to develop Moonlight all on its own without any Silverlight code. When it doesn't work well, Microsoft will cite it as another example of where Linux is not a good operating system and customers should stick with Windows.

    [b]Plays For Sure[/b]

    Translation: A new digital music service that will not "play at all" on Microsoft's premiere Zune music player.

    [b]Your potential. Our passion.[/b]

    Translation: Your money. Our passion.

    I hope this translation table helps you communicate better with Microsoft. Have a great day all...especially you Softies! ;-)
  • RE: Surprise! There will be a PDC 2008 after all

    gwbqfo,good post!