The Vista RC2 feedback rolls in

The Vista RC2 feedback rolls in

Summary: Vista's looking better with every test build, as it should, according to many of those banging on the product. Is it ready to be released to manufacturing in a matter of "days"? Microsoft officials say yes; testers say ... mostly.

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Vista's looking better with every test build, as it should, according to many of those banging on the product. Is it ready to be released to manufacturing in a matter of "days"? Microsoft officials say yes; testers say ... mostly.

A number of Windows Vista testers -- including a number of Microsoft employees -- spent at least part of the past weekend downloading the Release Candiate (RC) 2 build of Vista and posting screen shots and initial feedback to their blogs.

RC2, which "was expected to be skipped" (by the confident Vista team, I'm assuming), according to Microsoft consultant David McGhee, has fixed many existing Media Center glitches. And boot time is getting faster, another good sign.

While the latest release, Build No. 5744, doesn't look very different from recent test builds, it is behaving better, in terms of stability and performance, testers said. But there are still system lock-ups, performance lags and other problems, as my blogging colleague George Ou noted, that demonstrate Vista's still not quite ready for the masses.

Microsoft also released on October 6 a new test build (Release Candidate 3) of the Windows Mobile Device Center. RC3 of the Device Center works on RC1 -- not RC2 -- of Vista. Mobile Device Center, like Vista's new Security Center, is designed to be a one-stop shop for customers to monitor and sync up their Microsoft- and third-party-developed wares. Unlike Security Center, which, at least for now, is bundled into the base Windows product, the Mobile Device Center is a downloadable Vista add-on.

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  • Progress is always good.

    And by all accounts MS has indeed made much progress.
    • Not by ALL accounts

      Vista gaming will be 10 to 15 per cent slower than XP.
      Patrick Jones
      • Dagnabbit!

        I REALLY miss the preview :)
        Patrick Jones
      • Two steps forward, one back ...

        ... that is to be expected -- until gamers have a chance to tweak the code for the new paradigm. By Summer those problems will be gone and Vista will be outperforming XP on typical hardware.
        M Wagner
  • Foley

    Any joke about your last name lately?
    panic man
  • Please note I didn't say Vista was locking up

    I said the Creative Labs sound drivers were locking the system up. Those were not included in Vista because they weren't certified, and for good reason.
    • Creative drivers are a subject in themselves.....

      Over the years I've had lots of problems with Creative from simple BSOD/lockups to mysterious bugs in other software which miraculously disappear as soon as you uninstall their drivers.

      I don't think that I've ever loaded a set of their drivers onto XP without getting the "Non-Certified" pop-up.
    • hmm..Creative

      I'm using a Creative sound card in Windows XP. It didn't work well at all in Vista, lock up, for that matter it doesn't sound good in XP either and the drivers aren't certified either.
      Wonder why none of the Creative sound cards I've tried don't sound good or lock up..... I used a Hercules Game Theater for 4 yrs till it died, no problems, switched to Creative Sound....I reinstalled XP, so it can't be old drivers.
      Think I give up, and try a different brand....
  • Less testers for this build

    Given there seems far less feedback around on this build - far less than I've seen for many of the other interim builds - I have to wonder whether the shortened expiry date (as well as a stated no guarantee over upgrading from RC2 to final build) has bitten MS in the butt with this one. I know myself I had the download going from MS site when I noticed...cancelled that download pretty damned fast. Not all of us can afford to update to final build by end of Jan.
    • Less testers for this build

      Crayolakidd, could you post a link for the RC2 download? I can find no link at microsoft for this. Everything I tried linked to RC1.
      • RC2 Build 5724

        Ia no longer available, lucky I got it early. Ck Link:

        Take another look at Creative, they do have some Vista compatible drivers listed, for example my Audigy Platinum did and works OK, except for game port driver.

        Major issue with RC2 Build 5724 for me, is updates refuse to work. Error Code 80245003, and no info of substance anywhere on the net.

        Going back to previous build, as I see little change, and did not have those issues.
        • Just to be clear ...

          RC2 is build 5744. RC1 was 5600 and RC1a was 5728.
          M Wagner
          • Correction..

            Yep, 5744..fingers got in way of brain!
  • Vista RC1

    Beta 2 had a lot of things to be happy about (stability and ability to fix some problems). Installed (tried to install) RC1 and program did not completely install,tried backing out and wound up with Beta 2 with the caveat that the product activation period had expired and I had to re-activate. There were about 4 different ways to do this according to MS AND NONE OF THEM WORKED! Looks like I'll have to slick my HD and try loading RC1 again.