Updates available for Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Trophy Windows Phones

Updates available for Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Trophy Windows Phones

Summary: New updates are out for two Windows Phones: The Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T and the HTC Trophy on Verizon.


Just a quick note for those who may have missed the news: Two of Microsoft's Windows Phone partners have begun delivering updates for their respective phones.

Nokia began pushing out a few days earlier than promised an update for the Lumia 900 on AT&T which fixes a data-connection software glitch. Windows users can get the fix via their Zune software client; Mac users can obtain it using the Mac Windows Phone 7 Connector. As Nokia officials announced a week ago, customers who'd prefer to exchange their Lumia 900s can do so instead of applying the fix are eligible to do so. And anyone who purchased/purchases a Lumia 900 on AT&T through midnight on April 21 will get a $100 credit as a gesture of goodwill, Nokia officials have said.

HTC Trophy users also can get firmware updates and the infamous disappearing keyboard (8107) fix for the one and only Windows Phone available on Verizon. WPCentral reported on April 12 that Trophy users connecting their phones to their software clients could get several updates downloaded to them (OS 7740, OS 8107 and HTC Firmware). The cumulative update also fixes an Exchange Server 2003 incompatibility issue, delivers improved voice-mail notifications and more. AT&T has said it is committed to providing the 8107 update, but has provided no concrete word as to when.

In other Windows Phone news, The ChevronWP7 Labs team announced late last week that they will be closing up shop and not distributing any more tokens for unlocking Windows Phones. After selling approximately 10,000 tokens for unlocking Windows Phones (with Microsoft's help and blessing), Microsoft and ChevronLabs mutually agreed to discontinue the project because it didn't fulfill the stated goal of kick- starting hobbyist development for the platform, as originally intended. Those who've paid for tokens (and who are in regions which support payouts) have 60 days to sign up for a free year's membership to Microsoft's AppHub if they so desire.

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  • I want my Titan updated!

    I'm so sick of this keyboard bug. I hate AT&T for blocking the update. There should be a law against blocking updates.
    • Search

      For wp7 cab sender. It is a small program, that uses zune connectivity, but lets you send cabs (updates) to your phone. All you need to do is get the cab. Hint xda developers.
  • A Mac user with a WP7?

    [i]Mac users can obtain it using the Mac Windows Phone 7 Connector[/i]

    Really? :)
    William Farrel
    • I've heard these people exist

      But I must confess, I don't know any of them personally :) MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
  • AT&T update

    And the Samsung Focus, Focus S... :(
    "I hate AT&T for blocking the update. There should be a law against blocking updates. " (2) :D
  • AT&T - Some Updates, Not Others

    Anyone's got a good theory why the Lumia 900 gets an update within a week (on AT&T!), and other updates aren't possible? What's the difference?
    • Simple ... The Nokia issue, limited though it might be

      caused the affected phones to drop connections. No connection, no billing.
    • Lumia vs. other phones on AT&T

      Hi, I'd love to know the back story on this, too. Who "forced" this so quickly? MS, Nokia? And yes, it is interesting that when MS and its tightest phone partner need an update to go out quickly, it can and does ... Would be nice to see more pressure put on carriers to allow other WP updates to go out quickly... MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
    • I can think of about 2 Billion reasons.

      Isn't that what Microsoft paid for a stake in Nokia?
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Really ?

        Didn't know Microsoft owned a stake in Nokia, you learn something new every day !
      • Re: Really?

        Well $2 billion sure speaks louder than some mythical claim that Nokia (or really any large corporation) honestly cares. They got your money, which is their entire reason to exist.What do you think the $2 billion was? A Bonus for Elop? A bribe from his "old" Boss?Any Company that puts up $2 billion is going to have a serious stake in any company they invest $2 billion in, that's just a fact.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
  • Got the Trophy updated last week......

    And all seems well and haven't seen the keyboard disappear since so looks like that fixed it! Verizon may not have the latest greatest, but I have noticed over the years they do a fairly good job with updates and with the Trophy they have had them out pretty quickly after release so no complaints there and really the Trophy is an excellent phone and outside a few things I have no desire to upgrade it for anything else. It may not be flashy, but funny how for a very long time the phone could be bought for $29 with a 2 year upgrade, until just recently the cost is now $200 with a 2 year contract so I guess they are selling better now with the price jump.
    • my trophy also

      I got the software update notice Saturday and updated--absolutely no problems. I however got my Trophy for free with a 2 year extension in February, so I guess I'm up an extra $29. At least that savings gives me an extra month of of data :)
  • Conspiracy :P

    Well, I'm not one who gives a lot about conspiracy theories, but I just had a crazy idea: maybe this whole software bug was included on purpose by the shareholders because of tactical reasons to put focus on "how our costumer care is superior to Apple's support". Remember the flaws with the iPhone 4 and how long it took to fix? Now, look on the Lumia 900: There's a software issue, and it gets fixed in just four days, and you even get a $100 credit on top of it and not just a simple-and-stupid protection cover for your device! It's magic! ...almost :P

    Okay, let's get serious again...
    • The Real Conspiracy Is..

      IMHO... The data connection issue was by design to force the buyers of this WP7 Nokia Lumia 900 to download Zune on their computer where they were lured into a 14 day free trial of Zune Music Pass which is $9.99month or $99/year after the free trial period. They don't want to just sell a device, they want a steady stream of income from the user! By making the user go through Zune for updates, they are getting the Zune ecosystem onto users computers, gathering info on the users, and luring them into the Zune services. That is the true conspiracy!
  • Wondering

    Is it really necessary to update your WP7 by tethering it to a computer?

    If so, how is the 'carrier' involved at all with the update? Isn't it coming directly from Microsoft?