Users clamoring again for an Internet Explorer 8 update

Users clamoring again for an Internet Explorer 8 update

Summary: On the one-year anniversary of the launch Internet Explorer (IE) 7, the IE team posted yet another "stay tuned" message to the IE team blog, regarding an informational update on IE 8. And users are none too happy about the continued silence of the IE team.

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On the one-year anniversary of the launch Internet Explorer (IE) 7, the IE team posted yet another "stay tuned" message to the IE team blog, regarding an informational update on IE 8.

Tony Chor, Group Program Manager, posted that IE 7 is now used by 300 million individuals, according to data from Visual Sciences. According to this data, IE 7 is the second most popular browser, after IE 6. IE 7 already is the most popular in the U.S. and the UK and Microsoft expects it to surpass IE 6 worldwide "shortly," Chor said.

Chor added:

"While we’re happy with how well IE7 is doing, as always, we continue to listen to our customers and find ways to further improve Internet Explorer. Look for more news on this front in the coming weeks."

Commenters on the November 30 IE Team Blog post quickly voiced their opinion that Microsoft is overdue in providing information on IE 8. Users have been clamoring for an IE update for months to no avail.

Poster "LorenzoDV" said, "While IE7 is (was) a big step ahead, we really need to move on, especially towards full CSS 2.1 (and even 3.0) compliance. Please update us on IE8."

Poster "William" added, "If there is any update on the progress of IE8, that would be brilliant! If I remember correctly, I watched an interview with Bill Gates and he said there would be annual updates to IE). As much as I am a loyal user, I note that more and more websites are no longer using IE hacks, and the experience is degrading to the IE-user.. Security is important, but not everything!"

Microsoft Chairman Gates did, indeed, promise quicker browser updates going forward. He suggested at one point that Microsoft would provide new IE releases every 9 to 12 months. With IE 8 seemingly not in any kind of external beta test yet, it seems like it is going to be a lot longer than that before Microsoft it provides a new version of IE.

Microsoft has said it plans to make a test version of an IE 7 refresh available to testers in December. But no one is providing any kind of due dates or feature sets for IE 8.

Topics: Browser, Microsoft


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  • Microsoft never leads waiting for Firefox 3

    I would guess that Microsoft is waiting to see what they can steal from Firefox 3 and put it in IE 8.

    It would be great to see Microsoft leap a head in softwware once but they rather wait and copy instead lead.
    • Interesting

      Firefox is the one playing catch up now, so maybe they are waiting to see what features FF has stolen from IE?
      • how so?

        Everything in IE 7 was taken from FF. I still think Bill Gates announcement on how Microsoft invented tab browsing but decided users wouldn't like it so therefore didn't use it before IE 7 was funny.
        • the only this IE has that FF has is tabbed browsing how

          the only this IE has that FF has is tabbed browsing how does that turn into everything in IE was taken from firefox.

          they do not look the same.

          IE with out ad-ons has a lot more options than FF "which to me is a good thing"

          tabs were added to IE because people were yelling for them and FF did not invent them ether.

          so again what makes you think IE took everything from FF.

          IE has been around a lot longer than FF. i use firefox and i like it but i'm not going to lie about something just for the sake of spreading misinformation.
          SO.CAL Guy
          • Tabbed browsing cam e first in firefox

            You are completely wrong FF most definitely did introduce tabbed browsing first. The only reason IE7 exists today is entirely as a result of the innovation by the FF open source and mozilla communities. There was no new road maps or versions for IE before Firefox along.

            End of story!!!
          • Between...

            Firefox and IE, you may be right that Firefox had tab browsing first, but I think tab
            came either in Opera, or Konqueror way before Firefox, or IE.
          • Tabbed Browsing: FF NOT first. Not even close

            I believe Opera had tabbed in version 6


            I have been using Opera since version 3.x. For me, and this is just for me, it is the best. Hands down.

            My Browsers: In order of use and preference
          • Slim Browser

            I've been using Slim Browser for years and have always had tabbed browsing.
          • You're right

            Opera had tabbed browsing since before it was made free software. I remember getting the paid version(I think it was v6 or 7) after I'd had enough of adware/spyware thanks to IE, and this was before FF was around.
            Later on when I switched to FF, one of the things I liked was how similar it was to Opera in terms of ease of use. And of course later on, it became THE most secure browser out there with AdBlock and NoScript, and I just stopped using IE altogether except for MS update. Now that I've switched to K/Ubuntu 7.10 totally, IE is no longer in my list of browsers.
            My Browsers: In order of use and preference
          • Inconvient history

            Before FireFox was, Opera offered tabbed browsing. Albeit, strangely conceived tabs, but tabs none the less.
          • Tabbed browsing stolen from IE5

            Dunno where you get this stuff from. Microsoft introduced tabbed browsing in IE5.
          • Put down the hash pipe...

            it's making you have hallucinations.
          • Beta of Tabs existed in IE6

            Having been a public beta tester of IE add-ons for some years, I specifically remember testing an add-on to IE6 (before Firefox even existed) that enabled tabbed browsing. It was weak, and frought with crash problems. But it was out there before Firefox existed.
          • Then why?

            If it was "weak and fraught with crash problems" then why didn't MS release it anyway? It doesn't seem as if instability and bugs have stopped them very often in the past.
          • Wait...

            If I remember correctly Netscape, begot, Mozilla, which begot Firefox. If memory
            serves me correctly, the later very bloated versions of Netscape had tabs, correct?
        • Everything? Tabbed browsing is better in IE7

          Sorry, but not 'every' new feature was taken from FF in IE7.

          I find tabbed browsing much better in IE7, than Firefox.

          Where I can have 9 tabs on IE7, and open quickly, 9 tabs on FF takes a while to open. Lag isn't cool.

          I also find IE7 has QuickLook, giving you a refreshed thumbnail preview of all tabs.

          And Tab List shows a list of all tabs with favicons.

          Thanks taking it to the next dimension, compared to FF.

          Oh, and RSS feeds work way better in IE7, than FF. You only get feed links in FF. You get to see the whole post in IE7, and metasearch through them. I can go on and on how IE7 is steps better.
          • Just because you say so ?

            You are wrong because I said so!!

            IE7 most definitely did take tabbed browsing from FF.
            Use a few of the tabbed browser add ons if you want tabbed browsing on steroids. I can pick many many specific examples of why IE is crap. And yes I know it has been said before but FF is cross platform. Trying running IE7 on the new ASUS EEE PC out of the box it doesn't work at all! RSS feeds are expensive in terms of band width try using IE7 on a dialup with rss feeds then compare FF to IE7. I'm sure you would very quickly change your mind!!

            (Just so you know tabmixplus is a good example superior tab control).
          • IE Trails

            I find tabbed browsing in IE7 to be slower, while the RSS feeds are a pain in the @#$.

            FF was the first to incorporate both of these features, not IE. When it comes to browsers FF is the leader in innovation.
          • You might want to check this out

            QuickLook: take a look at these
            Tab Scope 0.2.2
            Ctrl Tab Preview 0.2.1
            Informational Tab 0.2.2007110601

            Sage 1.3.10
            One of the best RSS readers I've seen

            Of course that all these options make FF better than IE7 is just my own opinion, and I'll admit I'm biased against IE7 mainly because of the awful experience I had with Vista.
            And anyway the best reason(in my opinion)to use FF is security- NoScript and AdBlock Plus (
            Nothing IE7 has even comes close
          • Tabs in IE7

            Tabs in FF work alot better than IE7. Most links in IE open in a new window not a tab which in my view defeats the purpose of tabs to begin with. IE's tab options are weak compared to FF even without extentions or add-ons. Now with the IE7 Pro add-on it gets better but still isn't as good as FF with the tab plus extention.