Vista SP1: Release Candidate test build goes to 15,000 testers

Vista SP1: Release Candidate test build goes to 15,000 testers

Summary: On November 14, Microsoft released a new test build of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 -- designated the SP1 Release Candiate (RC) Preview -- to a slightly expanded group of 15,000 pre-selected testers. Still no update on when Microsoft plans to make an SP1 test build available more broadly via MSDN or other channels.


Microsoft has delivered yet another test build of Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1 to testers.

On November 14, the new build -- designated the SP1 Release Candiate (RC) Preview -- went to a slightly expanded group of 15,000 pre-selected testers. Microsoft made a first public beta of Vista SP1 available to 12,000 testers in September. The new build, No. 6001.17042,  can be downloaded by invited testers from Microsoft's private Connect test site.

Microsoft has been making builds of Vista SP1 available to progressively larger groups of testers since earlier this spring. The company has been dangling the promise of making a test build Vista SP1 available more broadly, first as a semi-public build downloadable by Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) members, and ultimately, by any interested parties. Microsoft posted a note to MSDN two weeks ago announcing avaiablility of a Vista SP1 beta, but later pulled the note and apologized for the false alarm.

As of November 14, Microsoft officials declined to say when broader, more public SP1 builds would hit.

Microsoft is continuing to promise delivery of Vista SP1 for the first calendar quarter of 2008. SP1 will be a rollup of fixes and updates that the company has pushed out via Windows Update since releasing Vista to manufacturing last fall. SP1 also will include support for new standards and a couple of other minor new "features."

As one Softie recently said: "Freaking release SP1 already."

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  • Any news on the price of Vista SP1?

    I'm curious if it will cost less than the $129 that Apple charges for their service packs.
    • Any news on the price of Vista SP1?

      Obviously its just a service pack... it will be free like all other Microsoft service packs of the past.
      • You guys missed his poor attempt at being Mike Cox...

    • Service Packs from Microsoft are FREE!

      However, those using "non-genuine" Windows Vista will have to pay for a "genuine" license in order to install SP1 when it bcomes available as a final product in 2008 (Q1).
    • Luckily

      Those "Service Packs" aren't necessary to get basic functionality and stability; not to mention that Microsoft charges you more than $129 for a single license, and much more than $200 for a "family bundle" of five.
    • Less than your therapy...

      an added "feature" for Windows users such as yourself.

      • Still angry?

        Don't worry, the secret new features for leopard are slowly showing up.

        Some call it a data loss bug, others believe it's a secret "expand your drive space" feature.
        • I'm not the one

          who is obsessed with posting first, early and often, and trolling due to frustration, angst and and a deep seated anger due to masochistically using Windows.

          I find it funny and rather sad that so many who love to claim Apple is so insignificant and flawed have this sick need to always post mindless and hate filled rants.

          "Methinks thou doth protest too much..."

          I just sit back and watch you guys continue to make fools of yourselves while Apple generally coasts happily and successfully along.

          Really rots your socks doesn't it :-)

          • Yes, you are.

            Here you are in a vista sp1 thread, posting about how great crapple is.
  • RE: Vista SP1: Release Candidate test build goes to 15,000 testers

    I'll keep waiting.
  • I think SP1 will be an anti-climax

    mainly because, certainly for me, Vista runs well without it.
    • anti climax

      I Think So Too
    • Anti-Climatic

      It will be anti-climatic for me, as I gave up on Vista and reinstalled Windows Xp on my workstation. My home server is runs linux, as I need a SAFE place to store my data.
    • Vista SP1 will be anticlimax

      I'll have to agree with you. In spite of all the horror stories I've been using Vista Ultimate since April and have had no trouble from it at all.
      • Will ease corporate minds

        The real reason behind an official service pack release is to ease all the fearful IT department managers' minds regarding the stability of Vista. There is absolutely no reason why Vista cannot or should not be deployed today. These IT managers and their uninformed staff just need an "official" all clear notification in the form of a service pack. Vista in the later beta releases ran better than XP does today.
      • Funny thing is

        You can't tell people that Vista runs fine, because of all the FUD out there about it.

        I told a client i was building a new box for that he should try it, and he flat out refused even though all of the issues he quoted to me were not real issues for him.
        people are just stupid.
        x-windows user
  • RE: Vista SP1: Release Candidate test build goes to 15,000 testers

    All I care about is whether it fixes the laundry list of stuff that everyone hates Vista for.
  • Vista SP1 Beta Working Very Well

    Well hot dang! Whoop-dee-dooooo!

    Isn't that what it's supposed to do?

    Kudos to Microsoft for doing a tiny
    bit of what they should have done a
    year ago. Although it would have been
    difficult to produce an SP1 before
    the OS I meant was

    Now if they'll just be gentle when
    they stick the WGA to you and don't
    sneak too many secret updates (and
    who knows what else?) on your
    computer, don't flip the control
    switches on in their DRM, maintain
    and/or repair their activation
    servers so they work properly, reduce
    the price of their software to no
    more than 3 or 4 times what they
    charge in Nigeria, and teach some of
    their Indians to speak English well
    enough to understand and be
    understood, they just might......
    never mind.... enough daydreaming
    Ole Man
  • SP's have always been free, we're all Beta testers for M$

    Unless M$ changes their long standing pratice, a 'service pack' has always been 'free' (I believe that since it's a SP, even if you failed WGA, you can still download the full off-line installer from the download center). Unfortunately, M$ service packs are always too little, too late, and on more than a few occasions, create a few new bugs of their own...

    Just like XP when it first came out, Vista will eventually get worked out, but I bet even after the long delayed SP1, Vista will merely be one beta build closer to what it should have been before Vista was du(m)ped onto the public.

    Turn off the Aero eye candy, put everything in classic win2000 view, waste much time making sure all your installed 3rd party software still works, put up with the endless UAC popups, until you finally shut it off, and then your right back to where you started...
  • RE: Vista SP1: Release Candidate test build goes to 15,000 testers

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