What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Summary: A few blogs noted on February 2 that Sony Ericsson has a new Windows Mobile phone out that's running the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system. What's new in 6.5.3? Here's the feature list from Microsoft.


A few blogs noted on February 2 that Sony Ericsson has a new Windows Mobile phone out that's running the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system.

What's new in 6.5.3? This looks like the long-rumored update to Windows Mobile that provides support for capacitive-screen phones. It also provides some browser-speed tweaks.

I asked Microsoft for a feature list for 6.5.3 and was provided with the following:

Ease of Use features

* Capacitive touchscreen support * Platform to enable multitouch * Touch controls throughout system (no need for stylus) * Consistent Navigation * Horizontal scroll bar replaces tabs (think settings>system>about screen) * Magnifier brings touch support to legacy applications * Simplified out-of-box experience with fewer steps * Drag and drop icons on Start Screen

IE Browser Performance

* Page load time decreased * Memory management improved * Pan & flick gestures smoothed * Zoom & rotation speed increased

Quality and Customer Satisfaction features

* Updated runtime tools (.NET CF 3.5, SQL CE 3.1) * Arabic read/write document support * Watson (error reporting) improvements and bug fixes

Does this mean there isn't a Windows Mobile 6.6 or 6.7 waiting in the wings for a Barcelona Mobile World Congress unveiling? (In other words, is 6.5.3 what tipsters meant when they were talking 6.6/6.7?) Guess we'll see in two more weeks....

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  • i'll skip it

    I don't want to hear about windows mobile 6*** ever again.

    I'm waiting to see what WM7 will have. I just a zune HD for xmas and i'm loving it. Let's see what MS pulls out in 2 weeks
  • RE: What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

    Even though I'm a WM fanboy of sorts, I will become an Android user if Microsoft releases some new 6.6/6.7 instead of the big WM7 update we've all been dreaming of at MWC. This is their last chance to make it all right.
  • Well

    In the mobile phone realm, Microsoft and Nokia look a lot alike. They both have a very powerful O.S, with a lot of capabilities and quite open, but with quite outdated U.I and user experience.
    They both took all their time to significantly update those two aspects of their O.S.
    And they have found the need to release several interim O.S with quite limited improvements in those 2 aspects, to both make easy money and give the subjective impression that they are improving their O.S.
    Now, Nokia has finally understood that they need to jump directly from Symbian S60,skipping both Symbian 1.0 and 2.0, to Symbian 3.0. Morever Nokia is still the leader of the smartphones
    Microsoft needs to get its fact right.
    I think that Microsoft shouldn't have released Windows Mobile 6.5 but focus its ressources and money on the development of both Windows Mobile 6.5.3, as an option (hopefully free) for low end and mid end smartphones, and Windows Mobile 7.0 for high end smartphones.
    As they don't do that, i sincerily hope for them that they will announce Windows Mobile 7 at MWC and that it will be absolutely impressive.
    Otherwise it should better give up Windows Mobile, and buy Palm which has a very promising O.S, but need some cash to use it to its potential.
    • RE: What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

      @timiteh Next thing you know, Nokia uses WP7
  • RE: What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

    Last summer, the wife & I set out to update our phones with something that did data & chat. I went looking for a Windows Mobile phone (on the AT&T network as it works fine by us) as I knew it would work well with Exchange and the two great apps I owned (Pocket Tunes and Pocket Music) should work A-OK on them.

    *BUT*...for the near $200 price tag for a full-screened device, and the fact that we would have to add data & messenging to the phone plan made the price very comparable to buying iPhones. So that we did.

    So for me, Windows Mobile was an option, but once it his the same pricing as an iPhone, it was a no-brainer, iPhone wins hands down.
  • RE: What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

    WMC is going to reveal WM7.
  • RE: What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

    I am trying to find the perfect phone and the lack of full touch support might swing me toward looking more seriously at WinMo. I had a PPC-6700, but it was too bulky, so I switched to a basic phone. Now, I need more advanced features and love to have a slider keyboard. However, I'm going to see what the next gen iPhone offers, then compare with WinMo, which does have a keyboard, and then decide which is for me. But the lack of full touch ability on WinMo has been a real obstacle. Glad to see they have overcome it!
  • What's new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3...

    was new in the iPhone several years ago.

    I used WinMo devices until the iPhone came out. Then I grew up
    and found there were far better things to use.

    WinMo is soooooooooo last century.
    Jeremy W
  • The Stylus is Here to Stay

    With the classic Windows Mobile (6.5.3, or 6.6), you still need to use a stylus pen to use most applications. It's the WinMo dilemma, that most Windows Mobile apps were designed to be used with a stylus pen.

    When Microsoft's new mobile platform debuts soon, it'll be a new OS with new applications that are written to be used on a capacitive touch screen. But that's not here yet, and it'll probably require new handsets.

    But if you're going to use Windows Mobile today, get one with a resistive stylus pen screen, or you won't be able to use the apps.