Windows Live update: Microsoft rebrands again

Windows Live update: Microsoft rebrands again

Summary: In the past seven days, Microsoft has renamed at least two services that were formerly under the "Windows Live" banner. They are back to being MSN properties. What's the deal?

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No, there isn't a service (at least not yet) named Windows Live Update. This is just an update to my post from last week in which I tried to make sense of Microsoft's Windows Live strategy and properties.

In the past seven days, Microsoft has renamed at least two services that were formerly under the "Windows Live" banner. Windows Live Wifi is now MSN Wifi, according to the LiveSide.Net site. Meanwhile, the LiveSiders say that Windows Live Shopping -- the service formerly known as MSN Shopping -- is now known again as "MSN Shopping."

Why is Microsoft making these changes? No official word from corporate. Windows Live Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Brandon LeBlanc has some guesses. Me? I think Microsoft is simply trying to breathe more life back into MSN.

And like me, LeBlanc is wondering what services (new or old) Microsoft will put under the MSN brand next.

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  • It's Either a Ray Ozzie Slap Down or...

    A very smart move to take advantage of expensive branding already paid for. Bell & Howell. Remember it? Of course you do. It's still got legs even though it's a Chinese 3 rotary shaver selling for $9.95.
  • this has happened before

    Microsoft gets all giddy with a new brand that they apply it to everything in beta, only to confuse everyone who was paying attention when it goes gold and rename it. Windows Server 2003, at the time shortly following the .NET 1.0 release, was known as Windows .NET Server. I remember seeing a LOT of ".NET" on the MSDN CDs (or DVDs, can't remember) in the names of beta software, only to dump the whole idea later. Good move on their part, though, as most of the things had nothing to do with .NET (besides Windows Server 2003 having .NET installed by default).
    • link here
  • BTW, this is all anecdotal evidence that...

    Microsoft is a bunch of silos never talking to each other. And, when they do, it's not to ask "is what we are doing right for the company?"

    What MSFT needs, badly, among other things, is someone to "look after" the company as an entire entity; to coordinate where the big ship is going...and how it is treating others...and how its products are inter-related...and things should be named under the "umbrella" of the Mission Statement.

    They have a chance with Office Live but they are so far...clueless.

    Man, that would be a job I could really sink my teeth into.
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