Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

Summary: Here's a round-up of Microsoft news from the week, ranging from a coming Windows Phone SDK update, to a rumored Nokia-Microsoft alliance ... and more.


It's that time: Time for the end-of-the-week Microsoft news roundup.

Developers are set to get an updated Windows Phone 7 software development kit (SDK) that will allow them to prep their applications for the first WP7 update (codenamed NoDo). The NoDo update will add copy-and-paste; performance tweaks; improved marketplace search and other minor updates to the Windows Phone OS 7. NoDo -- originally known as the "January update" by Microsoft -- is now expected in early February. Microsoft officials said in a podcast that developers would get the SDK refresh on February 4. As of nearly 4 pm ET, still no SDK. (A spokesperson said this afternoon that it was "coming soon.")

Update: 6:40 pm ET: The announcement about the availability of the updated WP7 tools (known as the "January Update") is out. Microsoft is warning it may take a while for the bits to make it onto the servers.

Will Nokia become a Windows Phone 7 OEM? There's been a lot of back-and-forth among Wall Street analysts and other mobile watchers this week as to whether Nokia and Microsoft will announce a licensing deal in the coming week or two. Some believe Nokia is going to become a Windows Phone 7 OEM. Others believe Nokia will, instead, become an Android OEM. (Most seem to believe Nokia will not completely drop its Symbian OS platform, regardless of its path.) I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't see Nokia going the WP7 route, as they'd be required to adhere to a locked-down Microsoft chassis design -- relegating the mobile phone leader to "mere" handset provider. Maybe Microsoft -- hoping to boost its market share in a fell swoop (a la Yahoo in the search space) will bend the rules and give Nokia more leeway? If not, color me skeptical of Nokia going the WP7 route.

Windows Azure broadens beta of "Extra Small Instances" from private to public: Microsoft this week broadened the beta program for its entry-level developer-focused offer for Windows Azure, known as "Extra Small Instances." Any and all interested customers can now use the beta version to prototype new applications on Microsoft's cloud platform. (Note: This beta, like all Microsoft cloud betas, is paid, not free, and is .05 cents per hour.)

Microsoft adds new aliasing capability to Hotmail. Starting as of February 3, Hotmail users can add up to five aliases per year to their Hotmail account, up to fifteen aliases in total. The goal: To allow users to organize different types of mail inside a single Hotmail account without having to share their primary Hotmail address if they don't want to.

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  • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

    If Microsoft's update for WP7 isn't pretty impressive, they are going to be in trouble with the system. Don't get me wrong, it looks like a beautiful OS platform, and I love my ZuneHD, so I would probably like WP7. But if getting basic upgrades and bug fixes takes this long, no one is going to want to be saddled with the OS.

    Actually, based on Microsoft's upgrade speed, they and Nokia may be perfect phone partners!
    • Could not agree more. I suppose MS developers will be peeing all over

      themselves about finally getting cut and paste, but, this whole thing is pretty ridiculous.
    • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

      I am curious to know what it with a basic function like copy and paste that seems so hard to implement? It took a few versions of what is now iOS before it was implemented and it did not come with the original release of WP7. I can't remember the situation with Android. Is anyone able to answer my question?
  • Well, you probally just crapped your pants

    you don't get to use your "no cut-and-paste" criticism, so yeah, I'd say you're ahead of the developers

    You know what they say: "A turd in your shorts is worth 2 pees in your pants"

    John Zern
    • Well, no need to for anybody to "crap their pants", it will take a lot

      more than cut and paste to be competitive with iPhone and Android. I understand that Windows developers will not be able to contain themselves now that they have cut and paste.
    • LOL, John Zern.

      a classic!
    • AllKnowingAllSeeing: John Zern can not contain himself. Now that WP7 has

      cut and paste, he thinks it will take over the world!!!!!!!!!!! Him and his buddies will be out celebrating all night long!!!!!!!!
    • That is a good one.

      @John Zern
    • Mr. Zern, I fail to see how DonnieBoy would be happy doing either.

      So why then does he continue to do so?

      There is no logic to it.

      Tim Cook
  • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

    @DonnieBoy You conveniently disappear when news of Google allegedly stealing others code is published, or when Microsoft reports the most profitable quarter. Maybe you are just changing your pants !!!!
    • I don't think anybody at MS is doing victory laps right now. Have you seen

      the stock price? Do you understand why?
    • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

      @Donnieboy Nice deflection TROLL. Still you never answered where you conveniently disappeared.
    • MSPawar: I do not always comment on everything, but, I was critical of

      overpriced, small, Android tablets based on Android 2.3. I think the "Google stole code" think is very exaggerated, but, if they DID steal some code, I am sure they will replace it and pay a fine if necessary. Don't get your p-a-n-t-i-e-s all in a bunch over nothing.

      It is "NOTHING" if google is proven that they stole code and trespassed the IP, but it is not if it is Microsoft or something you don't like.
      Ram U
    • Rama.NET, CUE the double idiot Windows propeller heads dancing around in

      glee now that they can cut and paste.
    • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

      @DonnieBoy <br>Since you made that one post saying "Nothing" and I pointed it out, you resorted to name calling, because that simple statement made you look like an idiot. Grow up kid. Aren't we living in a society?
      Ram U
    • Rama.NET: This is very embarrassing for MS, they have sold very few WP7

      phones, and now, they FINALLY have cut and paste. So, pardon me if we make fun of it, but, MS and developers deserve it. Yes, you might like to turn this into name calling to avoid talking about how bad things are for WP7, and not talk about how embarrassing it is . . . . .<br><br>Come on, take a shot at it. How does MS introducing super duper advanced technology like cut and paste mean that they are finally competitive in smart phones. We are waiting . . . .
    • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

      Well, Windows Mobile always had C&P and Multitasking. The underlying Windows CE supports it. Even though Windows Phone 7 didn't have C&P and Multitasking for 3rd party apps, the underlying core i.e. Windows CE always supports it. Only thing is MS didn't have time to push those before Oct 2010 launch and they accpeted it. So why do you have to be so naive to beat someone who said they knew about it, thats what I want to talk about. Gee, Android took it cues from a lot of other Phone OSes and there is nothing wrong about it. Every corp takes cues from others and always watch peers because it is competition.
      Ram U
    • Rama.NET: So, is it OK to do very stupid things as long as you tell

      everybody you are going to do it???? Like MS has been in the smart phone business for YEARS, NOT 2 months.
    • RE: Windows Phone developers to get copy-and-paste tools and more Microsoft news from the week

      @DonnieBoy<br>yeah, it is like Google stealing peoples private matters for years and telling them sorry, we will fix it or scrap it whenever get caught. See every business does this. Right now Microsoft is underdog in the phone business and they accept it. But the good thing is their OS is getting good reviews even if it is missing some things like c&p. The critics like haven't recognized it, but Eric Schmidt accepted it. It is Microsoft that scares them not the facebook or Apple. So forget about it that you don't know about it. You are scared of Microsoft because your boss Eric Schmidt is scared of them and they destabilize Google if they want to. But they are not going to do that because they realized there is no fun in having Monopoly. You are forgetting the facts. Google bought Android circa 2005/2006. They released their beta phone G1/Dream in 2008. How many phones really Google sold during that time. Not many and Google was also hesitant to release the numbers. The started releasing number of activations only recently not in 2008 or 2009 though. The proven iOS based iPhone, did it have C&P and multitasking when it was released. C&P came in late 2008 and Multitasking in 2010. Every phone will add features one by one and that is how business runs. Thats what investors want, they want continuous business. Investors are none other than us, we are americans and we believe in capitalism. I don't want to live under socialistic or communistic agenda. That will not save anyone and only the politicians become big there no other including business man unless that business man himself/herself is a politician.
      Ram U