Windows Server 2008, it is

Windows Server 2008, it is

Summary: As expected, Microsoft announced officially on May 15 that Longhorn Server will be named "Windows Server 2008."

TOPICS: Windows

As expected, Microsoft announced officially on May 15 that Longhorn Server will be named "Windows Server 2008."

Release to manufacturing is still slated for year-end 2007, but the official launch will be in early 2008. 


Topic: Windows


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  • Is Vista the New Coke?

    Last week a presentation on Longhorn was made in Olympia Washington where the presenter from Microsoft wondered if Bill Gates had checked with marketing on the name Windows Server 2008. This is because the kernel of Windows is Vista or to be correct the November SP/2 for Vista will contain the same kernel previously known as the Longhorn kernel. Hence Vista Server makes some marketing sense.

    It is shades of New Coke and Classic Coke. We all remember the marketing blunder involving a new formulation of a more Pepsi-like Coke. The market place didn't really take to it and hence Classic Coke. So if Bill Gates has seen the road ahead as being similar for Longhorn then Windows Server 2008 is the Classic Coke and New Coke (the marketing failure) is Vista.

    Here are some other tidbits. A new scripting language called powershell will be part of Classic Coke - er Windows Server 2008. You will be required to select your install options rather than just getting all features. There need be no GUI. The new something database like file system will not be part of the initial release. There is a new SMP. Windows Server 2008 will run on top of a hypervisor. That hypervisor will be a child of the Novell/Microsoft marriage when the computer consists of all 64 bit CPUS. It will be Xen otherwise. Novell and Microsoft will provide something like console one which will be used to administer virtual Windows Server 2008 operating system products and SUSE Linux operating system products. Is Classic Coke Linux?
  • RE: Windows Server 2008, it is

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