XP SP3: TechNet and MSDN subscribers to get beta in two weeks

XP SP3: TechNet and MSDN subscribers to get beta in two weeks

Summary: Microsoft provided an update on the timing for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 3 on August 29. A widescale beta kicks off in two weeks. Final availability is still slated for some time in the first half of 2008.


Microsoft provided an update on the timing for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 3 on August 29.

Company officials said on Wednesday that the Windows team plans to deliver a near-public beta of XP SP3 (it's going to all TechNet and Microsoft Developer Network subscribers) by mid-September.

The final version of XP SP3 is slated to hit some time in the first half of calendar 2008, officials said. (That's the same date the Softies have been promising officially for a while now. Microsoft won't be any more specific on XP SP3 timing.)

Company officials did not release a feature set for XP SP3 on August 29. The only new piece of information available was the public-beta due date.

Microsoft made available to a set of private testers a preview of XP SP3 earlier in August. I saw an alleged fix list at that time: It consisted of nearly 1,000 items.

The last time Microsoft provided a cumulative update to Windows XP was in 2004, when it released XP SP2.

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  • Holy Cow !

    1,000 bug fixes , who would have known ? Oh my god , talk about keeping bugs
    under the cover just to get a good security track record . Mac OS X is definitely better
    than that C*R*A*P* .
    • 1,000 security fixes - where?

      Where does it say all 1,000 fixes are security related. I don't favor Microsoft, but everytime one of you Mac people make statements like that it seems as if you're a couple of eggs short of a carton.
      • Check this out


        AeroXperience reports that Microsoft has just recently dropped a copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 in the lap of a small group of testers. At less than 350MB, the service pack includes fixes for over 900 reported problems, some of which have already been resolved with post-Service Pack 2 hotfixes.
    • How do you know?

      1. Not all of these fixes are security fixes
      2. plenty of these (I don't keep a count on MS bugs) have already been fixed.
      3. Apples is certainly no saint when it comes to keeping bugs under wraps.

      But if you want a system that currently doesn't have many attacking it, then get an apple, and pray that most people don't follow your lead.
  • Too bad it's still so long out for public release.

    Updating a fresh SP2 build with O2K3 to make it current is taking well over 100 updates these days. Can't wait until they finally release SP3! I can't believe these jokers are not planning to release it until sometime in the first half of 2008, though. Sheesh.

    Guess too many programmers were tasked for the past few years to make that buggy, stripped down version of an OS they have now...

    • stripped down OS, or???

      is it because they have been working on WGA to protect all of us legitimate users?
  • no BLINK ... but a Squint

    Change your photo ... you look like you're squinting
  • XP SP3 before December 2007 I'll bet on that!

    I'll bet on the fact that M$ will realise SP3 around December 2007 because of a PC Makers Market needs. Santa will have some liable Windows OS to give away on his Annual Marketing Period. I'll bet also that Vista SP1 will be around to at that period for general public.
    • XP SP3 before December 2007

      Release Windows XP sp3 before the end of the year? I think not.

      Microsoft had rather market "Vista" for a profit rather than develop a free update for Windows XP. Christmas computer sales will focus exclusively on "Vista". Christmas is Microsoft's best opportunity to sell their newest operating system rather than keep many potential customers hooked on using the XP operating system.

      The main reason Windows XP is getting any attention from Microsoft is that there is an awful lot of good software that will run only on a XP system. Almost everyone knows that Windows XP, as it stands, is an incomplete operating system. For many uses "It Don't Work." Or, "It Don't work" as well as Linux. "Vista" is even more incomplete. Hardware supporting the "features" that Microsoft was bound, damned, and determined to include in Vista is rare - if it exists at all. The dearth of software that runs WELL on Vista also cripples Vista marketing. Completely pulling the XP rug out from under the feet of millions of "XP" users just would not go over well. Microsoft would not be the only company to suffer. Financial markets could rise and fall based on the speculation that the worlds best selling software developers might flounder - or NOT. Private investors could feel the first sting. The software industry, with a lack of investors, could quickly follow. All of this could happen even if not one single Microsoft customer actually jumped ship and embraced Linux or Apple. Speculation is not based on what happened or what could happen - it is based on what could happen

      Microsoft the company might not be all that altruistic. But Microsoft the employees (who are private investors) would care a great deal. Microsoft,want'a take a chance?
      • Sp3ForXpDueSoon?

        Short?Could"They"not Simply, within Good Reason, have issued
        aFINAL Sp for Xp already_ If NOT_ then Why Not..
        Such Developers/IT/Programmers/Etc. are slow in finding Solutions
        and Rpairs, it seems to us simple users...
        • not slow they didn't want sp3

          Microsoft just put off XP sp3 in hopes we all go out and get Vista. The problem is Vista cost too much. We all need new computers to run it and the memory requirement of min 2gb is crazy. Vista doesn't really offer anything over XP.

          So since the smart Windows users refuse to go to Vista they are left with having to release SP 3 because so many people are downgrading to XP who brought new computers anyway.
  • Why XP SP3 before December? Because XP is Stable and Vista is not so fare.

    Why XP SP3 before December? Because XP is Stable and Vista is not so fare.

    First the PC and Laptop builders want to sell to people that want to buy and they offer the choice between XP and Vista.

    Second the XP users already have something reliable to work with and to have better it take more than promises.

    Third the owners of a PC already have something good to work with and it is already paid,

    Fourth the owners have already acknowledge every thing to be able to use there PC with good results.

    Fifth the owners don?t want to spend there money and there time unless it is necessary and they do not want to learn again what it is needed to work with an other OS that didn?t make it?s proof.

    Six people that have to buy a new PC or Laptop, that already know well using XP, will want to buy a machine with XP in it because they are familiar to it and because they have already a good result with it.

    Seven people that want to buy a new machine for the first time and want to learn and work with a PC or Laptop will consider something that is already known to be good has well instead of something that it is not in a stable state of achievement.

    Eight people at large do not want to pay for M$ improvement and researches in a manner that they are taking for a guinea pig. They want M$ to support his product not the opposite.
    • LOL

      Some of those make sense, but new users going for XP over vista? NFL. Which looks better, vista or XP? Vista does, hands down, and that's all that matters to the typical buyer.

      And although I never by premade PC's, if I did, I wouldn't buy it with XP.

      And frankly, there's no reason for MS to rush out an SP3. getting an SP1 of vista out is far more important to selling to corporations than getting an SP3 for XP out. Pleasing people who don't want to buy new software or PC's, is hardly a good business model...especially since plenty never install any updates (I've seen friends PC's that have patches pilling up for 2 years or more)

      Sp3 will probably be nice to have, but it's not likely to be as essential as SP2.

      XP just isn't as important by most measures.
  • why vista

    I ran the betas for a year till july and thought by now would have purchased new computer by now but thinking what the heck,use basically for net and any software used is running ok so the only real time to see the os is boot up down,thinking will wait till windows 7? Morrig
  • RE: XP SP3: TechNet and MSDN subscribers to get beta in two weeks

    Lots of people I know who are using Vista hate it because of the power it sucks from the system.
    • XP SP3

      Have tried Vista not impressed maybe Sp2 will clean it up what is need is a fast and efficient OS not one that needs power that you could use for other tasks I went back to XP sure I've lost all the "bells & whistles" like the Aero screen but my graphics and ram etc are now free to do my work not that of the OS!
  • RE: XP SP3: TechNet and MSDN subscribers to get beta in two weeks

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