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Matthew Miller started using a Pilot 1000 in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since.

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Is NTP going after the Palm Treo now?

I was browsing the news feeds today and ran across the name NTP so I popped open and checked out the CNET article. You may remember NTP as they were the company that sued RIM for patent infringements on their BlackBerry devices. It seems that NTP isn't content with the settlement they received from RIM and now appear to be targeting the Palm Treo.

November 6, 2006 by


Cingular 8525 HSDPA Phone Edition officially announced

One of the highest quality Phone Edition devices ever created is now available on Cingular in the United States. This Windows Mobile Phone Edition sports a 3G wireless broadband radio and makes it the road warriors dream machine. You can get it next week for as low as US$399.99 so be prepared to shell out a few bucks for all this functionality.

November 5, 2006 by


MobileTechRoundup show #76

We thank the winning listener for naming my Samsung Q1, Qbacca, which is quite a fitting name to go along with my palmsolo online moniker. The MobileTechRoundup gang also chatted about some T-Mobile offerings, the new Fujitsu P1610 Tablet, and more. Enjoy the banter and listen to hear what each host has in their current mobile collection.

November 4, 2006 by


What makes a BlackBerry a compelling device today?

RIM has dominated the mobile email market with their BlackBerry devices in the past, but with the other available solutions from Palm, Symbian, and Windows Mobile a couple mobile enthusiasts don't understand the draw anymore. You can get push email using a number of different solutions today, so why aren't IT departments looking at more functional solutions?

November 3, 2006 by


What is up with this new Gmail mobile application?

Google released a new Gmail mobile application yesterday that has led to a bit of confusion since they already have a mobile formatted Gmail site you can access from a mobile browser. This new method is a downloadable Java application so you must have a Java-enabled device and it appears that the T-Mobile USA limit they state may not be accurate. Find out all the details on using this application with T-Mobile on a Nokia N73 in the full blog entry.

November 2, 2006 by


T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home may not be ready for prime time

The T-Mobile Dash is available now for a good price and with a small tweak the side bar can be made to be much more functional. The T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home service is also available for customers in Western Washington. As a beta tester I had to purchase the full release service to see how it performed and so far it is disappointing. The Samsung phone has been a very poor performer so the Nokia device will be tried next before giving up on the UMA service.

November 2, 2006 by


Pimp your mobile phone

Mobile enthusiasts like to talk about all the cool things you can do with your mobile phone and a new article gives you 33 ideas that you may want to try to trick out your device. Pimp your mobile and see if you start to appreciate all the power you have in the palm of your hand.

November 1, 2006 by


A Halloween treat for Eric as he wins the Samsung i320

I meant to post the winner of my Samsung SGH-i320 giveaway first thing this morning, but I just came back from a trip to Hawaii with a severely painful outer ear infection that made my head explode with swelling and pain to an extremely high degree. I just got back from the doctor and obtained some good pain meds and antibiotics and used a random number picker to select from the 201 qualified entries.

October 31, 2006 by


The ASUS R2H UMPC is now available from an online retailer

There are not too many readily available UMPC devices, but the latest one can be found for under US$1,000 at an online retailer. The ASUS R2H sports some great features and is already getting into the hands of bloggers who are testing it out right now and preparing reviews. Check out some unboxing pics and initial thoughts on this cool new UMPC.

October 27, 2006 by