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Matthew Miller started using a Pilot 1000 in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since.

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MobileTechRoundup show #57

When three mobile enthusiasts get together to chat about mobile gadgets the time flies and everyone has a good time. Listen to the latest MoTR podcast to find out how to get the most out of using applications on a small Windows XP display. Symbian is again covered as James and Kevin keep picking my brain regarding my experiences with these powerful devices.

July 19, 2006 by


SanDisk announces new secure digital format

Expansion card technology has been evolving the last few years, but it looks like the Secure Digital format is becoming fairly standard. SanDisk announced a new SDHC card that actually now requires new devices and readers to use the cards. Can we get a standard memory expansion technology that manufacturer's will stick to for a couple years so we can stop buying lots of memory cards?

July 17, 2006 by


MobileTechRoundup show #56

The MobileTechRoundup guys continue to release podcasts discussing mobile technology, including ways to use the Samsung Q1, Windows Mobile Smartphones, Nokia devices, and more. Some of the discussions were blogged on our sites and we now provide more feedback in audio format.

July 16, 2006 by


Perform complex calculations on your Tablet or UMPC in ink

The UMPC is larger than all modern calculators, but do modern calculators allow you to handwrite your complex engineering, mathematical, and scientific calculations and have them solved in ink? xThink just announced the release of their latest update to MathJournal and students and engineers can now expand the usage of their Tablet PC or UMPC device.

July 13, 2006 by


MobileTechRoundup show #55

Matt, Kevin, and James posted MobileTechRoundup podcast 55 with lots of discussion on mobile devices, including thoughts on the Samsung Q1, ActiveSync 4.2, browsing on the S60 3rd Edition platform, camera phones, and camera phone software. Listen to the show and have a laugh as Matt tries to figure out how to close the show with 3 hosts.

July 11, 2006 by


What type of data are smartphone users consuming?

The United States still lags behind Europe and Asia in wireless data network speeds, but our consumption of data is increasing in the areas of mobile entertainment. A new study reveals some interesting aspects of our data consumption and what hardware is popular in the U.S. and Europe for consuming this data.

July 11, 2006 by


Palm LifeDrive may be retired soon

Information is appearing online that the Palm LifeDrive will no longer be produced and the existing stock of devices is all that will be sold from The Mobile Manager category may have been a short lived idea at Palm as they focus on the very popular Treo devices in the future.

July 10, 2006 by