43 seconds with the Android-powered Dell Mini 5

43 seconds with the Android-powered Dell Mini 5

Summary: Ok, enough about the Apple iPad. It seems that the gadget paparazzi managed to grab less than a minute with Michael Dell, and during that time we get a glimpse of the Mini 5 in action.


Ok, enough about the Apple iPad. It seems that the gadget paparazzi managed to grab less than a minute with Michael Dell, and during that time we get a glimpse of the Mini 5 in action. Well, depending on what you consider action, that is. Mr. Dell swiped through a few screens, showed the 5 megapixel camera on the back and said, "it has a 5 megapixel camera, 3G … anything you want".

So, there you have it. We have no idea what chip is inside (1GHz Snapdragon?), or whatever else it's running (rumored WiFi, Bluetooth), but it does seem pretty speedy and looks slick. No word on price but he did say it would be out in "a couple of months". Depending on price point, this could be one killer device, especially if it's running the latest Android OS. Check out the quick demo below, thanks to TechCrunch.

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  • Does look Slick

    Can't wait 'till they release it. Could be interesting
  • Not MS not APPLE

    I love it.
  • Is this the phone

    That is supposed to be on AT&T? I would love to get rid of my iPhone
    but I have AT&T and cannot afford the termination fee to switch
    providers. Waiting for AT&T to provide an Android powered phone, and
    then it's bye bye iPhone...
  • Looks like another iPhone wanabe

    • Hard to be a wanabe when you actually do more...

      ...you know like multitask for instance.
      • ...and when you were on the market before the iPhone...

        How long have MIDs, PDA's, and tablets existed?

        Oh yea, far longer than the iPhone. It's not even a phone.

        There goes your Apple invented everything theory.
        • Apple invented & made the first PDA

          First PDA was made by Apple it was called the Newton
          • Apple may have invented the term

            But Psion had the Organizer 1 in 1984, by 1991 the series three came out, it had all of the basic functions of todays PDA's (but without handwriting recognition, which was a joke on the Newton) with a full keyboard in a small clam shell format.
          • Knowing what you are talking about

            In what way was handwriting recognition a "joke" on the Newton? Where
            do you get your information from? Certainly not from personal
            experience. All you seem able to do is perpetuate myths with no
            empirical support.
            While not perfect, handwriting recognition on the Newton was state of
            the art then, and still hold up well against modern competitors. Seriously,
            you have no idea what you are talking about.

            Also, as an actual owner of the psion, the idea that it had all the basic
            functions of the Newton is absurd.
      • Wow. Mad skillz (nt)

  • RE: 43 seconds with the Android-powered Dell Mini 5

    Looks nice. It's smaller than the iPad, so it'll be more portable and Dell has been perfecting it's Mini line for a while now. This should be interesting if it's at a price point that can compete with a 3g iPad.
  • Anything you want. Suuuure.

    These devices that launch with promises of optional extras such as TV tuner... the extras mostly don't show up, do you notice?
    Robert Carnegie 2009
  • Very Reminiscent of the Nokia N800

    This looks remarkably similar to Nokia's N800 from several years back, except with an added cell radio, Android instead of Maemo, and (perhaps) better camera. That's not a put down - I *loved* my N800! :-)

    If Apple's iPad is primarily targeted as an eReader, though, this looks a little small. (I've read books on my N800, but the Kindle is just more comfortable at that particular task.)

    Just my $0.02. Overall, looks promising!
  • All-in-one

    I am getting tired of those all-in-one devices. Yeah, it's cool to have a single device do everything, but they have big disadvantages. I used to think my iPhone was the coolest thing ever until it broke and I lost my phone, organizer, music player...everything. I'll keep my Kindle for my books, my cheap (and small) cellphone to take calls and my new iPod Touch for my music and organizer duties.

    My mother told me never to put all your eggs in one basket.
    • All-in-one

      I agree with you. Experts have long pointed out that when an all-in-one breaks down or is stolen, you suffer multiple inconveniences.

      But, more importantly how are you, as a person, being affected? Will life end without being constantly entertained, tweeted, emailed or texted?

      I watch TV and movies on a 60" HDTV, not a 2" phone or 10" Ipad screen, the latter two hardly being immersive. I don't need to watch TV sitcoms on the bus or while waiting for my sandwich to be prepared.

      Music: I use my nice stereo system at home. I don't feel the need to have wires hanging from my ears anytime I exit the house or walk anywhere.

      If I want to tell someone something or ask a question, I phone them or drop by their house or workstation... communicating via texting shorthand is crude and leads to misunderstandings. When you talk to someone, points can be instantly clarified, if need be because you can see the need to do so in their eyes.

      Seeing/hearing the world around you is an amazing experience. People smile and say "Hello." Small-talk naturally flows and it signifies that your recognize this other person as a human being. Earbuds in pubic signify you are in your own little world (emphasis on little).

      When not traveling, my desktop gives me cheap access to the net and email. When traveling, my netbook provides inexpensive surfing and access to my email account once I reach my destination.

      If I prefer to read, paperback books, mags and newspapers easily fill the hours and then I recycle them. And... no batteries are required to read them.

      Life is amazing. Unplug and experience it. Have a conversation with someone.
    • I'm with brokenspokes!

      I agree with brokenspokes about having all your functions in one device. Sure, I'd like a device like an iPhone for all the fancy apps, but when I'm out mowing the yard, I don't want to be carrying it in my pocket, gettin' all dirty; I wanna rugged flip phone just for phone calls. Do you think this Dell Mini-5 has a phone built in? It looks like what I would want to carry around in addition to my cell phone.
    • @BrokenSpokes - All in One by Microsoft makes more sense

      Okay, I admit it, I enjoy Microsoft products more than I do Apple or Droid.. But before you call me an M$ Whore.. hear me out. Your fear comes from using disperate technologies.

      I have an all in one device running an old version of Windows Mobile 6.1. I signed up for MyPhone (free from Microsoft) and it backs up all my SMS's, all of my contacts, calendars, and photos. I also keep a small stash of music on there as well, but for the most part, it's on my computer and can move them freely back and forth.

      Now, I can also sync my phone to Outlook and my desktops. Everything on one phone thats 2 years old. When I lost my first phone 2 months ago, I went into myPhone, and did the lost phone thing, which immediately bricked it. When i got my new phone (different model) It synced with myPhone, and got everything back.

      Windows Mobile 7 on a bigger screen, will no doubt, have everything on it, including your kindle reader, and many other things. Based on what they're doing now, Losing a device will never be as catastrophic as the picture you're painting.

      Maybe your mother should have bought a better basket.
  • Looks like my Motorola Droid with a better UI

    Looks like my Motorola Droid with a better UI and ability to browse better perhaps.

    I do not feel a compelling need to go out and buy one of these at all. I get all my work done on my Droid and anything that I need to do on a computer can wait till I get to my home PC.

    Best wishes to Dell tho'
  • I like it

    If it runs Android, has a keyboard, and works with T-Mobile's GSM network, I'll buy one. I have been thrilled with my T-Mobile G-1. The only complaint I have is that the screen is too small. The day someone comes out with a T-Mobile compatible Android device with a 5-inch screen and a physical keyboard, I'll be there with my credit card in hand.
  • RE: 43 seconds with the Android-powered Dell Mini 5

    It actually looks a bit like the recent BlackBerrys, like the curved ends and the glossy black. Kinda reminds me of the Storm.