Amazon's Kindle coming to Target this weekend

Amazon's Kindle coming to Target this weekend

Summary: Amazon used to not be able to keep enough Kindles on-hand. Does this move mean that sales are down?

2 is reporting that Amazon's Kindle eReader is coming to target beginning on Sunday. This is an interesting move since it's the first time that the Kindle will be available outside of the web-only site.

According to the company, it had previously done a test run at 104 stores, and after an "overwhelmingly positive" response, they've decided to roll it out nationwide.

What I find most interesting about this announcement is that in the early days of the Kindle, Amazon couldn't keep them in stock. Now with all of the competitors hitting the market, including the iPad, and the Nook aggressively priced ($50 gift card with a Nook purchase now, too), Amazon apparently has enough inventory to start seeding Targets around the nation.

I liked the idea of the Kindle being available on and I have to wonder if Target was the right retail partner and the right move at this point. There was something to be said for Amazon randomly being able to make it "out of stock", and if there's enough available to go into retail, it definitely makes me think that sales aren't as good as they once were.

The move to retail also shows that Amazon needs to compete in the traditional brick-and-mortar space now, too. After all, Barnes & Noble and Borders are offering up their own eReaders in store already.

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  • HollywoodDog - not coming to Target this weekend

    or any weekend.
  • Seems like...

    Kind of a high-end item for the Target crowd. We shall see, I do agree with their move into brick and mortar stores I am just not sure Target is the right one unless Amazon is planning on slashing its Kindle prices soon.