Another mobile magazine shuts down

Another mobile magazine shuts down

Summary: Handheld Computing is reportedly shutting down and will no longer be sending out printed magazines. Can a print copy succeed in today's internet news age?

TOPICS: Mobility

I consume news, reviews, and thoughts on mobile devices primarily via enthusiast sites and blogs, but I still actually love to peruse through a glossy magazine. I was a bit disappointed to read the news on PDA 24/7 that Handheld Computing Magazine is shutting down. Subscribers who still have a current subscription were told via email that they would now be receiving Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine for the rest of their subscription period. Recently my subscription to Mobile also was replaced by a mainstream PC magazine and I hate to see these mobile focused magazines going away as mobility expands and grows.

Speaking of Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine, I am currently judging Windows Mobile Smartphone titles as part of the 2006 Software Awards. This is my 4th year of judging and I look forward to checking out and providing feedback on many more titles this year. Stay tuned for the results later this fall.

pdaessentials.jpgMy personal favorite mobile device magazine is PDA Essentials & GPS Advisor. It is published in the UK and I have only found it at a couple of major U.S. bookstores. They present very timely articles covering multiple operating systems.

Is there still a market for printed magazines? Do you have a favorite that you enjoy reading?

Topic: Mobility

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  • Mobile mags(PC mags)

    I have come to believe the only good tech mags are from the UK. I normally find them at Borders books.
    • Borders is where I go too

      Yes, that is where I find the PDA Essentials magazine. I would subscribe, but the cost is something like US$100 to get it shipped from the UK.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • The rise of the UMPC Magazine!

    In a week or so, the rise of the UMPC magazine will emerge. I wonder if that trademark is already taken?