Apple iPad and ebook readers again define the year on The Mobile Gadgeteer

Apple iPad and ebook readers again define the year on The Mobile Gadgeteer

Summary: The Apple iPad clearly was the most popular mobile non-smartphone device of 2011. I am sure it will be popular again in 2012, but there are many more exciting things we are sure to see too.

Last year I listed my top 10 posts of 2010 and ended that post with some predictions for 2011. I stated that we would see a lot more tablet news and further ebook developments and we indeed saw Android, webOS, and BlackBerry tablets with ebook devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire and B&N Nook Color. As you can see in my top 10 list below, the most popular post of 2011 was my post from 2010 that continues to secure plenty of viewers. The Year in Review, the Year Ahead

Top 10 most viewed posts of 2011

The Apple iPad was the most popular device topic of the year here at ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer. Six of my top ten posts were related to the iPad, two were related to ebook readers, one to the iPod touch, and one to the HP TouchPad. Here are my Top 10 posts of 2011:
  1. iPad Office app showdown: Four apps to help you get work done (over 8 times more views than any other post)
  2. 5 reasons you should consider a 3G iPad 2
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire vs. B&N Nook Tablet: Is there a clear winner? (review)
  4. 2011 iPad Office apps showdown: Who says you can't work on the go?
  5. Review: The Apple iPod touch brings many iPhone 4 features without the carrier
  6. iPad experience: One week with the iPad 2 removes all my doubts
  7. onSale and B&N cancel HP TouchPad orders in continuing saga of a dead tablet
  8. Review: ZAGG Logitech Keyboard Case for Apple iPad 2
  9. My hunt for the elusive iPad 2 delivers some big game
  10. How to loan ebooks on the nook with LendMe service

Looking ahead to 2012

The mobile space continues to be hot and in 2012 I think we will see lots of news around the following:
  • Apple iPad 3: It is likely we will see an updated iPad in 2012, but in typical Apple fashion there are no details available yet.
  • Android tablets: Honeycomb was a bit like Vista on PCs, but hopefully Android tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich will be much better.
  • Windows 8 tablets: Nothing seems to be able to take on the iPad, but I know plenty of people who need full Windows on a tablet and are very interested in seeing if Microsoft can get it right in 2012.
  • Ebook readers: eInk readers seem to have reached the limit with excellent touchscreen displays, but the color eBook reader/tablet (Amazon Kindle Fire) is taking off in the $200 price range and we should see continued developments in this space.
What was your favorite mobile device of the year?

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  • Apple Shills, iPad the Worst Tab Ever

    All roads lead to Apple like all of you are on the payroll or watching out for your own stock options. iPad is the worse tablet on the market with the playskool kiddie fisher price outdate GUI. Android users are activating at 5 million a week because "they like Android" your magazine is becoming irrelevant by hanging on to old tech trends. Anybody with Apple anything is living in a bygone era. Guess what, it is no longer 2008. In 2012 anybody with Apple iOS 2008 will look like a relic of the past. The white ipad looks like a cheap plastic frame with digital content in the center. You guys have got to do better. We are not interested in what you prefer but the latest and greatest and right now that is Android!
    • RE: Apple iPad and ebook readers again define the year on The Mobile Gadgeteer

      @techenduser wow you need to look at an Android and an iOS device next to each other, while you may like some of the features of Android it is still striving to reach the level of GUI quality of iOS. The Android interface is the one that looks old.
  • RE: Apple iPad and ebook readers again define the year on The Mobile Gadgeteer

    Matt keep up the great work in 2012! For me the iPad was and still is a clear winner, ESP with ios 5.01!!