Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

Summary: We heard about the second generation Asus Eee PC at CES back in January and today Asus made the official announcement for the Eee PC 900. This next gen device improves in a couple of areas with a larger 8.9 inch display at 1024x600 resolution, 1.3 megapixel webcam, and more storage capacity.

TOPICS: Hardware, Storage

We heard about the second generation Asus Eee PC at CES back in January and today Asus made the official announcement for the Eee PC 900. This next gen device improves in a couple of areas with a larger 8.9 inch display at 1024x600 resolution, 1.3 megapixel webcam, and more storage capacity.

Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

You will be able to purchase the Eee PC 900 with Windows XP (12 GB total flash) or Linux (20 GB total flash). The flash storage actually comes as 4 GB integrated with 8 and 16 GB flash modules so there is the possibility that you could upgrade this with higher capacity modules later. We saw that Asus was pretty open to some basic tinkering by the end users in the previous model so this is likely.

The Eee PC 900 runs with an Intel Mobile CPU (speed not given in the press release), has DDR II 1GB RAM module (again should be easy to upgrade), integrated WiFi, SDHC storage card slot, 3 USB ports, and a unique FingerGlide trackpad. The FingerGlide supports multi-touch functionality similar to the MacBook Air and I really like the fact that you can scroll right/left and up/down using a two finger slide just like I do on my MacBook Pro. This navigation functionality is one of the main reasons I love my MacBook Pro and is a major bonus on this new Eee PC for me. All of this still weighs in at just under 1 kg (2.2 lbs). Both of these models should be available in May for a retail price of around US$650 each. A 12 May launch at US$549 has been confirmed.

The first review of this new model has been posted at TrustedReviews and it is quite glowing. I just ordered the 3.2 lb HP Mini-Note PC, but am fairly certain I will be canceling the order since it won't ship until May and I need to be a bit more patient and see how this ultra portable PC market shakes out. Besides, from the sound of the review I could save a $100 and get a very nice device.

Topics: Hardware, Storage

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  • eeePC is awsome

    I have had my eeePC for a couple of months now. I have the 7" 4gb model which originally came with Linux. I loaded a light version of XP in place of Linux which I could never master. I also installed an 8gb SD card and then loaded my most important Windows software, (Act, Quickbooks, Skype and OpenOffice), along with some important utilities and tools that make using this device easier.

    I take this little thing with me everywhere and as long as I can find an unlocked WIFI signal, can check email, surf the net and even make phone calls to anywhere in the world for a couple of cents a minute.

    In my opinion, the eeePC is the most useful piece of technology equipment I have ever owned. And for $350 it was a real bargain. It is not as fast as my regular laptop and the small keyboard results in a lot of imput errors but I can live with both of those minor problems.

    The new version will fix the only annoying problem that this device has and that is that the screen is too small to display the full page of most web sites and programs. You have to scroll quite a bit to see the entire page most of the time. On the other hand, it will be larger and heaver so there may be some who prefer to stay with the original version.
  • RE: Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

    anyone who gets excited about Asus products has zero experience with them. Get on the Asus website and read the forums. Get on sites like NewEgg and read the user reviews. And you'll never waste a DIME of your money on them.
    • Asus products?

      Don't be a fool, Asus is as good - and arguably better - than most in the hardware game. Where exactly have you been? I've been using their products, mostly mainboards and various add-in cards, since the days of the old 486 workhorses, and in greater volume than most. AFAIK, they're the best board maker around.

      Asus also happens to be the largest PC components and peripherals manufacturer in the world, dwarfing all others. This includes motherboards, graphics cards and notebooks. They're also the only notebook manufacturer in the top 5 to not only manufacture their own branded laptops, but also provide other manufacturers with OEM components. With the sheer volume they turn out, they're bound to get their share of complaints (legit and non-legit alike).

      As for manufacturer forums, those are places peeps go to complain and/or seek help. It's the nature of the rag. Those who are not experiencing issues rarely feel the need to frequent such places to shout their praises (that part is call HUMAN NATURE). I can't speak for the EEE models, having no experience with them, but to swipe at Asus like you have, and across the board (no pun intended), is pretty absurd. Please tell me of a surefire alternative that kicks their boardmaking butt.
    • Asus: good or bad

      I disagree eith the premise that Asus produces bad products. I have been using them (mostly motherboards) for years) and have been very satisfied.

      But, that said, Asus does has a serious problem with its support system. Recently built PC with their Striker II Formula board and there was a problem with the onboard Network. It would drop out requiring A CMOS reset with the Power removed completly. Phone calls to the number listed in the manual led you to a ring around on the voice answering system. and tech request submitted through their online support were never answered. Dozens of request by multiple users through their online forum were ignored.

      The problem was finally resolved (3 months) with a BIOS update, but Asus did nothing to let users know. To be fair, this could have been an Nvidea chipset problem. But the deafining silence from Asus has left a bitter taste.
      • Do agree there

        I rate their hardware products very highly, their customer support pretty much the opposite. Unfortunately this has always been the case with Asus, going back to the company's earliest days. You simply have to learn your way around their support portal(s), FTP sites and CS forums, where you will find what you need (tools, patches, updates, tips, feedback, etc.) to deal with most issues.

        It's not a perfect company by any stretch, and they are not without their fair share of product glitches and CS faults, but their products tend to be better than most over the long haul. You often have to pay a little more to begin with to acquire them, but if you can deal with less-than-ideal customer support, you generally are rewarded with above average, quality products.

        PS. I should add that many of the larger board makers offer roughly the same level of support.
    • One opinion

      Unfortunately, you never hear about the good experiences on forums, you just hear about the bad.

      My personal experience with ASUS has been anything but negative. I have only had two three failures with their products and in all but one case they were inside warranty and were quickly and easily replaced. Customer and technical support even speak English and are more than happy to make the customer happy.
  • I have an EEE and I love it.

    If you look at reviews on newegg or Amazon you will find hundreds of perfect ratings for the EEE. I also have an Asus motherboard that has had some issues so I understand how you could have problems with Asus. I love my EEE and I would highly recommend it but I would wait till they make one with the 9 inch screen and the Atom processor.
    KLS 12.5
  • RE: Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

    I only have recent experience with ASUS eeepc... as my 61 yr old mum bought one without really knowing what she was doing... I have to say though that I am really impressed. Within hours i had mum working as a linux power user on her little eeepc! Go MOM!... An Asus laptop running linux is the most cost effective mobile experience there is going around. No need to pay a dime for software.... how good is that!!!!
  • Eee PC is awesome, but Two SSDs?!

    Why would they solder 4GBs into the main board!? I myself
    have a very tough time dealing with stuff like this since I'm
    not a complete techie. Sounds like the Eee 900 is just like the
    700. Not very productive for non-techies, awesome for
    techies and modders.
  • This is what I wanted from Apple

    Instead of the Airbook. Yeah, the Airbook is thexthy and I
    wouldn't kick it out of my backpack, but I want the smaller
    footprint and the lower cost.

    I'll miss Mac OS X, but I'm willing to give Linux a try. It's
    come a long way these last five years, and I don't mind
    learning something new. I doubt I'll be going the
    hackintosh route: having updates breaking the device kind
    of defeats the purpose, you know? And for what I'd use
    this for, I really don't need the full power of OS X.
    Marcos El Malo
    • You can Dream Apple & eat it too

      Like many other people, I thought of taking the hackintosh route.
      I, too have been dreaming of a free-license Mac-type OS. There are a few Linux distros now with the help of Compiz-Fusion, Enlightenment, Engage and features like AWN, Stacks - I could go on.
      Thing is, a lot of the Dream community are multi-distro testers & most of us come running back to Dreamlinux like flea-bitten, rabid dogs on marijuana .
      The OS is very well architectured & modular so many features can be tried & dropped without breaking the install.
      Do yourself a favor & try it on the EeePC. It is very functional even on HDD as small as 3Gb.
  • RE: Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

    Now is this really an Ultra Low Cost PC, or will Microsoft require Vista on it by July :-)
    • Who cares what Microsoft want on it

      I'll be buying the Linux one anyway.
      tracy anne
  • RE: Asus officially announces launch of Asus Eee PC 900

    Please advise why 4GB only? I did't understand what is integration of "4+8+16GB".
    The rest OK.