BGR posts image gallery of rumored HTC 10 inch Android tablet

BGR posts image gallery of rumored HTC 10 inch Android tablet

Summary: HTC is likely working on a 10 inch Android tablet and BGR now has an image gallery of this rumored device.


BGR just posted an image gallery of a 10 inch HTC Android tablet, currently named the HTC Puccini. I recently "rediscovered" my HTC Flyer and have been using it more and more with the HTC Ereader app (powered by the Kobo bookstore), Evernote inking capability, and HTC Sense user interface. It is natural for HTC to move to the 10 inch form factor to compete with other Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy, but I personally find the 7 inch to be more compelling for mobile use with the iPad 2 ruling the 10 inch space.

The rumored 10 inch HTC Android tablet may have an 8-megapixel rear camera (I still don't understand why large tablets even need one of these), stereo speakers, 1.5 GHz processor, Honeycomb OS, HTC Sense, and a 4G LTE radio. HTC has not yet announced such a device and it remains to be seen if this will actually launch. I would love to hear how the HTC Flyer is doing in terms of sales since the success of that device may determine if this one gets released.

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  • RE: BGR posts image gallery of rumored HTC 10 inch Android tablet

    I agree with you about rear camera on Tablets. I still wonder who would take video, pictures using their tablets and on top of it LG G-Slate has two cameras on rear for 3D shoot. I wonder how many G-Slate owners really used it for 3D shooting. Anyway, I spoke to one of the local BestBuy and found HTC Flyer is not flying that much, and it is even worse than Xooms. They are able to sell Transformers and then Iconias than Xooms, Galaxy Tabs, Flyers, Playbooks and Touchpads. I found most of the early adopters into these tablets, return those within 30 day window and go for iPad2.
    Ram U
  • 7" form factor blows

    7" tablets are a joke. They feel and look like bigger smart phones, without the phone. So what is the point? 10" tabs, when held on a lap (or your chest), "feel" like a full sized screen. And with Honeycomb optimized for 10" (and not 7"), it's no wonder HTC is belatedly bringing out a 10" to overcome the flop that the Flyer is.

    Asus Transformer is the best tablet on the market, period. Why anyone is still talking about the Xoom (of which I had two and then returned as soon as the Transformer was released) or the Gal Tab with it's meager feature set and $100 higher price point is a mystery. Ipad is a toy, not suitable for any serious work and now gathers dust on my shelf.

    These tablets need to be $399 or lower to compete - Acer figured it out after pricing it higher than the Transformer at first, but Samsung, Moto, HTC etc, still haven't gotten the message.
  • rumor

    how much will this "HTC rumor" cost?
  • HTC Flyer

    HTC has years of smart phone and Android experience behind it the is no Doubt in my mind this will be an assume device. But I'll reserve judgment until I play with both the Flyer and the 10 inch version.
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