BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

Summary: Over 5 minutes of BlackBerry PlayBook deliciousness


There was a lot of speculation around whether or not the BlackBerry PlayBook had actually been created yet. Well, BlackBerry shocked the world by showing it off during Adobe Max on Monday. The presenter, CTO of Adobe, Kevin Lynch, was demonstrating some apps that let you see scans in real-time and interact with them, and then in a Jobsian-like moment, he flipped the tablet over to expose the BlackBerry symbol. It didn't receive the standing ovation I would have expected, but the video below definitely shows the PlayBook being put through its paces.

At times the PlayBook appears a bit underpowered, but that's pretty much on par with most of the pre-shipping OS's I've been playing with, including Windows Phone 7, which has come out of the gate as a real screamer.

I especially like the full integration and support for Flash 10.1. I'm left wondering if that would have been as big a deal if Apple hadn't refused to integrate Flash in its iPhone or iPad.

Is the PlayBook an iPad killer? It's too soon to tell, but since it's going after a different market, I don't think it needs to "kill" anytime soon.

Enjoy the 5.5 minute video of the PlayBook in action below.

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  • A vendor demo of vaporware is not being alive

    That video is just a vendor demo, same kind of demo we have seen from all the vaporware tablets that has being promised for years, but never produced. Also the "action" is a demo of a non-production application that can pretty much be a totally fake video where the user just pretends he is interacting by following a very well rehearsed sequence of events.

    The day somebody completely independent can play with at least a pre-production model and a release date is given, that is the day you can call it "alive". Any other time, it is just vaporware.
    • Let me translate from Apple fanboy into English

      [i]Please don't let this be real...
      Please don't let this be real...
      I'm so scared! This looks so much better than the iPad!
      Please don't let this be real...[/i]

      :) :) :)
      • Right


        Because every tablet we've seen announce so far have left Apple fanboys shaking in their boots.
      • @dave95: I agree 100%

        Glad you finally see the light.
      • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!


        You must have talked to the `fly` sitting on St. Jobs' office wall when he (Jobs) heard about the 'PlayBook'??
  • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

      @davidmpaul it HAS to come in at less than the ipad or it will be toast.
      • But this is better than the iPad

        Companies should be able to charge more if their products are better.
      • I agree with NZ

        As he said, "it HAS to come in at less than the ipad or it will be toast. "
  • Looks very promising

    As a happy iPad owner, I'm looking at the PlayBook from an informed position. It looks very promising.

    The thing Apple is going to have a hard time with is that its iOS interface is begining to look a bit long in the tooth, especially when you see other interfaces (like this one) that can show multiple apps running at the same time, and much more easily flip back and forth between them.

    It's like comparing Windows 7's Aero Peek to the old Windows XP taskbar icons.

    So, on the interface side of things, Apple is going to have to make some difficult decisions -- how much to break with the past in order to give users the new innovative design motifs they want?

    I'm a little more confident that Apple will produce a much more powerful gen 2 of the iPad, which will bring it into balance with the more powerful machines being developed today (like the PlayBook).

    One thing about the PlayBook does bother me right off the bat: I cannot stand the 1024 x 600 resolution. I know that tablets are using that resolution because it is cheaper to make (based on all the existing netbooks with that resolution), but they really need to step it up and produce a ratio closer to 4:3 (like the iPad), and with a resolution approaching the Retina display on the iPhone.
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

      @Speednet<br>"As a happy iPad owner, I'm looking at the PlayBook from an informed position."<br><br>Informed?!? How is making a blanket statement about iOS not having multitasking, in spite of the fact that is DOES (just not on the iPad just yet) show an informed opinion?!?
  • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

    Unless you happen to work for the company or own stock in them I'd welcome all comers. More competition just adds pressure to lower the prices and boost the capabilities. That's good for consumers no matter what company they support. (I myself still don't see the need to ever get a tablet/pad computer)
    • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

      I'm with you. The pad is a fad.
  • RE: BlackBerry PlayBook: it lives!

    If you are a computer graphics professional who works on projects on the run and wants something that allows you to both manipulate and present in a compact, lightweight, convenient and affordable form factor; tablet is essential. I am sorry others cannot find functionallity in such a device but for me, bring it!