Details of unreleased 7 inch HP TouchPad Go revealed

Details of unreleased 7 inch HP TouchPad Go revealed

Summary: HP never released the rumored HP TouchPad Go, but the webOS enthusiast site obtained several slides showing all the details of this tablet.


Unlike my ZDNet associate, James Kendrick, I am not a big fan of the HP TouchPad webOS tablet. I bought one primarily for a book project and at the time it was a good deal from a Craigslist seller, but then the bottom dropped out and I was stuck with it. I pick it up from time-to-time, but really can't stand it and have relinquished it to my daughters as their around the house browsing device. just posted exclusive details on the HP TouchPad Go 7 inch version of the TouchPad that was killed before it was released.

After looking at the images, slides, and details, I think I actually may have liked the TouchPad Go since the smaller form factor is appealing for mobile usage, the design looks nicer with a soft touch back, metal buttons, and a higher pixel density display. All the basic elements of the TouchPad are packed into the Go along with a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor and GPS receiver. I haven't seen any of these sneak out on ebay or Craigslist and maybe with the new change at HP there is a chance we may eventually see these released.

Would you have purchased the HP TouchPad Go? Do you find it more appealing than the HP TouchPad?

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  • RE: Details of unreleased 7 inch HP TouchPad Go revealed

    Rectangular - check
    Rounded corners - check
    Minimalistic design - check

    If they were releasing this in EU, Apple will just sue it for Community Design violation.
    • RE: Details of unreleased 7 inch HP TouchPad Go revealed

      Lol exactly...If left to apple all lcd, led, and plasma tv are ipad copies. Square, flat, rounded corners, power button, and a screen.
  • A mobile device that is mobile?

    My biggest issues with most "mobile" tablets is their size. Something that is the size of a large spiral notepad is not really meant to be carried around all day. I think a device like this would have been much more user friendly to mobile users who use their Smart Phone mainly but need a somewhat larger screen for some work (Documents, Presentation. Email, etc).

    The one thing that would have knocked this device out of the park is the addition of an HDMI port to facilitate connecting to a larger display.
  • Looks like PlayBook

    To me, it looks like PlayBook even more with the green background in the tablet..It quite interesting that even though PlayBook got many criticism and doesnt sell well but the design, user-interface, etc. has made other competitors rethink about tablet. Imagine RIM didnt come out with PlayBook, all other companies would still be copying iPad.
    • RE: Details of unreleased 7 inch HP TouchPad Go revealed

      @rupzies you need to check your information. Much of WebOS was copied by RIM when they created QNX. You have it backwards. I like both os's and love the hardware of the playbook over the TouchPad, but the GO would have been a superior device. If priced near the new Kindle Fire it would have sold well.
  • RE: Details of unreleased 7 inch HP TouchPad Go revealed

    I won't buy anything from HP. Even if it was the best 7" tablet made, bar none. The minute I'd buy one, they would pull the tech support, and decide to only sell them and not support them. HP can go fly a kite of something else I can't say here.
    I saw an exorcist and had Palm and WebOS exorcized from my system. After ten years or more of using Palm devices it was hard but I had to do it. I feel much better now, although I do have flashbacks of being used and then an HP logo appears and I wake up in a cold sweat and have unexplained hunger for an apple.
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