Documents To Go for iPad provides 2-way support of native Office docs

Documents To Go for iPad provides 2-way support of native Office docs

Summary: Documents To Go 3.3 now supports the large display of the iPad and also adds improved document access and sharing capabilities. The $14.99 application provides more capability than the iWork suite of applications and is a must have for the iPad professional.


I purchased the iWork suite of apps on my iPad right at launch since it was the only available Office application at the time. These are quite functional applications and have an unparalleled user interface, however as Joel previously mentioned there are severe limitations if you do not use iWork on your computer and I have been waiting for something more. I just finished an article for an upcoming issue of iPhone Life magazine covering the available Office applications and was lucky enough to have spent time with a beta of Documents To Go Premium. I actually finished making final edits while in Spain on my vacation using my iPad and Documents To Go Premium so I am very pleased to tell you all that version 3.3 is available now for everyone on the iPad.

Documents To Go version 3.3 is available for $14.99 and FREE if you already purchased it for your iPhone. There is a standard base Documents To Go product and the 3.3 update for this version has been submitted to Apple so should be available soon. The major update in version 3.3 is obviously support for the iPad and it's large display, but here is the complete list of what's new:

  • Universal application (use it on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch)
  • MobileMe iDisk support (Premium version only)
  • SugarSync support (Premium version only)
  • iPad-specific features:

    • Supports iPad’s high resolution screen for displaying documents
    • Supports iTunes File Sharing for moving files between your iPad & computer
    • Support for inter-application document sharing (e.g. the built-in iPad email app can now open supported attachments in Docs To Go)

  • French, Italian, German, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese localized versions

Documents To Go is currently the only application that supports Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a single application and for me the biggest reason to use this over the iWork suite is the two way support for Microsoft Office documents. $14.99 for the Premium version is half the price of the three iWork apps and IMHO much more functional. It may not have all the pretty looks and user interface elements of the iWork suite, but that doesn't mean much when you want to share files in native formats.

Stay tunes for a detailed article next week comparing Documents To Go 3.3 with the iWork suite where you will see why I prefer this over iWork.

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  • RE: Documents To Go for iPad provides 2-way support of native Office docs

    I use DTG on my iPhone and it is the best of all the apps in this type offered.
    Just wish it had all the functionality the original non-iphone DTG has.

    Would love to be able to use it to edit all of my attachments from any email....

    Have to see what it is like on Android when I switch later this summer....
  • native format?

    you mean proprietary format?
    banned from zdnet
    • ISO != proprietary

      @banned from zdnet

      ISO completely owns the file formats for both ODF and OXML-based office suites, and can do with them as it likes. So no, I don't think the author meant "proprietary".
  • RE: Documents To Go for iPad provides 2-way support of native Office docs

    I have used Documents to Go since Version 4. Each version adds more files it can use/read to its capabilities. I want to replace my z31 but no one makes just handhelds/PDA without phones these days. The Apple iPod touch with Dox2Go will be the first Apple product I will buy. The last one I wanted to buy was the Newton. I want something I can slip into my pocket yet not have to make monthly payments to use. That includes all smart phones, not just the iPhone. Ever since i got a vcr tape caught in a vcr tv, I've been against any device that becomes useless when one part of a multifunction unit fails. <br><br>Since the z31 is still working, I to will like to see what comes down the pike.