eBay scans RedLaser barcode scanning app for iPhone and makes it free

eBay scans RedLaser barcode scanning app for iPhone and makes it free

Summary: Scan anything and find the best price, all for free from your iPhone


One of my favorite and most used apps for iPhone is RedLaser. The main reason is that it has saved me a ton of money since I first downloaded it for 99 cents.

If you're not familiar with RedLaser, you simply launch the app and then hold your iPhone so that the bar code of the item you want to scan is in view of the iPhone's camera. Seconds later it does a lookup to the internet and shows you the prices that the item is selling for at various stores and internet sites. My favorite moment was when I used it to scan a cordless phone package at Best Buy only to find that same cordless phone on sale on BestBuy.com. Moments later I showed the scan to the cashier and she price matched.

At any rate, if you're still not sold on RedLaser here's another reason: it's now free! According to eBay, the company has acquired RedLaser and as a first step is making it free. Next eBay will integrate RedLaser's technology into its other iPhone apps and integrate more than 200 million listings from eBay into RedLaser's results.

According to eBay's acquisition statement, RedLaser has been downloaded more than 2 million times. It was probably a pretty easy decision for the company to pick it up and integrate it into its suite of mobile applications.

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  • RE: eBay scans RedLaser barcode scanning app for iPhone and makes it free

    Wow, I've had a free app that does this for Android since I bought my Droid. Another reason to go with the better platform and stay away from Apple.
    • RE: eBay scans RedLaser barcode scanning app for iPhone and makes it free

      @khaos13 There are plenty of free laser scanning apps for iPhone. But of course as a reflexive Apple hater, you've never seen any of them.
  • But what if I don't have an iPhone?

    Guess I miss out... I needed a phone.
    • RE: eBay scans RedLaser barcode scanning app for iPhone and makes it free

      @aleobul@... there are many apps like this available for various other smart phones like Blackberry android and such. May not be free...
  • RE: eBay scans RedLaser barcode scanning app for iPhone and makes it free

    What good is RedLaser to eBay. Due to eBay?s constant fee increases, prices on eBay are no longer the best available. Merchants surely aren?t going to direct buyers to eBay when they can direct them to their own sites, or elsewhere, and avoid eBay?s ever higher and higher fees.

    Why then would anyone want offer a technology that is probably going to direct buyers away from their own site?their principal source of revenue? Sounds like another ?Skype? purchase to me. Oh, sorry, I forgot, PayPal is going to be eBay?s major growth area in the future. Oh yeah, dream on ?

    Draft Media Release?Confidential

    ?It is with very great sadness that eBay?s Chief Headless Turkey, John Donahoe (aka ?Peter Principle??among many other derogatory terms), announces the probable demise of eBay?s most ugly daughter, PayPal. PayPal is about to be stricken by particularly virulent strains of Visa+CyberSource and Mastercard open platform, aggravated by an insurmountable lack of direct financial institutions participation and a great deal of PayPal user/merchant dissatisfaction, particularly with respect to PayPal?s grossly unfair, ?all responsibility avoiding? UA, primitive risk management processes, and totally unprofessional, buyer-biased, fraud-facilitating, transactions mediation.

    ?PayPal?s health may therefore be expected to deteriorate and, if ultimately not completely incapacitated, will most likely be eventually confined to its mandatory offering on what little there will be by then left of the Donahoe-devastated eBay marketplaces. There is no cure for this condition, and the ?eBafia Don? is particularly saddened by the inevitable presumption that it is unlikely that PayPal will be able to continue to underpin eBay?s sagging bottom line in the future.?

    Also, in Australia, unlike all other payments processors operating here, PayPal has declined to sign up to the payments processors? ?Code of Conduct?. Users beware!

    A detailed examination of and prognosis for PayPal (including a further link to the ?PayPal Nightmare Tour?) at
    Philip Cohen
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