Evernote acquires Penultimate; iPad note taking fans rejoice

Evernote acquires Penultimate; iPad note taking fans rejoice

Summary: Evernote just announced the acquisition of Penultimate, the extremely popular inking application on the Apple iPad.


I love Evernote and have been a pro version subscriber for years so I was pleased to just receive the news that the acquired Penultimate. Penultimate is a fantastic ink application for the iPad, available for just 99 cents, and will remain an independent application with even more Evernote integration.

As stated by Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote:

Digital handwriting has been around for decades, but it has never gone mainstream because the hardware and software simply weren't aligned. Thanks to Penultimate and the iPad, that's all changing. For the first time ever, writing on a tablet is really great, which is why we chose this moment to make the acquisition. We have big plans for Penultimate that will both enhance the app and bring more capabilities into Evernote. It's already the best handwriting app out there, and it's only just getting started."

Penultimate allows you to create handwritten notes, sketch things out, and really do just about anything you do on paper. You can import photos and images to use with your notes too. I used to use Evernote on Windows Phone with a stylus and currently use it on my HTC Flyer with the stylus, but the iPad application has always been limited to text notes. With Penultimate you can take handwritten notes, drawings, and sketches and sync them with Evernote. With this new acquisition we are sure to see even more Evernote functionality integrated with Penultimate and I can't wait to see what develops.

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  • iPad???

    Android users have wanted that App for some time now and this means they will probably get it!

    Seems to me like both groups have reason to applaud this decision.