Evernote update optimizes the Android tablet experience

Evernote update optimizes the Android tablet experience

Summary: A major update to Evernote brings Android tablet optimizations and rich text formatting.


I love Evernote for capturing my thoughts, honey-do list, favorite websites, and more and the fact that they have clients on all of my favorite mobile platforms is a HUGE reason why. Today, Evernote announced a major update to their Android client so I recommend you go and download it now. Evernote is now optimized for Android tablets so it isn't just the HTC Flyer that gets all of the goodies.

As you can see in the Evernote blog post these are some of the new and improved features:

  • Home screen: The new Snippet View shows you thumbnails and small previews of recent notes with quick viewing controls.
  • New notes: There is a row of buttons along the bottom of the display when you create a new note on an Android tablet for quick access to note options.
  • Search: A search popover appears on Android tablets in the top right corner when you tap the magnifying glass.
  • Single note view: You can now view a single note full screen and have quick options to share it or jump to another note without revisiting the Home screen.
  • Map view: You can now quickly view geo-tagged notes since you may remember where you captured a note, but not when.
  • Rich text notes: This is something that will be a major help for me now that we can create notes with bullets, lists, checkboxes, etc.
  • Home screen widget: The Android widget has been updated to include recently accessed note thumbnails. This is the large widget option, but you can still use the same small widget if you want as well.

Evernote stated they also made speed improvements and other tweaks to improve the client. Evernote is a free application with a paid option for heavy users so give it a try today.

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  • RE: Evernote update optimizes the Android tablet experience

    I wish Microsoft would make OneNote available for Andriod tablets.
    • RE: Evernote update optimizes the Android tablet experience

      @roteague I agree. The only note taking application that I have ever liked more than Evernote was OneNote from MS. Even the online version of OneNote is not sufficient enough. Until then I will be supporting Evernote. I hope they get a native Linux client out sometime soon..
  • RE: Evernote update optimizes the Android tablet experience

    Are they working on iPad improvements? We need the text, audio, photographic, video equality across the app. Nirvana?
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