First shot of the Zune HD Marketplace appears

First shot of the Zune HD Marketplace appears

Summary: The Zune HD should be coming in a couple of months, rumored to be available 8 September, and as the launch gets closer more and more details start to leak out. The latest news has a Zune HD Marketplace image being passed around for people to consider. While it doesn't look like anything revolutionary, tough to tell from a single photo, it does look quite slick like most of the Zune interface.

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Engadget posted an image they found on Twitter (seen on the right) that shows the future Zune HD Marketplace on a Zune HD device. While the picture may not show a whole lot of what we can expect, Adam over at Zune Thoughts wrote up a few thoughts to consider regarding this new on-device Marketplace layout.

The Zune HD should be launching on 8 September so we shouldn't have to wait much longer to get our hands on a Zune HD and check out the store for ourselves. My Zune 4GB is getting a bit old and the Zune HD is looking like a nice alternative that I may just have to check out.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • If it's true that iPod Touch will incorporate a camara soon

    Wouldn't it make the Zune HD look obsolete one more time? I am puzzled why MS wants to simply play catch up with Apple. I know that the HD radio and the HD output (with an adapter) are not present in the Touch. But Apple has never been fond of a radio feature and still has been successful. Not sure if they will also incorporate the HD output but at least I would rather have a camera in the Zune than HD output.