iPad 3, PlayBook 2.0, MWC, Nokia N9 1.2 (MobileTechRoundup show #261)

iPad 3, PlayBook 2.0, MWC, Nokia N9 1.2 (MobileTechRoundup show #261)

Summary: In this week's podcast we covered a couple major software updates and lots of new device news from MWC. We also revealed our iPad 3 ordering plans, which are to be expected.


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With work obligations and family trips it has been a few weeks since Kevin and I had a chance to talk about the mobile space. As you can hear in MobileTechRoundup show #261 we covered everything from the PlayBook 2.0 update to MWC announcements on up to the iPad 3 upcoming announcement. There were a few software updates that made me pull out old devices and some upcoming devices that are very attractive. Kevin also encouraged me to start trying the OnLive Desktop service when I am not our running with my new Nike+ Fuelband.

Topics: Security, iPad, Mobility, Nokia, BlackBerry

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  • IPad 3

    I have already pre ordered the IPAD 3; this is the one that I thought I ordered the last time. IPAD 2 had a point 3 MP camera; IPAD 3 has a five MP camera. I will sell the IPAD 2 because every time Iturned it on, the camera being such poor quality p_ssed me off so bad it ruined the experience. But, then I am done; I am getting too old to care about their upgrades.