Jawbone UP: My new addiction

Jawbone UP: My new addiction

Summary: The Jawbone UP sits on your wrist and tracks your life: eating, sleeping, exercise, and more


If you've ever wished that there was a gadget that would track everything you do, your wish has finally come true in the form of the Jawbone UP.

The Jawbone UP wraps around your wrist and tracks your movement, your sleeping, and even your eating, if you so desire. Then when you want to see what it has been tracking, you click it into the headphone jack of your iPhone, and perform a sync to the free Jawbone UP app.

I've been using the UP for over a week now, and I was addicted to it less than twelve hours after using it. In my case, I took it out of the box, then I downloaded the UP app. From there I plugged the UP into my iPhone's headphone jack, registered it, and then placed it around my wrist. Later that night I synced it to my iPhone and immediately saw how many steps I had taken throughout the day. Then the following morning I synced it again, and was able to analyze my sleep patterns.

I won't go into excessive detail on the Jawbone UP since Matt Miller did previously in his review, but I will tell you that it has become a necessary accessory for me. Here's why:

  • Sleep analysis: I've long been fascinated with my sleep patterns. Some mornings I wake up feeling great, and others I feel groggy for most of the morning. The crazy thing is that I can sometimes sleep for four hours, and run all day, whereas other times I can sleep for more than seven and barely function. Now that I have the Jawbone UP, I'm starting to see patterns in my sleep. For example, if I have a night with hardly any deep (REM) sleep, then I usually wake up groggy, whereas a night where there's a nice balance allows me to wake up refreshed.
  • Smart alarm: Speaking of waking up, there's a smart alarm feature on the UP that will wake you up during a light sleep cycle, within a specific range of time. For example, I have my UP set to wake me up between 6:30am and 7am, and have found that most mornings I'm waking up completely aware and refreshed. This is because the smart alarm is designed to wake you up during your lighter sleep cycle.
  • Active mode: I mentioned above that it has been tracking my steps. I've actually been pleasantly surprised to see how much I walk, and I have been using it as a motivator to get even more active.

The Jawbone UP also encourages you to track what you eat, by taking a photo of your meal, and then track how you feel, but this felt more gimmicky than useful, so I stopped using it after one meal. I'm sure that the company can come up with a more engaging use of this feature, but as of this writing, I'm not compelled to use it.

There are a bunch of other features that I haven't gotten around to using yet, that I think are must-haves. These include using it for working out either by GPS (with music) or just by having it on your wrist. In addition, there's an activity reminder, which would certainly be useful as a reminder to get away from my computer and get some exercise. I also like the concept of challenges, where a group of us could challenge each other to be healthier.

So far I'm completely sold on the Jawbone UP. That said, I bought one for my wife and she lost interest in less than 10 minutes, which leads me to believe that you need a love for gadgets to truly appreciate everything that the Jawbone UP can do.

The Jawbone UP is currently selling for $99.99 at Best Buy and a number of other outlets.

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  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    I almost bought one until I checked the UP Community Forum on the website. There seems to be many problems with the device and lots of bugs. Many unhappy customers. I hope yours lasts longer than many UP owners.
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    I just can't imagine tagging myself with a bio-monitor to satisfy the marketers' and government's insatiable demand for personal data. At my own expense, no less.
    terry flores
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    Mine was great when it worked, but it refused to charge after only 6 days. The UK customer services were completely unhelpful and refused me a refund even though they could not replace it for at least three weeks at the earliest.<br><br>Looking at the forum, it seems there are a lot of people in a similar position. It looks like they should have spent a bit longer testing their product before releasing it.
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    do not buy this thing unless you enjoy replacing it every week or so because it dies. read http://forums.jawbone.com/t5/Product-Support/bd-p/up and see the number of failed units and the issues people are having. only thhe black color is available. Jawbone even CHANGED existing orders for colored bands to black, allowing people to cancel but not back order colors. the press may have received hand made pre production units. the production run is flawed. no quality control at all.
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    Yup.I have to agree with the fascination factor, utility of the sleep monitor, and uselessness of the meal tracking. As far as reliability, some people (like my wife) are having no trouble, and others (like myself) have had their bands die completely after just a few days. I'm currently on band #3 and hoping that THIS one will last.
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    7 hours later, Band #3 is Dead. It's NOT worth it.
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    its similar to Nokia Wellness diary.. atleast its free and i don't mind the manual inputs for the same... I save $99
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    I pre ordered the Up about 6 weeks before it was released. I then received a computerized email saying that if I did not switch from the blue wristband to the black my order would be canceled.
    I then requested that I keep the blue, but would be happy to wait for the release. Consequently me order was canceled.
    This is an awful way to treat a first time customer and I wonder how this company treats other's with it's autocratic computer generated demands?
    The product may end up being good, but the customer support has been so bad I would not want to have to deal with them ifg something else went wrong.
  • RE: Jawbone UP: My new addiction

    russian review http://iphonehacks.com.ua/Apps/6913
  • Ideas for the next Jawbone UP

    First off, this product is AWESOME! I'm so glad companies are looking into health monitoring devices like this one. I hope they take this a step further and measure mental and physical activity associated with practicing meditative arts like tai chi, qigong, or yoga. Check out my blog article on this! http://www.swimmingdragontaichi.com/2012/03/fitness-bands-for-meditative-arts/