Kobo eReader Touch provides foreign language support in update

Kobo eReader Touch provides foreign language support in update

Summary: IMHO, the Kobo eReader Touch is the best dedicated ebook reader and now it supports foreign languages, direct Internet downloads, and Sudoku.


I am still using the Kobo eReader Touch device, see my review, and am convinced it truly is the best dedicated ebook reader currently available. The size is perfect for reading, the display is wonderful, and the battery does well enough that I only have to charge it every few weeks. I connected it via WiFi the other day to sync my reading progress and discovered an update, version 1.9.10, that adds foreign language support and much more.

Kobo was showing off the eReader Touch at IFA in Berlin and launched the German language edition of the device with over 80,000 German language titles. Other available languages now on the eReader Touch include French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and French Canadian. The update change log includes the following:

  • Set preferred language
  • Translate words in a book into other languages
  • Support for free ebooks from Internet archives
  • Revised Extras page under settings (Sketchbook, Sudoku, and web browser)
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Sketchbook and the web browser were in Extras before, but Sudoku is new. You can now download books directly through the web browser from sites such as Project Gutenberg. I am 70% done with Game of Thrones and did a bit of reading after the update, but didn't notice anything really different with this experience. I understand a major fix in this update has to do with books stored on the SD card.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find the Kobo application was updated for BlackBerry OS 7 so I now have Kobo on my new BlackBerry Bold 9930. I am currently reading books on the Kobo eReader Touch (primarily for outside porch and extended periods of reading), BlackBerry PlayBook (in bed reading where backlit book display is needed), and Bold 9930 (when out and about when standing in line or other mobile situation). Kobo does a great job of syncing my location so I can pick up any device and pick up right where I left off on another device.

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  • Indian language support for Kobo eReader Touch

    There is a big market for eReaders in India. I would like to know whether u support Indian languages. There are at least 2 eReaders - 1) Infibeam Pii and 2) Wink XTS supporting 15 Indian languages. I am on the verge of buying either of the two products. I would like to know when are u going to support Indian languages, so that I can postpone my purchasing the product. I wish to support some publishersd who are not conversant in converting and selling online. Kobo is in line with Sony and Kindle 3. I do not know whether anybody asked u this question. Waiting for your reply asap.